Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2100

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2124

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2100

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2100

Audrey held the remote control and kept switching channels. She told her husband, “TV series nowadays are terrible. They’re not as good as the ones in the past. All actors and actresses look almost the same to me. Are my aesthetics and tastes outdated?”

Darrell smiled. “You never liked watching TV shows, nor did you have the time to watch them. When could you ever understand dramas?

“Play some music instead.”

His wife was a superwoman. Before she retired, she prioritized work and was busy with her business every day. How could she have had the time to watch television?

The kids were young back then. After finishing work, his wife also had to pay attention to the three children’s homework. It would already be late at night by the time the kids went to bed. She neither had the mood nor time to watch the television as she still had to wake up the next day to work as usual.

After their eldest son was capable enough to take over Stone Group, the couple retired and stayed home. They no longer had to manage any of the company matters. Only then did his wife have free time.

Audrey recalled the first half of her life. She said, “That’s true. I’ve rarely watched TV since I was young. Why don’t we turn some of the garden’s land into farmland and plant some fruits and vegetables there?

“We can start plowing the land in the evening when it’s not hot after the sun sets. After making several vegetable beds, we can plant some fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, we can plant some flowers that you like in the front courtyard. Life won’t be as boring if we look after the plants daily.”



The Stone couple rarely attended banquets after stepping down from positions of authority within the Stone Group. They would only make an appearance if it were an invitation from their close friends.

At that moment, Darrell heard steady footsteps approaching. He said, “Clive is back.”

Audrey hummed in agreement and looked toward the door.

Soon, their eldest son’s tall figure appeared within her line of sight. He walked toward them in large strides.

Clive had an envelope in his hand, which reminded Audrey of the matter she had asked him to investigate. She turned off the television. When her eldest son was near, she asked, “Did you find something, Clive?”

Clive passed the envelope to his mother. He said, “Look, Mom. The older generation of Jensburg knows everything Serenity mentioned. It wasn’t difficult to get information, but looking for evidence was hard.”

Audrey accepted the envelope and opened it. She took a few pieces of A4-sized paper out of it.

Clive sat opposite his parents and said, “Mom, this is the information regarding the influential people of the Fisher family in Jensburg.”

Audrey returned a hum of acknowledgment but did not say a word.

She read through the information about the Fisher family members. Within the report of the current matriarch, it was mentioned that her elder and younger sister had passed away in an accident. However, there was no mention of her two nieces.

Maybe she did not want people searching for her two nieces to fight for the matriarch’s position from her daughter.



“Is the story about the current matriarch causing her sisters’ deaths simply a rumor?”

“The older generation in Jensburg said she did kill her sisters, but they don’t have evidence. After all, the entire family of the last matriarch was wiped out back then. Although the current matriarch made a show of investigating the case, it was announced to the public that it had been an accident.

Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei Chapter 2100

“Even if other people think the current matriarch had killed her sisters, they only spoke about it and didn’t investigate further as they aren’t family of the previous matriarch. The incident occurred decades ago. It’ll be tough to uncover the truth.”

After a moment of silence, Audrey said, “We can conduct the investigation slowly. If she’s the one who did it, she’ll definitely expose a flaw one day, and we’ll be able to obtain evidence. I believe no one can get away with their crimes forever.”

Her parents’ family were said to have died in a car accident.

It could have been due to human manipulation.

Most importantly, Audrey’s youngest aunt had died in a car accident too. From the list of the Fisher family’s causes of death that Clive had compiled, Audrey’s youngest aunt was driving to the crash site after finding out her sister and family had gotten into a car accident. However, she got into a car accident too when she was on her way there.

Audrey found it all too coincidental.

She would thoroughly investigate the cause of her parents and their family’s deaths.

“Clive, your dad and I will slowly investigate this matter. We’re retired and spend a lot of time at home anyway. Since this is related to my true family background, I want to investigate this thoroughly.”



“We can help you too, Mom.”

Audrey said gently, “You’re managing the company. Alice is pregnant and also needs your care. Although I’m retired, I’m not that old to the extent that I can’t walk. I believe we’ll be able to uncover the truth of that year’s incident as long as we don’t give up.”

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