Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2002

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2141

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2002

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2002

Sonny opened his mouth to counter his uncle, but he was too young. He got flustered because he could not retort Uncle Zak’s words at all.

His flustered look made Zachary laugh. Zachary peppered Sonny’s face with kisses again.

It was to the extent the child had to push Zachary’s face away and wipe his small face with his hand. Sonny said unhappily, “Your saliva is all over my face from the kisses.”

Zachary smiled and said, “You used to cover my face in your saliva just like this too.”

Sonny went silent.

When they almost reached the company doors, he wanted to be released from Zachary’s arms.

Zachary put Sonny back on his feet. Sonny jogged to Serenity and raised his handsome face. He complained to her, “Aunt Ser, Uncle Zak covered my face in saliva. Please do the same to him for me later.

“He only thinks of me while doing something else. He doesn’t like me as much anymore.”

Serenity laughed and said, “Did Uncle Zak bully you? Okay. I’ll avenge you after we get back home.”

Sonny nodded his head vigorously and hummed in agreement.

Zachary walked over and lifted Sonny from behind. He bit Sonny’s face lightly. “You even learned how to complain, Sonny. You’re forbidding other people to do something you’re doing yourself.”

Sonny turned around in Zachary’s arms and hugged his neck. He said in a cute voice, “Uncle Zak, I miss and love you a lot now. You’re my favorite person in the world.”



“That’s weird. You often say your favorite people are your mom and Aunt Ser. Otherwise, it’s always either Jazz or Aunt Elisa. It seems like every person you’ve met is your favorite person.”

Sonny blinked his eyes.

Did he?

Serenity laughed and told her husband, “Stop teasing Sonny. How is he your opponent with his current level of intelligence?”

She handed Zachary the bouquet. He immediately put Sonny down and accepted the bouquet from his wife with a dazzling smile. His gaze at Serenity was filled with affection, and there was only her in his eyes.

Sonny, who was back on the ground by his uncle, looked up at the two adults.

He glanced at Uncle Zak, then Aunt Ser.

He felt like an extra whenever he was in the middle of them both.

‘A third wheel!’

Sonny suddenly recalled that Uncle Zak had called him a third wheel multiple times.

Was he a third wheel again?

However, he was not a wheel. His name was Sonny, not Third Wheel.

“Carry me, Aunt Ser.”

Sonny, who did not think he was a third wheel, extended his arms toward Serenity for her to carry him.


Serenity lifted him.

“We managed to pick Uncle Zak up and surprise him, Aunt Ser. He’s smiling like a mouse that managed to steal some cheese. Can we go and look for my mom now?”

“Okay. Let’s go and find your mom,” Serenity said.

Zachary tapped Sonny’s forehead lightly. “When did I smile like a mouse that got its cheese? Do you know how a mouse smiles?

“Squeak, squeak…”

“That’s what a mouse sounds like.”

Sonny looked toward Aunt Ser for help.

Serenity scolded her husband. “You’re teasing Sonny again. Ignore him, Sonny. Your uncle was grinning so widely just now. He did look like a mouse that stole some cheese.”

The bodyguards drove the cars out.

Serenity told her husband, “Let’s drop Sonny off at his home first.”

“We’ll go to Liberty’s new store and pick her and Duncan up. Then, all of us can have a meal together at Wiltspoon Hotel. You’ve been away for so many days. Liberty misses you and Sonny too.”

Serenity’s gaze at her husband was bright.


Her man was the most considerate person.



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Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2002

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