Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 22

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Free Online Novel

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 22

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 22

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Stella’s throbbing heart stopped when she heard the cold voice. ‘Alas, the pretty image I have of that jerk gets destroyed whenever he opens his mouth.”

Stella went up to Keegan reluctantly and whispered, “That’s the white truffle. You promised me.” When Keegan heard that, his gaze shifted from the documents to her face. She looked plain and beautiful, which was pleasing to the eyes; the same as she had always been. However, Keegan knew that it was all an act. She was no longer the obedient little bunny she was before. Instead, she was a wildcat with her claws out, and she was not afraid to bite back at the slightest provocation.

Keegan leaned back and narrowed his eyes. He looked a little bored as he raised his eyebrows and said, ” Oh? Did I promise you anything?”

Stella was taken aback for a moment. She could not believe that he had forgotten. “You promised to help me deliver this if I went with you to meet your sister!” She gritted her teeth and said. “Hmm. I did say that, didn’t I?” Keegan replied as if he recalled the matter. Stella was about to let out a sigh of relief when he continued, “But, after some careful consideration, I think there’s no reason for me to accept such a valuable gift from the Jewell family since we are getting divorced. We should just forget it.

Stella was speechless. “It’s not THAT valuable,” she tried to convince him. “Besides, we’re breaking up on good terms. Our family can still get along and occasionally give each other gifts, right?”

“Are we really breaking up on good terms, though? Didn’t you want a divorce because you weren’t satisfied with MY infertility?” Keegan sneered.

Stella was at a loss for words once again. I guess there’s no moving past this. This asshole’s self– esteem is so sensitive. I just said it out of spite, but he’s being so petty. Just as she was about to try



and defend herself, Keegan spoke. “The hospital called me this morning and asked what kind of dysfunction I was experiencing. Why didn’t you tell them?”

Stella stayed silent. ‘I totally forgot I called the hospital for a checkup on Keegan’s behalf when I was mad. Of all the days they could’ve called him, why today? How am I going to explain myself?‘ She thought.

“Can we talk about something else first, Mr. Kane?” Stella chuckled. Keegan got up and walked around his desk. He sat on the desk, looked up at her with a half–smile, and said, “What is it that makes my wife so dissatisfied that she had to help me consult an expert?”

We’re getting divorced anyway, Mr. Kane. There’s no need for us to discuss this anymore, right?”

“Oh, but there is,” Keegan glanced at her and said. “How could I agree with your reason for our divorce if we don’t talk about it?”

He’s doing this on purpose!” she thought. ‘He’s holding a grudge against me for the divorce!‘ Stella took a deep breath and tried to be the bigger person. “If you disagree with the reason for our divorce, we can change it to another one. Incompatibility? Lack of partnership? Maybe we can say we fell out of love. Your pick.”

Keegan looked up at her and said, “Would you be making lunch for me if we fell out of love? That’s not convincing enough, Stella!”

Stella was puzzled. “Mr. Kane, the lunch was-”

“Oh, not to mention the private pictures you sent me.” Keegan pulled out his phone and waved it in front of her eyes, showing her the pictures she had just asked the receptionist to take when she was downstairs. She knew that Keegan would not allow her to see him, so she took off her jacket to reveal



her strapless dress. She then took a close–up and sent it to him, asking if she could post it on Facebook. The

purpose of this was to threaten Keegan that if he did not allow her to go up and see him, she would post the picture on Facebook and ruin his reputation as well as the reputation of the Vinci Rivera Group. However, she did not expect him to take it as sending him provocative photos.

“Mr. Kane, those aren’t private pictures…”

Keegan did not put much thought into her words. “Yeah, you’re right. You edited it way too much. Aren’t your boobs just A–cups?” Stella’s face darkened. ‘I’m a C–cup, you jerk!”

“Mr. Kane, can we discuss something more serious like when will we get the divorce?” She gritted her teeth and said.

“Stella, I gave you a chance, but you didn’t show up,” Keegan glanced at her and said.

“Something came up,” Stella replied.

“What was it?” He asked.

Stella pursed her lips tightly. She did not want to tell Keegan that she did not show up because her mother was in critical condition. After all, he was not there when she needed him. Thus, she did not want to show him any vulnerability. Even if I tell him, there’s a possibility that he will just see it as an excuse to postpone the divorce.‘

She stayed quiet for a few seconds and said, “Let’s set another appointment. You can pick the date and time. Anything’s fine.”

Keegan stared at her for a moment. “I’ll have to remind you that everything you have as Mrs. Kane will cease to exist after the divorce. All the branded seasonal jewelry, clothes, limited edition bags from



Hermès, and even your favorite gift boxes from your annual membership at the jockey club would all be taken away. Are you still willing to go through the divorce after knowing that?” He said calmly.

Stella’s heart ached at each thing he mentioned. She could not bear the thought of losing her luxury items. However, it was scarier to think of the time she would have to spend in a dead marriage with Keegan just for some non–essentials.

“Yes,” she reluctantly uttered. ‘It’s better to have a little loss than a long sorrow,‘ she thought. ‘After all, these items could be earned back with a little hard work and some money. Keegan’s eyes darkened when

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he heard that.

“When are we going to go through the formalities?” Stella asked enthusiastically.

“When I have the time,” he glanced at her and replied.

“Well, when is that?” she asked again.

Keegan sat back in his chair, not bothering to look at her, and coldly said, “I’ll let you know when the time


Stella was speechless. ‘What kind of an answer is that? Will we have to postpone the divorce again if he

never has the time?’

“And, when will that be?”



Keegan glanced up at her, feeling annoyed. “Why are you in such a hurry to get divorced? Are you afraid that I won’t sign the papers? You clearly think too highly of yourself, Stella.”

‘Did I say anything like that? Why is this asshole getting mad?‘ she thought.

After Keegan finished speaking, he ignored her, opened the lunch box, and started eating. Stella had prepared a full breakfast for him, which included some liver and onions, a heart–shaped omelet because that was the only egg mold they had in the kitchen, and some sugar–glazed potatoes on the side. Keegan paused for a moment when he saw that, and the look on his face changed.

Stella noticed the change in his facial expression. ‘Was what Aldor said true? Would this discussion become much easier after he eats his breakfast?”

“How did it taste, Mr. Kane?”

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