Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1336

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1336

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1336

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

All of her thoughts were buried in her heart as she quietly tiptoed out of Everett’s office, leaving the space for him to work.

She then went to the resting lounge, closed the door, and took out her phone to call her father, Duke.

Their conversation lasted more than thirty minutes.

The Winters siblings had no idea what their younger sister had said to their father, but they noticed his long face throughout dinner. Adina, their mother, had to coax him a few times before his mood improved slightly.

But he was still unhappy.

George had asked Ninian about it privately, but he never got an answer.

Ninian looked at her brother’s message and secretly stuck her tongue out. She would not tell her brother that she wanted to marry Everett sooner because that would increase her obstacles from one to two. That could quickly develop into multiple obstacles.

With that said, while she wanted to get engaged, she would only do so after achieving some small success. Otherwise, her daddy would forever see her as a child, and he would be hesitant about marrying her off.

So, Ninian’s goal for herself was to win an award with this drama and achieve her first success in her career.

She was determined to put more heart into her work in order to accomplish that.



Once Everett finished his work, he went straight to the lounge to look for her.

When he looked at the beautiful woman before him, his heart was content and full.

“You were fantastic today. You totally exceeded my expectations,” Everett said.

Everett, who had always been shy, had changed his habits for the girl he loved and began to express his admiration and praise without hesitation.

Apart from certain filters, most of his words were actually true.

He had to admit that Ninian was extremely talented, and she was a natural fit for acting in the entertainment industry.

She could present herself as bright, delicate, sweet, or even domineering. She could pull off almost any style.

Most importantly, her aura while acting was top–notch, and she could be regarded as talented in this area.

She could quickly get into character and play it well. There would be visible elements of

acting when other actors played a role, but she would interpret it with ease and raw emotion, making scenes more touching.

Being an actor could be considered a difficult job for a “princess” from a wealthy family.

An actor would have to dress up in dirty and messy looks for certain roles, or be required to shoot a summer film in the winter and vice versa, or do wire stunts, among other things.

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All of this was not easy, and they might even experience accidents or other dangerous situations.



Yet, Ninian was able to bear it all. Despite coming from a wealthy family, she was not finicky. She could withstand hardships better than other actors, and she was also friendly.

Ultimately, she even won over the pickiest and most arrogant directors, such as Nilson Lum, the director of “Turncoat,” who had initially been dissatisfied with her.

Everett did not use his network of contacts and connections to put pressure on Nilson.

So, when he saw Ninian doing all of this easily with her own ability through the monitor, the pride that swelled in his heart was almost indescribable.

That was the girl he fell in love with.

So brilliant, so eye–catching; she could always work miracles, or rather, she was the miracle.

Ninian was waiting for Everett to finish his work so that they could have a meal together.

Just then, Amber called.

“Have you seen the news online, Ninian? You and Everett are trending right now.”

Ninian almost jumped up in shock when she heard that sentence. It almost happened by reflex.

“What? Oh, no, it’s over! My family is about to find out!”

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