My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 17

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My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 17

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 17

Sophia had done a lot of research on these four great families and Hale had also previously made it clear to her to stay away from people with these four family names to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

The Four Great Families were incredible as they had their own strengths—the Edwards had the riches of the world, the Winstons had immense power, the Fletchers were the number one military family, and the Mitchells were well-connected with people around the world. All of them were the top elites of Bayside City.

Sophia’s stingy father, Joe, was also a member of the Edwards Family, which was one of the Four Great Families. However, he was a b*stard and that resulted in him being distant from the Edwards Family of Bayside City. He had long been excluded from the main forces of the Edwards Family with no chance for him to have any connections with them.

He might have been an outcast b*stard, but he was still a member of that prestigious family in Bayside City. Having Edwards as his family name made everything different for him.

Sophia graduated from South Bayside High School and was now continuing her studies at Bayside University. However, she did not have the chance to meet anyone from the Four Great Families because they were of an even higher society—even though all of her classmates were from wealthy families.

The Four Great Families were already out of reach for the normal rich people of the city, which meant that one needed an insane amount of luck to meet someone from that society.

Michael has an insane amount of wealth and power. Could he really be someone from the Fletcher Family? She couldn’t wrap her mind around the world of the rich.

During breakfast, she pretended to be shy as she lowered her head to eat silently. She disguised herself as a lady by chewing slowly and softly drank her congee. However, the man sitting on the other side was



able to finish his meal in just five minutes.

As soon as he was finished with his meal, he immediately stood up and ordered her. “Chica, I’m giving you five minutes to quickly finish your meal. I’ll wait for you in the car.”

With that, he turned and left.

Sophia waited until he was out of the door before she returned to her animalistic side and shoved two buns into her mouth before gobbling up everything.

She even scolded him while eating. Pervert!

After eating two buns and having two mouthfuls of porridge, she hurriedly grabbed her bag and walked out the door in her 8cm high heels.

The sudden change from canvas shoes to high heels caused her to feel awkward when she wore them. She wore a white skirt that covered her knees, making her look like a lonely white lotus in this chaotic world while the shiny diamond necklace weighed on her neck. Even though she didn’t like any of these accessories, Michael liked it.

When she wobbled her way to the car, he was already waiting for her on the passenger seat. As soon as he saw her, he furrowed his brows and glanced at his wristwatch before reaching out for her snowy white thigh with his five fingers.

“It has been 8 minutes, so you are 3 minutes late, but considering that you are new here, I won’t punish you. There won’t be a next time.”



Sophia was furious with him. I can’t even wear my lipstick within 5 minutes. However, Michael was the one calling the shots, so she could only follow his instructions. Immediately, she forced herself to be timid and answered in a sweet voice.

“Hubby, I fell down earlier. I promise there won’t be a next time.” Then, she lowered her head and showed an aggrieved expression. “I’m also having my period and my stomach is killing me. You don’t care for me at all, hubby.” I need to pretend to be fragile so that I can protect myself. Men are usually quite protective toward weaker girls. He will definitely feel sorry for torturing me after seeing me this way.

After listening to her words, he also had a gloomy face as she looked at him innocently with her attractive eyes.

A minute of weird silence later, he slapped his palm on her thigh. “Why are you talking like this? You’re so disgusting! Speak properly!”

Sophia pretended to be furious at Michael’s ignorance, so she pursed her lips and remained silent.

Finally, he withdrew his hand before releasing the clutch to start the car and drive in the direction of Bayside University. As he drove, he thought, I need to teach this chica a lesson; otherwise, she is going to go over my head. Even though she is acting like a gentle person on the outside, no one knows what she is thinking in her mind.

He continued to think to himself, I took time out of my busy schedule to send her to school personally, so the little relationship between us must have improved somehow. According to this progress, our consummation is not far away.

Just as he was feeling good about himself, he would never know the number of times Sophia called him a pervert in her heart along the way.



Soon after, the car was approaching Bayside University, so she quickly said, “Hubby, let’s stop the car here. You can just drop me here!”

The people in school loved to gossip because rich people were usually sensitive toward other people’s materialistic possessions. If someone changed the car that they drove to school, news about it would immediately spread through the whole school like wildfire.

Then, the other students would speculate the person’s wealth according to the price and quality of the car, so that they could determine whether there was value in making friends with the said person.

Even the shade of your best friend’s lipstick would be enough to judge her company’s recent financial status in an instant.

Sophia thought, Michael’s car, if I’m not mistaken, is the latest Bugatti Veyron Convertible and there’s only 10 of it in the world. The only people in Bayside City who can afford to drive such an expensive car are either from the Four Great Families or a president of a company.

If I alight from a car like this, my identity will be exposed and I might even expose Michael’s identity too. Then, I’ll be on the front page of the news for everybody to criticize.

Michael listened to her and stopped the car, but he didn’t realize that his car would draw a lot of attention. If I actually drive into Bayside University in this car, I’m afraid that I’ll bring lots of unnecessary trouble to this chica.

Just as she was about to alight from the car, he grabbed her arms with a lustful face. “Aren’t you going to kiss me goodbye?”

She pretended to be timid and slapped away his hand. “Hubby, you’re so bad!”

Just like that, she quickly ran off in her 8cm high heels the moment she got down from the car, as if she was being chased after by some demons…



Michael’s lips twitched as he mumbled, “Am I that scary?”

After she was gone, he made a few phone calls.

“What? A press conference for a new movie? Isn’t that movie no longer being released in cinemas? What new movie is this?”

There was a moment of silence.

“Oh, I’ve been in many movies, so I’ve forgotten about it. Postpone it for an hour. Since they want to say that I’m being a diva, I’ll show them what a diva looks like.”

“Hale, remember to pick up Chica from Bayside University at 6PM.”

“Gemma, keep an eye on her.”

After running away from Michael’s line of vision. Sophia breathed a huge sigh of relief. His aura is so terrifying!

Therefore, she hid in a corner near the university gate and chewed on a piece of gum to calm herself down.

Bayside University was one of the scenic areas in Bayside City because the rich children of the city came here for their studies. Most of these people weren’t married, so lots of people hoped to fall in love with one of them at the university gate.

Therefore, many people would gather at the gates of Bayside University because they wanted to marry into a wealthy family. However, Sophia thought these people were only fantasizing because she had never seen a wealthy student exiting the gates and all of them traveled in luxurious cars without entering the campus by foot.



Besides, the school had a strict access control, so outsiders were completely forbidden from entering the university. Even so, the gates of Bayside University were still as lively as ever.

Sophia spat out her gum and hid in a public toilet. When she reappeared, her appearance had completely changed.

Her white long skirt became an extremely short summer pants that showed off her fair thighs and her pair of high heels were swapped with a pair of black sneakers. She tied her lady-like curly hair into a bun and hid it under a baseball cap. Then, she chewed some gum and listened to music while strolling into school.

However, what she didn’t know was that the process of her chewing the gum and changing her clothes became a high definition live broadcast that was connected directly to Michael’s phone.

When he saw her fair, long legs, he let out a vague sigh. “Tsk!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 17

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