Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1308

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1308

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1308

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Like Raina, Lana, Brooklyn, and… her baby, Everett…

When Ninian thought that Everett’s problem had been solved, she grinned and chuckled. She was extr emely happy.

She wondered if he would come and ask her to marry him when her parents were at home.

When she thought about it, her face turned red.

“Tsk.” Alden glanced at her and could roughly read her thoughts. He sighed emotionally, thinking that s he would get married now that she was a grown–up.

Ninian secretly blushed.

“You’re back.” When Adina walked out of the greenhouse and saw them, she smiled gently.

“Your dad says we’ll gather and have dinner as a family later tonight. We’ll talk about recent developme nts.”

“Yes, Mom,” Alden said with a faint smile.

Ninian rushed forward and held Adina by the waist.”

Mommy! I miss you so much! Sob! I want to cuddle with

you in bed tonight! There are so many things that I want to tell you!”

Adina’s youngest daughter held her waist in excitement and acted cute. She kept swinging from side to side.



Adina smiled helplessly with doting affection. She initially wanted to say yes by reflex, but when she rec alled how every time someone’s expression would darken for at least three days after she slept with he r daughter, she held herself back. She smiled and said, About that… I’m afraid you’ll have to ask for yo ur dad’s opinion.”


Ninian’s face instantly darkened at the mention of her dad. Her grape– like eyes were filled with pity, and she complained, “Urgh! Daddy won’t agree. He’s a spoiled Wife Mon ster. He’s outrageous!”

“What’s outrageous?”

Just then, they heard the deep and husky voice of a male.

It was Duke.

He and George had been discussing some work as well as Winters Corporation’s property expansion a nd planning. He had given George a lot of precious opinions, and the two of them had talked for a long time. Right after he

stepped out of the study, he heard his daughter’s

As a control freak when it concerned his daughters, Duke naturally questioned her.

However, Ninian instantly removed her hand from

Adina’s waist. She grinned and guiltily said, “No, no,


was saying that it’s outrageous if we don’t hang out in



such nice weather.”

“Do you want to go out? I’ll get the housekeeper to arrange it,” Duke answered. As he spoke, he raised his hand and asked the housekeeper to come over.

“Ahem, maybe next time. Aren’t we having dinner tonight?” Ninian immediately said. “Dinner is more im portant.”

Duke raised his eyebrows and looked at her as if he already sensed her guilty conscience.

Ninian quickly hid behind Adina before she cheekily stuck

her tongue out.

When Adina saw this, she smiled faintly and smoothed things out. “It’s rare for our family to reunite. What would you like to eat tonight? I’ll cook it.”

Right after she said this, the eyes of Alden and Ninian, who had just returned, lit up. Even Harold who was

playing games and Melody who was practicing on the piano stopped what they were doing. They looke d over expectantly.

Over the years, Adina’s cooking skills had grown better and better. The food she cooked was so delicio us that her children loved it, and they had been missing it day and night.

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When she said that, all of their eyes lit up at the same time.

“Mom, I want to eat pork chop and meatballs!” Harold

was the first to shout.



“Hal always eats meat.” Ninian pouted in annoyance. However, in the next second, she excitedly said, ”

“Mommy, I want sweet smoked ribs,” Melody said with a

faint smile.

“I want chili crabs,” Alden said.

After his younger siblings submitted their orders, George finally spoke. “Mom, I’d like to eat your garlic fr


Adina raised her eyebrows as she stroked her chin and

said, “There are so many dishes, so it’s going to be a little

complicated. Does anyone want to help me out?”


“I can!”

The members of the family competed to help, so in the

end, Adina assigned a task to each of them.

The preparation for the long–awaited, warm dinner began.

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