Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2043

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2124

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2043

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2043

“I can’t keep this a secret, Ms. Caroline. I got my information from them. They’ve already sent someone to meet Mrs. Stone in Wiltspoon.”

After a moment of silence, Caroline said, “Okay. I got it. Keep it a secret from Madam Fisher for now.”

Her mom would probably have to return what she had stolen in the end.

It all depended on her choice.

After ending the call, Caroline leaned against the elevator’s wall and stared at the ceiling.

The Fisher family was a mess.

If the rumors were true, her mom’s hands were stained with the blood of her eldest and youngest aunts.

Her mom would even disregard family ties to fight for power. She was ruthless.

How could Caroline make a choice?

What did she have to do?

Caroline could never be her mom’s accomplice.

Although she grew up in a village, she had proper values. She could differentiate between good and evil.

She would make arrangements again after confirming whether Mrs. Stone in Wiltspoon was her eldest aunt’s daughter.



What Caroline had to do at the moment was to gain control of Fisher Group. She could only return the position of the matriarch to her eldest aunt’s offspring if she held power.

She made the right decision within minutes.

Caroline was determined to return the position of the Fisher family’s matriarch to her eldest aunt’s children in every way possible. It rightfully belonged to her eldest aunt’s family.

She was never interested in the position anyway. She simply had no choice but to shoulder that responsibility after returning to her birth family.

Knowing that there was someone more eligible out there, she was more than willing to let out the position and go back to managing her own company.

However, Mrs. Stone was probably already in her fifties. If she took over, the owner of that position would soon change again. After all, Mrs. Stone was old and lacked vigor. Caroline wondered if Mrs. Stone’s daughter had the necessary abilities.

That was why she had someone investigate Mrs. Stone and find out everything about her.

The elevator doors opened.

Caroline walked out with a calm expression.

At the same time, Emma entered the elevator on the first floor. She was about to head upstairs to pick Celine up.

Ten minutes later, Emma and Celine walked out of Fisher Group’s office building and left in the same car.



Emma drove while Celine sat in the passenger seat. After the car moved away from Fisher Group, Celine told her sister-in-law, “I saw Mom scolding Caroline terribly just now. She threw all the documents Caroline needed her to inspect on the floor.

“I was pleased when I saw Caroline bending over to pick up the documents without saying a word. That country bumpkin would show off in front of me but didn’t even dare to make a sound before Mom.

“Although I’m not as great as Mom, I’m still better than Caroline. Mom said the results Caroline produced were taken from Brother and the rest. In fact, she doesn’t know anything at all. I truly thought she was a capable person who was pretending to be weak.”

Celine felt Caroline would not be her opponent at all if it were not for her legitimate bloodline.

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