My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 13

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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 13

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 13

Sophia, who had just walked out of her door, heard his words immediately. She was so shocked that her vision blacked out for a moment as she almost tripped and rolled down the stairs.

Fortunately, her psyche was strong enough to stabilize her weak body, so she walked down the stairs slowly. With each step, her heart seemed to jolt once.

Michael is a psychopath after all! How long would a box of condoms last? If he bulk orders a few boxes more, my body would be completely drained by him.

After Sophia walked down the stairs, her beige-colored sandals gently stepped on the ground, revealing her fair feet. She wore the dress Michael had bought for her—a graceful and elegant satin dress that was a limited-edition.

In fact, Michael did not simply choose the dresses for her—everything was well-calculated, so it fitted her waist very well, making her look slender. The dress with ruffle edges ended just underneath her fair knees, revealing a section of her smooth calves. With the contrast of the white dress, she looked even more exquisite and as fair as snow.

In fact, her skin was already quite fair. After taking good care of herself for a year, her skin looked as flawless as a cooked egg.

Indeed, her appearance had attracted the three men in the living room. Undeniably, they were all stunned by her. Based on their prestigious position in the city, they were already used to beautiful women in various business scenes, so they had a high eye for women. However, after seeing Sophia appearing in such an attire, they were still blown away by her beauty.

Daniel thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. A year ago, when he first brought Sophia here, she was so thin that her face looked gaunt, and she was very tanned and malnourished. In just a year, she seemed to have completely changed into a different person.



Harry’s jaws also dropped. “This is your chica back home?”

But they said she looked haggard, malnourished, and underweight! In fact, she doesn’t look like a chick at all!

Looking at the stunning Sophia, Michael was beaming with pride. He patted his thigh as he said, “Chica, come sit here.”

Harry ruffled his blond hair with an incredulous look on his face. “She looks so different from the picture in your marriage certificate! How many plastic surgeries has she had?”

Obviously, he did not recognize Sophia as she looked completely different from her outfit in the day. At that moment, she was fearless and brave, like a nimble leopard. However, in front of Michael, the domineering tiger, a leopard would seem like a kitten no matter how fierce it was.

Even though Harry and Daniel did not recognize Sophia, she recognized them.

Harry’s blond hair, especially, left a deep impression in her. Just in the afternoon, she even blew a kiss at him.

She seemed to vaguely remember seeing Daniel, who was next to Harry, in the Lincoln Limousine.

There were four people in the car back then—their driver, Daniel, Harry, and another man. She tried to remember what the man looked like, and the more she recalled, the more she felt that man resembled Michael…

Sophia’s eyes met Michael’s, who was half-smiling as he looked at her. A sudden realization hit her as her mind turned blank. Then, goosebumps appeared on her arm.

I actually sent a flying kiss to another man in front of my husband!


It seems like Harry doesn’t know about this yet, but Michael already knows everything.

No wonder the atmosphere is so creepy tonight. That was the reason!

Sophia was so shocked that her legs felt weak.

Oh, no. The tiger is going to eat me alive tonight!

Seeing that she was still standing still without moving, Michael patted his thighs again, this time with a slightly more serious tone. “Come here.”

Sophia trembled and walked to him, feeling resigned. Her body fell into Michael’s arms stiffly as she pretended to be shy. In fact, she was actually scared to look at Daniel and Harry for fear that they would recognize her. The atmosphere would be awkward if that were to happen.

Michael looked at his ‘chica’ in satisfaction and placed his arms around her waist as he spoke in a gentler tone, “This blond man is Harry. He is a f*ckboy, so you’d better avoid him in the future.”

Sophia’s heart jolted upon hearing that. Just a second ago, Michael was quite cold to her, yet a second later, he suddenly became so gentle. His unpredictable mood swings proved to Sophia that he was definitely a crazy psychopath.

He’s a 31-year-old man who is still a virgin, even though he has good looks and lots of money. There are no other explanations apart from him being a psycho!

Sophia buried her head in Michael’s embrace and nodded obediently like a kitten. “Okay.”

Harry was still indignant. “Your chica is too soft and gentle. I don’t like girls like her. I just like my hot girl —the girl we met at Derenham Road during the day. She’s mine, and none of you can take her away from me!”



Upon hearing the words ‘hot girl’ and ‘Derenham Road’, Sophia trembled again. She knew she had gotten herself into trouble, but she wasn’t aware that the trouble was so huge.

She had flirted with her psychopathic husband’s best friend!

She still had not recovered from the great shock of this realization.

Sophia had long heard of Harry and Daniel’s names—they were important people to Michael, and they had helped him out a lot. Their importance to him definitely surpassed Sophia, whom Michael had only spent half a day with. There was a proverb which said women were like clothes one could easily dispose of, while friends were like limbs one could never abandon—she flirted with his best friend; she was sure he would throw her away.

Sophia’s entire body was trembling right now as she didn’t dare to look at any of them.

Hugging his wife, Michael looked at Harry as if he was looking at an idiot. Your hot girl has already slept in my bed! Surprise!

Seeing Sophia’s shocked look, Michael wanted to teach her a good lesson this time so she would not simply flirt with any men from now onward. Hence, he deliberately told Harry loudly, “You fiend! She might already have a husband. She was probably just playing around with you by sending you a kiss. Stop your wild imaginations!”

Yes, that’s right! Sophia nodded.

She just wanted to play around with him, and she definitely didn’t have other intentions. I’m an obedient and dutiful wife!

Dear husband, you should have a big heart to forgive me!



However, Harry did not get Michael’s hidden intentions at all and continued to scoff loudly, “Hmph! There aren’t any women whom I can’t lay my hands on. Even if she’s married—even if she has kids—I can even be their stepfather!”

Sophia hugged her husband tightly to prove her loyalty to him.

I have no intentions to cheat on Michael! Although he is a psycho, since he sorted out my high school education and successfully enrolled me in Bayside University, I swear that I will never cheat on him! I was really joking with Harry!

Hugging Sophia, who was sitting on his lap, Michael snorted coldly. “Hmph! Maybe her husband is more powerful than you.”

Harry replied confidently, “In the entire Bayside City, apart from you, no one else deserves my respect!”

A chill ran down Sophia’s heart.

A morose look slightly clouded Michael’s face as he looked at Harry with an enigmatic sneer. “What if that man is me?”

Perhaps they were too close to each other, so they could crack such jokes often. Without a second thought, Harry laughed out loud. “If that’s really the case, any woman who lands in your hands is doomed. I’ll have to save the damsel in distress! Hahaha!”

Sophia was shocked to hear that again.

It seems that my husband isn’t simply a psychopath!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 13

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