Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1346

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1346

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1346

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

The Winters family fell silent again.

Among the three sisters–in–law, Lana was already so moved that she wept. Raina and Nerola were stronger, but their eyes turned red too.

The Winters brothers, who were initially touched, instantly appeared dissatisfied as a result.

They were actually moved and crying for other men? Women, you were playing with fire!

Naturally, the Winters brothers did not have a chance to vent their anger because Duke had already stood up.

He walked to the similarly outstanding young men, who were standing side by side, and patted their shoulders. At this moment, he seemed to age a little. He did not look like the overlord who dominated the business industry in the past.

“From now on, I’ll leave my two babies to you.”

When Brooklyn and Everett heard this, they were taken aback, but their eyes were soon filled with excitement.

Before they could respond, Duke had already walked far away. Meanwhile, Adina got up abruptly to accompany him.

She turned back and looked at her gorgeous, young kids in their home before she looked at her outstanding sons–in–law. She nodded with a smile and said, “You have my blessings.”

After she spoke, she held hands with Duke, and they left the space that belonged to the youngsters.



There was silence in the living room for a few seconds before excited screams rang out at the same time.

“Ah! We’ve succeeded!”

“Congrats! We’ll have weddings again!”

“Haha! These two princesses who have longed to get married can finally marry their princes!”

The Winters family was full of laughter.

At the balcony on the second floor, Duke glanced around at the scenery outside before he turned back and looked Adina in the eyes. Their gazes were filled with joy.

“Our kids have grown up.”

Soon, the award banquet began at the designated time.

Since the media and reporters found out that Ninian “had a kid” in advance, they sent out more staff when they already had so many on the job. They nearly sent all of their staff to interview her and report this breaking news.

After Ninian raised her trophy and delivered her acceptance speech on stage, she said, ” Next, I have very important news that I’d like to share with you.”

The moment she said this, comments almost filled the entire screen, and the Internet was down for a while.

Other actors, media, and fans at the venue could not wait to stand up and grab the latest news firsthand either.



“Ninian! Best Actress! Are you officially announcing that you and Everett secretly got married?” a reporter who was nearer to the stage yelled.

He was so excited that he wanted to climb onto the stage and grab the microphone.

“Let’s not rush, everyone. Please listen to me.”

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Ninian smiled and raised her trophy while she said, “On this day, as I am honored with joy and a trophy, I’d like to clarify one thing and announce another!

“I’d like to clarify that Everett and I aren’t married yet, and we don’t have kids.”

Right after she said this, the audience went into an uproar.

“How could this happen?”

“Sob! Did my idols lose their baby?”

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