Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 6

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Free Online Novel

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 6

Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted By Eleven Jewell Chapter 6


After seeing Stella, Keegan was no longer in the mood to discuss business. He did not stay for long and left soon after. Just as Vermont returned to the lobby, he saw Andrew coming downstairs. Vermont looked around and asked, “Where’s Dusk Galaxy? Why didn’t she come down with you?” “She left a while ago. Didn’t you see her downstairs?” Vermont was confused. He peered at the front desk. The receptionist whispered, “She’s the one who just came out of the elevator. The one who looked exceptionally pretty and nodded at you.” Vermont was stunned. ‘Stella Jewell is Dusk Galaxy?! The world looks a little magical now. Keegan’s for-show wife—the parvenu who’d occasionally show off her riches and love life on social media—is actually a top-tier voice actor. So, Keegan spent money to snatch his wife’s job and gave the job to Bella? This is…spicy!’ he thought. Seeing Vermont’s expression, Andrew frowned. “You’re squinting your eyes again. Who are you trying to set up?” Vermont smiled. “It’s a secret.” … ‘Keegan Kane, you impotent son of a bitch! Who wants your stupid bracelet? Save your money and use it to see a doctor! I don’t want it!’ Stella thought. The more Stella thought of the man’s words, the angrier she felt. While scrolling through her phone, she suddenly saw the fertility clinic’s slogan on the application homepage. She paused momentarily before booking an appointment. Right after she finished filling out her information, her phone rang. Stella glanced at the incoming caller ID and subconsciously frowned. Then, she took her time before accepting the call. “Hey, dad.” “Where are you?” Stella could not tell what Albert wanted, so she lied, “I’m at a private lesson. What’s wrong?” “Nothing. Come over with Keegan once your lesson is over. My friend gave me some white truffles. Doesn’t your mother-in-law like truffles a lot? You two should come over and take some.” ‘I’ve lived for 26 years, and I dare say that Albert Jewell doesn’t even know what I like. Yet, he knows what my mother-in-law likes. How ironic is that?’ Stella thought. “Alright.” Albert felt relieved after hearing Stella agree. He asked her a few perfunctory questions and hung up. Stella went to the automobile service center and retrieved her Porsche Cayenne. The car was a part of the marriage dowry the Jewell family gave her, costing nearly a million. After changing its bumper, one could not tell how seriously damaged it was before. ‘Looking back, I still feel upset. Once I get a divorce, I’ll probably


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only get this car,’ she thought. Stella could not help but feel regretful at that thought. ‘I should’ve driven Keegan’s Bugatti that day. If I can’t stab him in the chest, I’ll stab him in the wallet!’ she thought again. Stella purposefully called her tutor and booked a last-minute private lesson to make her lie seem more realistic. Stella dawdled until six in the evening before she finally drove to the Jewell residence. Once she arrived at the door, she composed herself and rang the doorbell. Sophia opened the door. She was the adopted daughter of the Jewell family. “Stella, you’re here,” she said happily. Then, she peered behind Stella, “Where’s Keegan?” “Something came up at the last minute, so he couldn’t make it.” Sophia’s expression evidently turned disappointed. She grumbled slightly, “Then, why didn’t you say so earlier?” Stella glanced over Sophia’s dolled-up look and countered, “You’re all dolled up tonight. You got a date?” Sophia froze and avoided Stella’s gaze. She vaguely responded, “No. I was just practicing.” However, Stella had already entered the house. Sophia gritted her teeth and followed her. Albert thought that Keegan would surely come, so he got the servants to prepare many dishes. In the end, only Stella came. Naturally, Albert did not look happy. He stared at Stella and studied her expression. Stella’s facade was flawless. Even experienced people like Albert could not tell if she was telling the truth. Moments later, he finally spoke, “Let’s eat.” Stella breathed a sigh of relief. ‘I can’t let Albert know about the divorce before I get the divorce certificate. Otherwise, things might go south,’ she thought. The dining hall of the Jewell residence was enormous, yet only the three of them ate there. As a child, Stella had never been quite close with Albert. After her mother—Rainee Spade— got into a car accident and fell into a vegetative state, she and Albert’s relationship grew even stiffer. Their stiff relationship only got a little better after her marriage with Keegan. However, it was only on the surface. The father and daughter seemed more like blood-related strangers whenever Keegan was not around. On the other hand, he and Sophia—the adopted daughter—seemed more like the biological father and daughter. Compared to Stella’s dull demeanor, Sophia was lively and a sweet- talker. While they ate, Sophia made jokes from time to time to entertain Albert. Even though Stella found that Sophia’s jokes were lame, Albert laughed along. The way the two showed affection as if no one was around made Stella lose her appetite. “I got a new job recently, dad. Since the clients I usually meet are of pretty impressive status, I want to change to a better car. It’ll be more convenient for



work.” After entertaining Albert, Sophia started making requests. “Sure. What kind of car do you have in mind?” “Well, I don’t necessarily have to get a new one, just one that’s slightly better than this one. An old one will do,” Sophia said while shifting her gaze toward Stella. However, Stella lowered her gaze and ate her food. She had no intentions of joining the conversation. In the end, Sophia had no choice but to address her directly, “Stella, could I use your Cayenne in the meantime?” Stella still did not speak. Sophia continued, “You don’t drive it often, anyway. Even if something comes up, Keegan has plenty of cars at home, so you’re not short on cars. Won’t you lend it to me for a while? Stella, you’re not that stingy, right?” “You don’t know me well.” Stella looked up and glanced at her, “I’ve never been generous. Cars are like husbands. How could one simply let others borrow their husbands?” Sophia choked, and her face reddened in embarrassment. Albert frowned. “Did you have to say that? We’re family. What’s wrong with letting Sophia use your car for a while?”

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