The Divorced B8illionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Bought Title

Nicole paused for a moment. Her eyebrows
moved slightly as she raised her eyelids
insouciantly, then hooked the corners of her lips.
“Mr. Ferguson, why do you want to know
‘Knowing the answer no longer had any
meaning now, is there?’ Nicole thought.
“Answer me.” Eric’s voice was deep, and his
eyes were bottomless like the ocean.
Nicole lowered her eyelids and smiled

“Because my family is very unimpressed
with you, but I was somehow blind and liked
That was why I turned my back on my
world, gave up my identity, and ran to him
with open arms. Unfortunately, he didn’t
catch me, and I fell to a painful death…’
“Fortunately, Fm not blind anymore.” Nicole
smiled faintly. It was extremely cold. “Mr.

Ferguson, are you done talking? You might
as well go back and discuss with the old
man on how to word the apology.”
Nicole took a sip of red wine and retracted
her gaze. She turned on her heels and left
without saying another word.
Grant was mingling with the guests with
Floyd smiled and suddenly remembered
something, then walked up to Grant. “Where’
s K?

Why isn’t he present at such an
important occasion?”‘
Kai, as one of Nicole’s scandalous
boyfriends, was also a famous movie star.
Grant coughed. “He said he’d steal everyone’
s thunder by coming, so he’s at home,
Floyd coldly grunted. “What stupid thunder?
Isn’t his title all paid for?”
Kai, who was at home enjoying the movie he
was starring in, suddenly sneezed…
When the party was about to end, Yvette and

Julie dragged Nicole out and sneaked away.
Tattle Bar.
“Ferg, why’d you only come now when you
called us out earlier? We’re all waiting for
As soon as Eric arrived, Keith Ludwig came
up to him.
Since the Stantons spent so much money
chartering the entire city’s building
advertising space to announce Nicole’s
identity, coupled with the live photos of the
gala circulating online, everyone knew of
the earth-shattering events that took place
at Stanton Corporation’s anniversary gala.

Nicole was the heiress of Stanton
‘Oh, God..! Keith thought about his attitude
towards Nicole during the past three years
and suddenly shuddered in fear,
Eric took the glass on the table that no one
had touched before and drunk the whiskey
in one gulp.
Everyone saw this and kept silent.

They still found it unbelievable.
Who they thought was a pauper turned out
to be a princess. No one would be able to
accept such a role reversal!
Keith sighed. “Nicole really hid it too well.
All of a sudden, she just stood at the top of
the food chain! Do you think she’ll settle
scores with us?!”
Eric, who had not spoken, only grunted with
a frown.
“No, she’ll only look for me to settle the

I’m the only one who treated her badly
since the beginning…’ Eric thought.
Someone next to them questioned, “Is Nicole
the illegitimate daughter of Floyd Stanton?’
‘Otherwise, how come no one has heard of
her existence in the Stanton family before
Eric was doubtful. If Nicole was an
illegitimate daughter, why would Floyd
Stanton dare to announce her identity so

It was clear that the Stanton family had
been hiding information about her in order
to protect her.
Keith said, “Didn’t you guys follow her story
online? As soon as Nicole’s identity was
revealed, Stanton Corporation published her
past experiences. She was accepted into an
Ivy League when she was thirteen and even
got a full scholarship to further her studies
abroad. She graduated with a Ph.D. in only
four years!

She then went on to intern at one
of Europe’s top business firms and had close
dealings with a certain royal family. She’s
basically a living legend before she married
Ferg! No wonder even Grant Stanton is
willing to play second fiddle to her. Stanton
Corporation would definitely grow under
her leadership.”
Everyone was dead silent as they listened.
They used to look down on this woman.
They thought that she only married Eric
because she was just a gold-digger and a
scheming b*tch.
In the end, no one expected that they were
the ones who were too lowly for Nicole!

Seeing this, Keith went up and patted Eric’s
shoulder. Terg, come to think of it, why did
she marry you in the first place? She must’
ye really fallen in love with you, right? Why

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