Naledi-His love By Dadu Busani-Dube , Chapter 8

You‘ve been scarce, I haven‘t seen you shaking your thang around here in a
Shaking my thang?
I laugh.
This girl.
―I‘ve been around, just busy,‖ I say.
She keeps glancing at me as she files my
nails. ―You‘re glowing, new man?‖
How can she tell?
―Why does it have to be a man?‖
―Oh please, I know you, you look different,‖ she says, inspecting me I think
Is it that obvious that my life has changed for the……well better, depending on
how you look at it.
―Talk talk talk I‘m listening,‖ she
says. I don‘t even know her surname.
―Not exactly new, it‘s been almost two months now,‖ I think I‘m blushing as I
say this.
―Two months of…?‖
―Total bliss, some drama here and there but I‘m not complaining,‖ I
say. She has this curious smile on her face.
―Is he hot?‖
―He is beyond
hot!‖ We laugh.
It‘s nice to talk to someone about him although this conversation is just
shallow beauty salon talk.
I need someone to share my happiness with. Forget Tshedi, she thinks this is
her happiness more than it is mine. I‘ve tried talking to Omphi a few times
but she doesn‘t seem very happy about my new relationship.
When I was in Alberton last weekend I asked to do lunch with her but she
said she was busy. I was disappointed, Qhawe too, he thinks she doesn‘t like
him. He said he doesn‘t care whether people like him or not but it‘s different
when it‘s my family. He‘s already screwed up his relationship with my father,
so he says he doesn‘t want another enemy in the family.
Tshedi is his biggest fan.
―I have the perfect colour for you,‖ she says.
Her nails are blue, I hope she‘s not about to make me look like clown.
―That? But it‘s too purple,‖ I say.
Hell no! I‘m not putting that on my nails.
―Okay, how about this one?‖ she asks.
Nope! I want nude, I always do nude.
She shrugs and picks a nude nail polish.
I‘m smiling thinking about the other time I was here. Qhawe was outside in
the rain waiting for me to come out and move my car. Never in my widest
dreams did I think that incident would lead to now.
I miss him. I last saw him on Sunday night, today is Wednesday, it‘s been
three days and I feel like I‘m going to go crazy if I don‘t see him soon. ―So
where does the hot mystery man live?‖ she asks.
I was somewhere far just now, it happens a lot, I‘m just always thinking
about him.
―In Joburg, but I‘m seeing him this weekend. His birthday is on Friday and
I want to make it special,‖
Do I sound like a teenage girl right now?
―Really? What have you planned?‖ she asks.
To be honest I‘m not sure if my plans qualify as ―special‖.
―Dinner, just for the two of us. There‘s a little birthday cake too and a custommade present,‖
She doesn‘t look impressed.
―That‘s all?‖
What does she mean ‗that‘s all?‖
I nod.
―He has everything, I didn‘t know what else to buy him,‖ I say.
She‘s getting me worried now. Tshedi also said the same thing.
But what do you do for a man who can afford to buy a whole ship if he
wants it?
―What are you going to wear? You said the dinner is romantic
right?‖ I have no idea.
―I still have to go shopping,‖ I say.
She doesn‘t have much faith in me, I can just tell.
―Tell you what, remove the weave, you‘re more beautiful when you‘re natural.
And wear black, a dress and dark eyes and popping lipstick,‖ she says.
Remove the weave???
―Trust me,‖ she says.
Errrrrr okay.
―Done!‖ she says.
Oh! That was quick! Or was it because I wasn‘t paying attention to what she
was doing. I live in my own little world these days I tell you. The nails are
perfect, she‘s always on point.
―And…..‖ -she says with a smile.
I‘m a bit lost.
―I have another thing…….I‘ll call you, I have your numbers on my client list,‖
she says.
That look on her face is suspicious.
Burberry Brit Rhythm…… favourite.
―Good afternoon ladies……‖
I turn around to find him already on my face. The kiss.
It‘s still silent.
―Are you done baby?‖ he asks.
Butterflies in my stomach…..
―Yes,‖ I say standing up and walking to the counter.
He‘s still standing where I left him.
―It was nice meeting you ladies,‖ he says before we walk out the door.
Where did he come from?
I didn‘t even know he was coming to Kimberley.
―Nice nails,‖ he says.
I‘m still caught up in the moment. After all this time, he still makes me
weak all over.
―Stalking me as usual?‖ I ask after I force myself to come back to the real
―I told you, it‘s not stalking, it‘s keeping checks on what‘s mine,‖ he
says. I‘m property now?
I wanted to buy a few things, but I think I‘m ready to go now. We have to get
out of this little mall before people swallow us. ―How did you know I was
here?‖ I ask.
Why am I even asking though?
―It‘s your favourite place, you abuse strangers in parking lots here,‖ he says.
I roll my eyes.
I only come here to do my nails actually.
―Did you miss me?‖ he asks as we walk out of the mall.
Ofcourse I missed him, I told him that just 15 minutes ago, and he didn‘t
even think of telling me he was already here.
―I missed your double lenses, and your tall
self,‖ He smiles.
We‘re both going to my car. Okay his car but I call it my car now.
He goes to the driver‘s seat.
―They dropped me off here,‖ he says.
I won‘t ask who ―they‖ is.
I let him be the control freak that he naturally is. Me asking how and when
he decided to come here will just be a waste of time. Maybe I must just accept
that he‘s different from other people. The problem is I don‘t know if he is
different-different or if it is the money and power that makes him do what he
wants when he wants.
My dad asked me about him yesterday but indirectly. Well, actually he wanted
to know if he was still in the picture, probably to check if he still had an
opportunity to beat him up again.
But…this is not the way home.
―We‘re sleeping at the Modder River house tonight,‖ he says.
Lord help me! And I wasn‘t even consulted?
―Just,‖ he says.
―Okay, can we go past my house so I can get some clothes atleast?‖
He takes the Hillcrest turn. I‘m glad he still listens to me sometimes.
I went straight to the mall from work. I left at exactly my knock-off time. It‘s
not fun being there anymore, with Tsietsi not talking to me and Chelsea
always fishing for details about my personal life, I just don‘t want to be
there at all.
―How are the crazies?‖ he asks.
Here we go again…..
―Okay okay… are the pa-ti-ents?‖
I give him a warning look.
―They‘re fine, but Schalwyk is not improving, his diabetes is worse than
I thought,‖-me
―Is he that guy that murdered his whole family?‖-
him ―You‘re not supposed to know that Chawe,‖-me
―What difference does it make? The guy is crazy,‖ he says.
Save me!
―Where is that other one who stole a baby?‖ he asks.
Oh Stacey.
―We discharged her yesterday,‖
He frowns. He looks shocked too.
―You discharge them?? What for?? I thought they stayed there forever!‖
Whoooooooosaaaaaaaa Naledi.
―Yes Chawe, they get better and we discharge them,‖ I say, calmly.
―You discharge serial killers too?‖ he asks.
―Yes, but we discharge them back to jail once they finish treatment,‖ -me.
Stay calm Naledi…stay calm…..
He has a look of disgust on his face, and he‘s looking at me like I‘m an
evil monster whose mission is to destroy the world and all mankind.
―The Public Protector must investigate this. We‘re not safe in this country,‖
he says.
Breathe in…..out…….Naledi. God will never give you more than you can
handle…..this is a challenge… will conquer it.
―What are we going to eat?‖ he asks as we park outside the gigantic house.
I look at him.
―Why are we here then?‖-me
―I don‘t know, I just wanted us to be here tonight,‖ he says.
―Is there a bed in this house?‖ he asks.
Lawd! I‘m the one who should be asking these questions, not him. Where
did he think we were going to sleep?
―Chawe, let‘s go back! We‘re going back to my house,‖
I think I need therapy.
This guy is one of the smartest people I know. He‘s also one of the biggest
idiots I know.
―Okay,‖he says.
And just like that we drive back to my house.
I guess then now I have to cook.
He gets comfortable on my couch. I think he thinks this is his second home,
that he has rights to whatever is in here.
I‘ve lived alone for the three years that I‘ve been in Kimberley but I enjoy his
―entitled‖ attitude. It makes me feel like he‘s in this for a long run, like he‘s
preparing for a ―forever‖.
―You‘re cooking?‖ he asks
―What are you cooking?‖
―It‘s a surprise,‖-me
He raises his eyebrows.
―I hope it‘s not those worm things that Limpopo people eat,‖ he says.
He must be talking about Mopane worms. I‘ve eaten them a few times,
they‘re nice actually. Tsietsi used cook them.
―No I wouldn‘t do that to my poor Zulu man, I hear you all grow up eating
avocado and rice,‖-me
The frown-smile.
―Oh, wa tella ne?‖
Whaaat? LOL
―It‘s going to be a problem if I can‘t gossip about you with my people Zulu, stay
away from my language, don‘t try to learn it,‖-me.
―Incase you didn‘t know, I grew up in a taxi rank, I know the streets of Joburg
like the back of my hand, you‘ll be shocked at how many languages I speak,‖
he says.
Really? I don‘t believe him though….
He‘s standing behind me.
―But that‘s just water boiling,‖ he says.
Well, it‘s a surprise, I did tell him that.
―I‘m going out to get beer,‖
Can‘t we have a free-alcohol night? Just once?
―Do you need anything?‖-him
I shake my head.
―Okay, I hope my food will be ready when I come back,‖ he says running
his hand up my skirt.
―You should wear skirts more often,‖ he says.
I‘m left wondering if that was a compliment or a sign that he‘s going to want to
control what I wear too.
The Spar centre with a Tops is a few minutes away. I should have asked him
to bring me wine for the oxtail I want to cook tomorrow. Let me call him.
But…I can hear his phone ringing.
It‘s here, in the house.
He must have forgotten it.
Oh well, I‘ll buy it in the morning then.
He hasn‘t said when he‘s leaving but I hope tomorrow because I want to
plan for his birthday romantic dinner on Friday.
He hasn‘t said anything about it, infact I think he‘s forgotten that his birthday
is coming soon. He only mentioned it once and only because I asked him
what his star-sign was, he had no idea what I was talking about.
I then asked him for his birthdate. He told me. I explained that he is a Leo and
told him characteristics of people born under that star-sign. He responded
with something that had to do with the fact that I work with mentally ill
people. I left it there.
His phone is ringing.
I hope he‘ll be back soon, maybe it‘s something important.
The water is boiling, I put one-and-a-half cup, I hope it will come out right.
The millie-meal is also a cup-and-a-half, that‘s how they cooked it on Youtube.
The phone again. Urgghhhhhh it‘s disrupting me.
Okay, close the pot for two minutes, drop the heat to low and wait…….with
wooden spoon in hand.
His phone again. It‘s starting to irritate me. I‘m trying to score points here.
Okay, now I have to stir……
Damnit!!! I‘m switching the bloody thing off!
It says ―Nkosana‖ on the caller ID
Alright, I‘m not switching it off, I don‘t want his brother worrying.
Back to my pot. I‘m counting five minutes before I stir again. Apparently I
have to do this four times and then leave it on the stove to cook
itself. Urghhhhhh
It says ―Sambulo‖ this time.
Now I‘m starting to worry, what if something happened back home and
they‘re trying to reach him.
And he‘s been gone for too long.
This doesn‘t look too bad, except that it‘s turning my kitchen into a mess.
Why can‘t everyone eat pap like normal people?
That bloody phone again!!
It‘s either I switch it off or answer it this time!
The number is not saved on contacts, but it looks familiar.
Yes, I know this number, I know it by head.
No, but that‘s impossible.
It stops ringing.
I‘m a bit confused.
An SMS comes in, it‘s the same number.
I press read before I can stop myself.
―Zulu, there‘s a constable who‘s threatening to talk, he was on night shift, I
need something to shut him up‖
―Is that uphuthu I smell?‖ he shouts with an excited look on his face.
He‘s standing at the door.
I slowly put the phone down where I found it.
―Are you removing my phone from the charger and putting yours again?‖
I have my phone in my hand, I didn‘t realise.
That‘s what he thinks I was doing?
We always fight for the charger, that‘s because his battery is always low.
―Actually I was trying to switch it off because it‘s been ringing since you left,‖-
I lie.
He‘s not interested in my explanation. He‘s in the kitchen.
―I love the smell but I think it‘s burning,‖-him.
Oh shit!
I rush to the kitchen.
I‘m not sure if it‘s coming out right but he said he likes the smell, that‘s a good
―I brought you a present,‖ he says.
He looks excited.
He pulls it out of a plastic bag, amongst 12 beers.
I smile. He‘s sweet.
It‘s a mint Aero chocolate slab.
It‘s my favourite, but I never told him
that. He‘s observant, I love that about
him. ―Thank you, that‘s sweet of you,‖-me
―I know, I‘m sweet aren‘t I?
Urgh. His sarcasm.
He goes to sit on the couch. He doesn‘t even look at his phone.
He‘s flipping through channels, you‘d swear this is his house.
I think this phuthu thing is ready now. I have to put it in a bowl so that it
cools off.
―When are you buying furniture for the Modder River house?‖ he asks.
I thought I made it clear that I‘m not interested in that house.
And who is buying furniture again?
―I‘ll leave you with my card, you can just go to the furniture shops and
choose what you want, pay for it and I‘ll have it delivered to the house,‖ he
says. He‘s serious.
Are we building a home now?
―Chawe, why?‖-me
He puts his beer down and looks at me.
―How are we going to have a house with no furniture in it?‖-
him Sigh.
It‘s ―our‖ house now?
I‘m not going to mix this, he‘s going to do it himself.
The struggle of the serving tray. I have to use it every time I serve him his
―Do you eat it with sugar?‖
He frowns?
―People eat amasi with sugar?‖
I guess that‘s a no then.
―Come sit next to me,‖ he says.
I was going to clean up first, but I do as he says. Maybe he saw what I
was doing, or maybe not. But I know I‖m really confused right now. ―This
is nice, thank you, even uphuthu is nice,‖ he says.
He could be lying about uphuthu being nice, that‘s a possibility.
But I guess I succeeded in scoring points afterall.
Now I have to watch him eat because he can‘t finish his sentences, he keeps
popping spoonfulls in-between.
I think he‘s enjoying it.
Finally, he puts the bowl down and lies back on the couch.
Because I‘m me I take the tray back to the kitchen and come back with a glass
of water. He drinks it up all at once, puts the empty glass on the coffeetable and picks up his beer.
He‘s such an interesting character.
―You were right,‖ he says randomly.
I‘m lost.
―You were right about the letter. I wrote it, everything, I wrote it all down and
then I went to the spare bedroom. You know, she‘s the one who decorated it
white. I sat there on the bed and I spoke to her,‖ That must have been hectic.
But he doesn‘t seem as intense as he always is when the subject comes up.
―I told her about you,‖ he says.
What? I didn‘t expect that. I wonder what he said about me.
―I told her I was happy,‖ he says.
He stretches his arm. I know what it means. I shift closer and lay my head on
his shoulder.
―You have no idea how happy you make me,‖ he says and takes a sip of
his beer.
He has no idea how much he‘s helped me. The things he does, well some of
them, the things he says and the way he treats me, I know myself better than I
did two months ago.
―I love myself better than I did before I met you,‖ -me.
―I love you more than you love yourself,‖-him
I hug him tighter.
I think I‘m stuck with him for the rest of my life.
But I‘m struggling right now, something is eating me up.
―Chawe, what were you doing in Kimberley on that day? The first time I
met you,‖ I ask.
I never really thought about asking, I just assumed he was here on business.
And now that…….I think it‘s important to know more.
―It‘s a long complicated story, but we have a route for our trucks that goes
though this province, three of them were hijacked in March so I was here to
meet with the police officers working on the case. We think the drivers were
involved,‖ he says.
Oh well then that explains why the captain was calling him.
He probably doesn‘t even know it‘s the same captain that handled my case.
―And now…..thanks to those hijackers, I met you‖ he says.
He‘s such a charmer.
A beautiful dark big-eyed charmer……
I‘m not sure anymore if taking the advise to remove my weave was smart.
I look five years younger and I don‘t know if that‘s a good or bad thing. I
relaxed my hair, tied it up and put a bun extension on top.
I also took the advice to wear black. While at it, I took advice from the sales
lady to buy a body shaper. I went for a black dress, a tight black dress and
stilettos and stud earrings. I look good if I may say so myself. The lipstick, yes,
pale pink.
He said we should meet at the restaurant because he left work late today.
He was supposed to be here atleast by 5pm to pick me up but he said
something came up.
I had to tell him about my dinner plans because he wanted me to come to
Alberton right after work. So we ended up agreeing that he‘d come here
tonight and then we‘ll go to Joburg tomorrow morning. I‘ll fly back down
here on Monday morning and hopefully make it to work on time.
I have to go now. I told him to ask for a table booked under the two of us
when he arrives.
Gift…check. Cake….they‘ll bring it out after we‘ve had the main course. It‘s
small, perfect for just the two of us.
―I‘m here,‖ -SMS
Oops! I‘d better rush. I check myself in the mirror one last time. I hope he‘s
going to love the gift.
The Jeep is here.
And by the way, why have I never asked questions about this car?
I decided to let that SMS from the captain thing go because I don‘t even
know how I‘m going to start asking about it. I don‘t want to be known as that
girlfriend who goes through her man‘s phone. He trusts me with his stuff, I
want it to remain that way.
He‘s already standing at the door, waiting.
Suit? That‘s my man!
He‘s calling? Why? I‘m right here in the car. He‘s standing there watching
me park.
―I did say you had a tuck-shop driver‘s license, look at how you‘re
parked,‖ Sigh.
I don‘t get offended anymore.
I open the door and walk to him.
―Happy Birthday,‖
No answer.
And now? Why is he looking at me like I‘m a…….
―You look…‖
His mouth is open.
I know this reaction.
I see, it means I look hot. Mission
accomplished. ―Are we going to go inside
birthday boy?‖ ―You look beautiful,‖-he says. A
hug and a kiss. Finally.
I hope our night can begin now.
He takes my hand, he‘s composed himself.
I follow with my too-high shoes and little clutch-bag.
We‘re walking past all the small tables. They must have put us in some
cosy corner.
Why are people here looking at us?
Oh I forgot, he‘s famous.
―Are we sitting outside?‖ I ask because we‘re walking past all the tables.
―No, we‘re going there,‖ he says pointing at one long table full of people.
But how……?
I stop.
―Don‘t worry, let‘s go,‖ he says.
Oh My God!
I turn around! I‘m walking back!
He grabs me around my waist and pulls me
back. ―Where are you going?‖ he asks.
―Chawe! You should have….‖
One turns around. The big eyes. Oh my God! I
have no choice now but to keep walking.
My chest is pounding. I‘m so nervous my hands are
shaking. Just like that? No warning whatsoever?
They‘re all looking at us. I want to run out of here, very
fast! He pulls a chair for me to sit.
I sit down very quick because I could faint
anytime. ―Hello,‖ I say.
They‘re looking at me like I‘m an alien.
―Hi,‖ some of them say. It‘s a flat ‗hi‘.
Their eyes keep going from me to Qhawe and back to me and him
and…… ―Happy Birthday to me,‖ he says.
I want to slap that smile off his face.
My hands are under the table. I‘m trying to stop them from shaking.
I keep looking down because there‘s about 20 people on this table all
looking at me, most of them with eyes bigger than tennis balls.
But there‘s one sitting across me, I try but I just can‘t, I keep looking at him,
and then Qhawe.
No ways, he was lying, they are twins!
Just looking at him freaks me out. It‘s like looking at Qhawe.
―I‘m older,‖-he says, smiling.
Lord! He even sounds like him!
―Don‘t worry baby, it‘s easy to tell us apart, he‘s the stupid one. Just listen to
what he says and you‘ll know it‘s not me,‖ -Qhawe. They all laugh.
I hope they‘re laughing away the awkwardness…….
I raise my eyes and they meet Qhawe‘s.
He looks serious now.
A waiter appears and places the starter in front of me. It‘s what I had
organised for the two of us, and now they have had to make more I
assume because he came with the whole of Mgungundlovu…whatever that
means. The guys start eating immediately. They don‘t even pray for the
food. And there‘s alcohol all over the table.
Qhawe looks at me, and then at everyone.
―This is Naledi…‖ he says and stops.
They‘re all looking at him.
―She is……..‖ he stops, looks at me and smiles.
I‘m still nervous.
―I love her…..‖ he says, picks up a fork and starts eating.
Awkward silence……
―Nice to meet you Naledi,‖- the grey-haired one says. It‘s the big brother and
next to him is a creature. I‘m not going to call it a person because nobody
looks like that in real life. I want to see her in day light. Our eyes meet and I
look away quickly.
I move my eyes to the left and they meet…….she looks exactly like she did in
that picture on the wall.
She smiles. I return the smile. Our eyes are locked for a second.
She looks at Qhawe.
―So Qhawe, is Naledi the reason you‘ve been smiling to yourself lately?‖-
she asks.
There‘s something about her, just something. I saw it in that picture and
I‘m seeing it now. The way her husband looks as her…‘s like he doesn‘t
see anything else.
She has braids and not much make-up, that‘s if she‘s wearing any at all.
―I could say that,‖ -Qhawe.
He‘s happy with himself isn‘t he? He‘s not getting sex from me anytime soon.
I‘ve been poking my starter, I can‘t eat, I‘m too overwhelmed. I also feel very
plain compared to these flawless women here. Where do they find them?
There‘s one far across who looks like a perfect mermaid. She has oval eyes,
long lashes and she blinks, a lot. I assume that‘s her husband sitting next to
her. I‘ve seen them all in pictures before but the nerves and shock have
erased everything I thought I had memorised, but this one, I think her name
is Xolie. I remember this because I read that she has an NGO that deals with
female health. Maybe I should ask her for a job.
―So Naledi, where are you from?‖-someone asks.
He‘s sitting on the same side of the table as me so he has to pop his head to
be able to see me.
He looks like all of them, I‘m not sure which one is he.
―Mafikeng,‖ I‘m still nervous as hell.
I feel Qhawe‘s hand on my knee. He‘s trying to make me relax, it helps a
little because my knee stops shaking.
―So what on earth are you doing in Kimberly?‖ another, again, he looks exactly
like the one sitting next to him and the one sitting next to me. The only good
thing is you can tell who is younger than whom, except for the one next to me
and the one across me.
―I work here, but I‘m not planning on staying long, it‘s too far from
Qhawe looks at me and raises his eyebrows. Okay, I said that because I didn‘t
want to give yet another one-word response. I have never thought about
leaving, not yet, and Kimberley is not even far from home, it‘s only a four-hour
―How long have you been here?‖-the twin, okay, Mqhele.
I look at his wife, I don‘t know why.
―Easy with the interrogation,‖-Qhawe.
Thank you baby!
They all laugh, at him I assume.
I see this is a family of drunks. The men have beer, the women have wine, I‘m
having juice but getting sloshed right now would actually help me a lot.
His hand is on my arm now, I‘m trying real hard, he‘s trying to help too. None
of this would be happening if he‘d just told me I was going to meet his family
“I don‘t know why she likes this place because it‘s just her and her gay friend,‖-
I frown.
“Tsietsi is not gay,‖ I say.
“Mmmm…okay, he‘s not gay,‖ he says, like it‘s nothing important.
I have to calm my nerves right now if I want to survive this night.
―Relax,‖ he whispers.
―So Naledi, this is your man? This guy?‖ that other one says pointing at
Qhawe with a beer bottle.
I want to laugh but……..
―How did he convince you to go out with him? And you said yes? To him?‖-
another one, he‘s sitting next to Xolie.
They just want to embarrass him.
Boys! ―I did, yes,‖ I say trying not to
laugh. He brushes my arm again.
The main course is here, it took a little longer than I had hoped.
I‘m scared to eat. Atleast I‘m used to eating in Qhawe‘s presence but these
wives, especially that one over there who looks like she lives on carrots,
are going to judge me I know. And this is strange because I swear I saw
her pregnant in one of their recent pictures.
―Are you going to tell them that I had to come to Kimberley five times
before you agreed to go to lunch with me?‖-Qhawe.
―And that you made me wait for two hours in the rain?‖-Qhawe.
He‘s making me sound mean.
―Oh, and she threw the flowers I bought her out the window,‖ he says.
I laugh, I can‘t help it. The story is funny when he tells it.
―I think I like her,‖-Nkosana, that will be the big brother.
I‘m starting to relax a bit. It doesn‘t seem like they‘re bad at all, I think it‘s
because they laugh a lot and that there‘s this thing……I don‘t know what it
is…..but it‘s like you can feel the love all around this table.
We‘ve just finished the main when the waiter appears with the cake.
Yerrrr, it‘s enough for about six people, there‘s about 12 or 13 here. What am I
going to do now?
―One candle?‖ one asks.
He looks younger than all of them. It must be the one who lives overseas.
That loud laughter again.
Qhawe didn‘t know about the cake, hence the surprised look on his face.
―Qhawe didn‘t tell me you were all going to be here. I thought it was going
to be a dinner for two so I organised a small cake,‖ I have no choice but to
I hope they won‘t start singing ―happy birthday‖ just to put him on the spot.
No? Good.
―I have a gift for you,‖ I say.
I should have waited until we got home, but the party is here, tonight.
I‘m crossing fingers he‘ll like it.
It‘s nothing major or expensive. I thought making it personal would be a good
I‘m nervous as I hand him the small wrapped box.
―Open it, we‘re waiting,‖-the twin.
He gives him an annoyed look.
Our eyes keep meeting with Hlomu. She is just…….too cute. I think she‘s
sweet, she seems sweet.
Qhawe leans over to hug me.
I think he likes the present.
Now he‘s looking at it and smiling while everybody waits for him to tell
them what it is.
―It‘s cuff-links,‖ I say, just to end the suspense.
―Ohhhhhh….‖ -most of them say.
―They have my name on them,‖ Qhawe.
He‘s like a little boy.
I had them engraved with Q.Z
It reminds me of that note he had delivered at work demanding his R350. Oh!
How far we‘ve come!
He‘s happy, I can just see it. Everybody sees it judging by the silence
and smiles.
I meet with Hlomu again. She‘s blinking rapidly. Is she trying to stop
herself from crying? Why?
She nods at me, smiles and looks away.
―How long have you been here again?‖ another question, from the
creature this time.
―Three years. I‘ve had to move around a lot, different
hospitals,‖ ―You work at a hospital?‖-the carrot eater.
I‘m being interrogated again. Qhawe is not helping this time.
It was better when the guys were asking the questions but with the ladies, I‘m
a bit uneasy because I know they‘re trying to figure me out and I will be
judged by my responses.
―Yes, I studied through a government programme so I‘m working in a
state hospital, for me it‘s more about giving back,‖ she says.
‗Giving back‘, that line always impresses people. ―Where
did you study?‖-Hlomu, she‘s back to being cute. ―In
Now I‘m going to have to explain that because they look confused.
―I went to study medicine in Cuba, I spent five years there and when I came
back I was deployed in the Free State and then I think Limpopo and……..‖
I‘ve worked in so many hospitals hey… first was in Tembisa.
―You‘re a doctor?‖-Hlomu.
I nod.
They seem excited about that.
―So how did you two meet?‖ the carrot eater, I heard someone call her Gugu,
I remember reading about her somewhere. I look at Qhawe, we both want to
―He stole my parking space,‖-me
―No, I didn‘t steal her parking space, the space was empty so I drove
―No, I was waiting for the other car to come out, and then, just as I
was reversing he appears from nowhere and parks in my space,‖-me ―I
didn‘t see you,‖-he says and kisses my hand.
―Are you going to tell them what you did after that?‖-Qhawe.
I can‘t help laughing.
―I parked him in, parked behind his car and left,‖
―I had to wait for two hours for her to come back, and it was raining. And
when she came back she just walked past me, tried to get in her car and
drive off but…,‖-Qhawe.
―And then he started stalking me,‖
They laugh.
He tells them the whole story. It seems like along time ago.
They‘re all laughing at him.
The creature stands up, some call her Zah and others call her Sis‘Zah.
She says something to the big brother and leaves.
I think she‘s going to the loo.
Most of them say no to dessert, except two, Mqhele and another who also
looks a bit young. I noticed he‘s the only one drinking juice.
―So, you forgot one important piece of information,‖-
Mqhele What‘s he talking about?
And, he‘s eating ice cream? Really? At this time of the night?
Qhawe looks at him with that frown-smile.
―What piece? We want to know…‖-Hlomu ―I
did say he was stupid,‖-Qhawe says to me.
Now they all want to know that missed information. I‘m also lost right
now. ―The part where her father beat the shit out of you,‖-Mqhele Oh no!
Did he really have to raise that?
Qhawe is laughing.
―What? What did you do?‖-Nkosana
I‘m embarrassed.
Hlomu looks shocked.
―Man, I thought you were joking,‖-the younger one.
Can he not tell the story please…not tonight.
But then again, I never really get what I want in this life.
He tells it….
The others are laughing but Nkosana seems to be taking this seriously.
He must be the voice of reason.
The creature is back.
―I think I like the chief. Tell him he‘s welcome to beat his brothers too,
especially the one that looks and behaves exactly like him,‖-Hlomu
They laugh.
Mqhele is laughing too.
―Like you‘d ever stand and watch someone beat me up, you‘d cry your
eyeballs out on the first slap,‖ he says and kisses her forehead. He is exactly
like Qhawe, it‘s weird.
I‘ve also noticed that they are very touchy-touchy. If his arm is not around her
shoulders, he‘s brushing her arm, or she has her head on his shoulder. It‘s
getting late and the restaurant is almost empty.
But this lot is still laughing and chatting away, and drinking beer straight
from bottles. They‘re such a beautiful family, so much warmth it‘s hard to
believe there are no parents around. Qhawe was right, everyone is important,
I can just tell.
It‘s been a great night. They‘re not as bad as I thought they would be. They
seem down to earth, I‘m almost certain that family comes before everything
else. They all seem very close and very loving.
Come to think of it, I‘ve never heard Qhawe mention any friends, it‘s always
my brother this my brother that.
―Are you still fine?‖-he asks me.
I am actually, I‘m enjoying these people‘s madness. But it looks like
everyone is over their fascination with me now, they‘re talking to whoever is
next to them.
And…I have other plans for tonight.
―I‘m fine, you?‖
―I want you all to myself now,‖ he says.
I blush. I want the same thing.
―Guys, this is our cue, we still have to drive to Joburg in the morning,‖ he says.
There‘s that too. We could just stay here for the whole weekend, but, I also
have plans with Tshedi and Omphi in Joburg tomorrow. Lunch and some
drinks, we haven‘t hung out in a while.
―You‘re not coming with us?‖-Hlomu
―I thought you were flying back with us,‖-Xolie
I look at Qhawe.
―No, we‘ll see you later tomorrow,‖-Qhawe says standing up.
I stand up too.
―Welcome to the family Naledi,‖-Nkosana says with a serious face.
―Thank you,‖ I say.
―Qhawe, see me when you get to Joburg tomorrow, there‘s something we need
to discuss,‖-Nkosana, still serious.
I hope whatever they need to discuss is not about me.
“What‘s that smile on your face? I thought you were mad at me,‖ he says as
we drive out.
I want to be mad at him but I can‘t. I lean over and place my head on his
shoulder. He‘s going to have to drive with one hand. He puts his arm
around my shoulders.
―Do you like them?‖ he asks.
I think I do.
―They‘re nice, and weird like you,‖-me
He laughs.
―Do you think they like me?‖ I ask.
He kisses the top of my head.
―They love you,‖ he says.
How does he know that?
―We‘re very careful about who we let inside our family Naledi, especially now,‖
I raise my face to look at him.
―Do you remember that story I told you about a woman who tried to kill my
I nod.
―She was in our lives for a year. We left her with our children and…‖
I feel his chest moving when he says the part about children.
―She was Mqoqi‘s girlfriend, so she tried to kill my one brother and broke
my other brother‘s heart…‖
Wow, she must have been a really bad person.
―But I know you‘re not going to try to kill me or my family….‖ he says
Oh, he‘s back to being Qhawe.
―I wouldn‘t try……….They‘re pretty, your brothers‘ wives, they‘re very pretty,‖-
―Mmmmm‖-he says.
―Where do they find them?‖-me
Oops! I didn‘t mean to say that out loud.
―They‘re not just pretty faces Naledi, they are the mothers of our children,
the backbone of our family. And no, they do not shop and pamper themselves
all day, they have things, businesses and responsibilities. You‘ll realise that
once you get to know them,‖ he says.
Okay, I figure they are a sensitive subject. I‘ll be careful never to make any
nasty comments about them in future.
―I love the cuff-links. Thank you,‖ he says.
I‘m glad.
―I‘m going to have a problem remembering everyone‘s name, especially
the guys, and you all look alike,‖-me
―We‘re different though, we like different things,‖ he says.
Still, they‘re like one person.
―I know you love the outdoors, nature and all things fresh, that‘s why you have
a lake on your doorstep.‖
He nods.
“All things fresh, that‘s why I‘m with you, you‘re fresh…‖ he says with that look
that says ―I‘m being sarcastic‖.
Oh okay.
“I know hey, I‘m as fresh as they come,‖
He laughs out loud.
And in a split second he‘s back to being serious.
―Nkosana likes cars, and jazz,‖
I‘m not surprised. He looked like the type.
―Nqoba likes….people, he‘s a people‘s person and he‘s very outgoing,‖
I noticed he was the loudest.
―Sambulo is the quiet one, and he likes clothes and all things expensive,
he‘s always been that type…‖
Sambulo is Xolie‘s husband, I remember that.
―Mqoqi is the live-on-the-edge type, he‘s into motorbikes and car racing and
all those things…he‘s an adrenalin junkie actually. But also, he reads and he
writes and he is focused,‖
―Mqoqi is the second youngest?‖
―No, that‘s Mpande, his life is girls and cars and parties, I don‘t even know
what he likes,‖
Okay that one must be really troublesome.
―Ntsika is the youngest, he used to be black but now he‘s white,‖
LOL, that must be the one based in London. ―And your twin?‖-
―We-are-not-twins,‖ he says tickling my arm.
―Mqhele is into…………..Hlomu,‖ he says.
Huh? That‘s it?
―His wife?‖-me
―Yep, oh and he plays the guitar and loves ice cream,‖ he says.
I noticed the ice cream factor.
And he‘s right when he says he‘s into Hlomu, I noticed that too.
I feel like I know all of them already after just one night.
They‘re very interesting, and overwhelming just like this one here.
We walk in together because I left the lights already on. Everyone has
something weird about them, I think this is my one.
―Can we leave really early tomorrow please, I know Tshedi will want us to
go to every shop there is,‖-me
―Okay, although I know you‘ll sleep all the way….‖
I roll my eyes and walk upstairs. He‘s doing whatever in the fridge. I must buy
more groceries because he eats for five people. Now, how do I put this thing
―Baby?‖- he‘s knocking on the bathroom door.
―I‘m here,‖
―Yes I know but why did you lock the door?‖-him
―I‘ll be out just now, just sit there,‖ I shout.
I know he‘s still standing by the door.
I‘m done. But I‘m not putting these heels on, she can forget it.
―Switch the lights off,‖ I shout
―Huh? Why?‖-him
He‘s still standing by the door, I know it!
―Chawe, just do it,‖-me
I hear his footsteps. He must be wondering what the heck is going on, just
like I‘m wondering what the heck I‘m doing. It might backfire, you never
know with these things.
He‘s switched the lights off. I switch the bathroom light off too.
This was a bad idea.
I open the door and stand there. I practiced the pose.
―Switch the side-lamp on Zulu, I have one last birthday gift for you,‖
Mouth open.
―Can I take a picture….?‖ he says with his phone in his hand.
What the fuck???
I turn around and walk back to the bathroom…
He runs after me. He grabs me by the waist from behind.
―What did I do? I just wanted a picture because you…….‖
―Chawe! I‘m standing here in lingerie trying to be sexy and all you want to do
is take a picture? Do you have any idea how hard it was to put this thing
He‘s confused.
―But that‘s why I wanted to take a picture, because you‘re sexy and I was…..‖
―Whatever! Forget it, I‘m taking it off,‖-
me I feel him poking me.
―No, okay, I‘m going to go back to sit and you can continue with everything,‖
Nx! I‘m so mad I‘ve forgotten the routine. ―I don‘t want to,‖-me
―Pleaseeeeeeee……..look, this means you‘re sexy,‖ he says pointing at his
flippin erection.
I look at him. Why does he have to spoil everything by being himself?
He was supposed to freeze when he saw me, so much that he can‘t even
speak, and then, watch me walk slowly until I‘m standing in front of him, and
then start gulping because I‘m so sexy he can‘t even breathe….. But no, he
wants to take a freakin picture!
My problems are real.
But I can‘t let all the practice go to waste.
I push him out of the bathroom.
―Go sit on that chair,‖
―Okay,‖ he says rushing there.
I walk to him with my hands behind my back. He
laughs when he sees what I have in my hands.
―Are you arresting me Dr Montsho?‖
―No, I‘m restraining you,‖ I say cuffing his wrists to the chair.
His eyes are smaller now. He‘s going to like this.
―I wanted to take that off with my teeth,‖ he says referring to this little
black lace thing and thigh high stockings I‘m wearing.
―I‘ll take it off for you, while you watch,‖-I say moving away from him.
She wanted me to put up a pole here but I said no, I plan to be a hoe tonight
but not up to that level.
―So, what do you want gone first?‖-me
He bites his lip.
―The top,‖ he says.
I take it off.
Now I‘m left in just the panties, which are see-through anyway, and
the stalkings.
―The socks…‖ he says
Really? Socks? He calls them socks?
This night is not turning out like I imagined it.
I take them off.
I walk to him, unbuckle his belt and pull his pants down. I unbutton his shirt
Sigh. I should have asked him to take his shirt and vest off before cuffing him.
Oh well…….
On my knees…
―Shit!‖ he says.
I‘m getting better at this. I never did it to any of my exes. I was
never comfortable enough…..
The chair keeps moving, he can‘t stay still….
He smells nice and he‘s warm….
Normally his hand would be on top of my head. But he technically has
no hands, that‘s why he‘s fighting with the chair…… Every
―mmmmmmmm‖ comes with a rattle.
I let go when I realise we might just end up on the floor…with the chair on
top of us.
He opens his eyes, halfway.
―Where are you going? Naledi….‖
I‘m here, standing infront of him….
He‘s trying to break free…..
―Please come back……‖-he begs.
Now it‘s happening exactly the way she said it would
I shake my head
I swear his voice is hoarse now. His eyes are red.
I‘m supposed to push him to the highest limit, tease him until he can‘t take it
He tries to free his wrists again…..
It‘s not happening.
I‘m focused but I‘m enjoying watching
this… I did say I had become a freak……
―Please….‖ he begs.
He looks so helpless, so powerless…..
The next step is to give him everything he can‘t touch.
I sit on top of him, facing him. I‘ve wanted to do this for along time but
I‘ve been worried about being too heavy.
It doesn‘t look like he finds me heavy at all judging by his lips on my breasts.
I‘m not about foreplay today, I‘m about torturing his lust.
I tighten one arm around his neck while my other hand goes down to
find what I want.
I find it and push it in.
He clenches his teeth.
I move…….
He‘s not moaning now, he‘s groaning.
I‘m breathing in his ear.
“Is this how you want it?‖ I whisper.
He attempts to speak but ends up clenching his teeth instead.
I move faster and harder. He starts screaming…
“Touch me, please…‖ I whisper.
The chair rattles…he‘s going to break it!
I know it‘s getting really bad when he starts biting…..
I‘m derailing from the plan, I can‘t bear watching him suffer….
I un-cuff the first wrists, one hand is behind my neck before I can
blink. I free the other one……
He‘s going to break every single bone in my body………….
I hold him tight as he groans louder and louder on top of me….
I can‘t remember how we ended up on the floor….
His forehead is pressing on mine, too hard…
I can‘t feel my lower body….
He lets his body loose and I feel him starting to get heavier and heavier.
I still have my arms around him. I wait for him to come back to earth…
He raises his head and looks into my eyes…
Sweat dripping.
He reaches over and pulls the duvet down from the bed, puts it over us and
rolls to lie next to me
―I‘m going to wife your crazy ass…..‖ he says pulling me to his chest.
Did he just say……?

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