Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 59

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Free Online Novel

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 59

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 59

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

The car soon arrived at Royalpark Villa. Stella did not say anything to Keegan when the car stopped. Instead, she just got out of the car, slammed the door, and left. Keegan glanced at the woman with an increasingly lawless temper through the window, and his eyebrows were twitching.

“Mr. Kane, why didn’t you tell Mrs. Kane that you were the one who stopped Ms. Young’s lawyer from taking the case to court?” Aldor said in a low voice after seeing that.

It’s no use telling her I mean, look at her. Do you think she would listen to what I have to say? Keegan said unhappily

Aldor stayed quiet after that. Who wouldn’t be mad with that tone and attitude of yours? I knew women tend to say one thing and mean the other, but now that I think about it, Mr. Kane is even better at it He said he wanted to make Mrs. Kane suffer when he heard his mother wanted her to accompany the guests. But, he rushed to help her before it was time to get off work. He even said it was because he wanted to bring his mother some pear jam. What a dumb excuse. I could buy that jar of jam for a couple of bucks, Aldor thought to himself

“By the way, find out why she was at the hospital on the day of the car accident,” Keegan said before getting out of the car

“Alright, Mr. Kane,” Aldor replied.

When Keegan stepped into the villa, Maya came to put his coat and shoes away. “Where is she? Keegan asked.

“Mrs. Kane went upstairs without a word as soon as she stepped into the house,” answered Maya.



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Keegan looked up the stairs, pulled off his tie gracefully, and said in a calm voice, “Make some food, tidy up the place a little, and ask her to come downstairs.”

Maya froze. “Is Mrs. Kane staying this time?”

Keegan shot a glance at her and uttered, “Why wouldn’t she be staying? This is her home.”

Maya was startled. “That’s not what I meant, sir…” she quickly shook her head and replied.

Keegan waved his hand to dismiss her and said, “Go clean and cook up a few dishes.”

After an hour, Keegan stared at the delicious food on the table and glanced upstairs Maya had gone up to ask for Stella to come down, but she did not do so. What is this woman doing? he thought

After a while, there was some movement from the second floor, and Keegan began to sit upright. Then came Maya’s voice. “Mr Kane, Mrs. Kane said that she is on a diet and wouldn’t be eating with you

Keegan frowned when he heard that “She’s already so skinny Why is she on a diet? Tell her to come down here, now

Step, step, step-

Maya ran up again. Not long after, she went to the first floor and stammered, ‘S–Sir Mrs Kane Mo

Kane said

What did she say” Keegan was getting impatient

Maya & vore was tense as she tried to tell him what Stella had sad M Mrs Fane sa 1 that she whard rose her appetite if she saw you



The corners of weegers eyes fetched Suther self

Stella was worried about Felicity When she returned to her room, she quickly gave her a call. Felicity was doing better and was even concerned for Stella. T’m fine,” Stella said with indifference. “Keegan is just scared that the news of our divorce would spread around and affect his standing as the heir of the family’s company. So, he wanted me to return and act like everything is fine for now.

“That’s it?” Felicity could not believe it. “But, Keegan is so sinister and vicious. There must be another reason for him to do this, right?”

Stella lay on the bed with her hands supporting her chin and said, “Who cares? He promised that he’d give me a billion dollars after the divorce. We even signed an agreement, so I’ll just bear with it.

“A billion dollars? Felicity was dumbfounded. “Doesn’t that mean you’d be rich after the divorce? Is Keegan actually willing to let you go?”

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