Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1338

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1338

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1338

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

He pinched her flushed cheeks with both hands and laughed as he said, “Why are you still afraid of letting your family know about this? Didn’t this son–in–law meet his in–laws a long time ago?”

Ninian’s face turned a deeper shade of red after hearing that.

“That, uh, that’s a misunderstanding-”

“Silly, don’t worry about stuff like that anymore.” Everett lowered his head to connect their foreheads, and feeling a bit sad, he said, “I want things to be official. If everything goes well, we’ll marry as soon as possible. If things don’t go as planned, we’ll get married later. I’ve reserved my place next to you.”

After hearing that, Ninian’s eyes formed crescents, and she smiled. “Okay.”

The Internet’s reactions were swiftly increasing, and just as Amber predicted, shortly after Everett and Ninian’s video went viral, the production team of “Turncoat” officially

announced that Ninian would play the female lead.

The hashtags started with #EverettImageRuined, #EverettNinianPDA, # EverettNinianCoupleSoSweet, and so on, but hashtags like #NinianNewShow and # TurncoatFemale LeadCasting were slowly added as well.

Originally, when Everett and Ninian’s shippers were having fun, a lot of Everett’s crazy solo fans were dragging Ninian and blaming her for casting spells on Everett.

The fact that “Turncoat’s” female lead was confirmed to be Ninian allowed the haters to quickly find a target for attack.

Thus, those hate comments and hashtags kept popping up on the Internet.

[Is Ninian’s mother dead? She not only ruined Everett, but she also ruined Nilson Lum’s new show!]

[Capitalists are f*cking b*stards. Even a good man like Nilson succumbed to them. I just want to know how much money the Winters invest into “Turncoat.“]

[Keeping a cancer like Ninian in the entertainment industry is the same as giving us audience members sh*t!]

[Why do you want to play the female lead and ruin a classic if you can just stay at home and be an ornament? Disgusting!]

[I’m turning from a fan to a hater! Princess of a wealthy family, Ms. Millionaire, what a bunch of bullsh*t! From what I see, it’s just a character design so that she can be a gold

digger in the entertainment industry, and she managed to seduce our dream guy on her way!]

Malicious comments on the Internet grew like mushrooms after the rain. The production crew even stepped forth and explained that Ninian was cast in the role based on her own abilities. It had nothing to do with the capitals.

However, because of the haters, the netizens were all biased, and they refused to believe that Ninian’s abilities were better in comparison to that of industry veterans.

All sorts of nasty things were being said, but the production crew stayed silent.

What they did not realize was that the production team was already getting frantic, particularly the film director, Nilson, who was acting like a cat on hot bricks.

He had intended to make a scandal out of it, but who knew Everett would say something like that?

Unfortunately, he could not change his plans now, and he could not explain himself to Everett. What should he do?

“Why don’t we just upload Ninian’s audition video clip, Nilson? Otherwise, we really don’t have a plan!” the deputy director suggested.

Nilson was hesitant.

He had intended to release the clip at a more appropriate time when the effects would be more effective. Because if they released it now, people would suspect that they were buying searches to boost the show’s popularity, which would be even worse for Ninian and the “Turncoat” production crew’s reputation.

However, Everett’s side did not seem interested in dragging it out any longer, so he had no choice but to release the clip.

“Release it,” Nilson said after making a difficult decision.

Before the staff could even carry out the task, another voice rang out.

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“Mr. Lum! There’s no need to release the clip right now! There has been a change in events!”

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