Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2034

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2124

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2034

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2034

“The way you scolded Celine just now would only aggravate the conflict between her and Caroline,” Hayden suddenly said.

“The Fisher family may seem peaceful on the outside, but it’s chaotic internally. However, you continued driving a wedge between Celine and Caroline. It’s like you’re wishing for chaos to happen.”

Kevin may have been shameless about courting Hayden, but he was well-mannered. He would not get angry at a person easily.

Previously on the night of the banquet, he never uttered a curse word even when fighting his love rivals. His love rivals thought Kevin was formidable and could not get angry at him.

However, he seemed like a different person when Celine was involved.

Kevin chuckled. “They wouldn’t get along even if I didn’t drive a wedge between them. I noticed it on the night of the banquet. Caroline is being isolated by the Fisher family. They’re all on Celine’s side.

“Madam Fisher doesn’t seem like she loves her biological daughter a lot. Nevertheless, she has given Caroline the necessary power. It’s up to Caroline to grab the opportunity.

“Naturally, Madam Fisher’s scale tips toward Celine. After all, Celine had grown up alongside her. She was also unaware that her daughter had been switched and had always treated Celine as her biological daughter.

“However, rationally speaking, Madam Fisher will side with her biological daughter. The position of the Fisher family’s matriarch will never be passed down to an outsider.

“Madam Fisher’s sons and daughters-in-law are stirring up trouble too. They’re hoping for the real and fake young ladies of the house to fight each other. In the best case scenario where neither side wins, they’ll be able to reap some benefits.”



Kevin recalled his brother telling him that Serenity had already sought verification from Mrs. Stone. Mrs. Stone was only eight when she and her sister were sent to the orphanage. She did not remember much about her original family, but she still could recall some things clearly.

For example, their mother was very busy, she used to be addressed as “Ms. Fisher” and had two aunts. However, one day, her parents and family went out and never returned. She and her sister were the only ones left, and a woman took them away from their home not long after.

 Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2034

After alternating between traveling by car and foot for some time, they ended up in Wiltspoon. The woman who had been with them disappeared too.

The sisters had been eight and four years old, respectively. None of them had the necessary survival skills. Ultimately, they were sent to Wiltspoon’s orphanage by a kind soul. Subsequently, Mrs. Stone’s sister was adopted, and Mrs. Stone was forced to be separated from her only family member.

Mrs. Stone’s last name used to be Fisher. In addition to her past experiences, she was definitely a member of the Fisher family in Jensburg.

In Jensburg, there were circulating rumors that the current matriarch of the Fisher family had caused the death of her elder and younger sister.

If so, Madam Fisher was Mrs. Stone’s aunt and also the enemy.

Mrs. Stone’s enemy was Serenity’s enemy as well. Serenity was the missus of the York family. As her brother-in-law, Kevin respected his sister-in-law and would naturally take her side. He eagerly wished for internal conflicts to occur continuously within the Fisher family.

Hayden kept quiet.

It was true that Caroline and Celine would not be able to get along peacefully.



Even if Caroline did not want a fight, Celine would not be satisfied. Therefore, Caroline had no choice but to go along with Celine’s wishes to battle it out.

After finishing a bowl of soup, Hayden took some food for herself. Kevin wanted to pour her some wine, but she refused.

“I have a meeting in the evening and will be meeting important clients too. I won’t be alert enough if I drink. Will you compensate me if I fall into someone else’s trap and suffer a loss?”

Therefore, Kevin gave up on pouring her a drink. He asked her passionately, “Do you need me to meet your client with you?”

Hayden gave him a side-eye. She reminded him, “Mr. Kevin, Fortress Hotel and Jensburg Hotel are competitors. This means we’re competing against each other.”

How could she bring Kevin to her business engagement?

Would that not prove the rumors of her and Kevin being gay?

Hayden knew the people of Jensburg were placing bets in private on whether she would be successfully courted by Kevin.

Kevin chuckled. “I can give orders telling my employees not to steal Jensburg Hotel’s business from now on.”

“That’s unnecessary. It won’t be a fair win.”

Hayden disliked Kevin giving her advantages.

She hoped Jensburg Hotel would be able to beat Fortress Hotel with its own abilities.

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