The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Who’s Her Sugar Daddy?

“What’s going on?”
“Someone posted an article with so much
made-up bullsh*t about you, but the
main thing is that it can’t be suppressed!
Quick, go look!”
Yvette spoke with urgency.
Nicole hung up and went online. Sure

Corporation was also effected. It dipped
by more than ten percent, which made
them lose more than a billion dollars at
Her phone suddenly rang, and Nicole
immediately picked up the call.
Grant’s voice sounded a bit tired. “Kai’s
with you, right?”
“Yeah, we came back really late yesterday,
so he’s here with me.”

“Good. You guys stay home today. Don’t go out or come to the office.”

“I saw the news online… I’ll contact
Dominic Young right away,” Nicole said.
She was not afraid if this was just against
her, but it involved the company, so there
were too many things at stake.

Someone must be manipulating this
behind the scenes.
“I’ve already called him. Dominic said
that there’s nothing he can do about it.
Those social media accounts were hired
by someone to gang up against you.”
Nicole frowned. “Did you find out who it

‘Who else would cling to the past? Who’d
benefit the most by making me look bad?’
Nicole thought.
Grant sneered, “Who else has this
Nicole’s heart sank. “Eric Ferguson?”
‘Is he doing this just because I kicked
Wendy Quade’s head yesterday? He wants

“It wasn’t Eric Ferguson, but it’s related to the Fergusons. Old Master Ferguson
gave the order.”
Grant’s tone became colder. The
Fergusons are too arrogant. Does he think
that the Ferguson family is the only one in

Back when Old Master Ferguson was in
power, he had a monopoly over the main
businesses in Atlanta. It was not an
exaggeration to say that he called the
shots in the city.
However, there were a few other big
corporations who had a favorable
advantage now. Although Ferguson

Corporation was a large corporation
deeply rooted in the city. They were still
not powerful enough to shake the Stanton
Nicole’s eyes turned cold. “Anything I can
help with?”
“You don’t have to do anything. You don’t
even need to clarify this. Dad already
knows about this and he’s cutting his trip
short. He intends to announce your
identity at our company’s anniversary.

The harder they bash you now, the more
they will have to get on their knees in the
They had intended to announce Nicole’s
identity after she had established a firm
foothold in the industry. However, now it
seemed that some people could not wait to
crush Nicole.

Nicole could hear that Grant was really
triggered this time. After hanging up,
Nicole looked through the harsh
comments about her online.
Yvette and Ian also hired social media
influencers to speak for Nicole’s
innocence, but it was just a drop in the

ocean and was not at all effective.
‘So, this is the Fergusons’ power? Is Old
Master Ferguson trying to give me a taste
of the hardships he’ll add to my life to
intimidate me?’ Nicole thought.
Nicole looked out the window and saw the
crowd of reporters below. Even if they
could not see anything from below, their
cameras were aimed at her windows and
would flash with the slightest movements.

Kai slept until late in the morning. He
simply washed up and got a call from
Grant reminding him not to leave the
house. His initial plans of going out were
shuttered, so he changed back into his
pajamas and began to serve the little
princess Nicole breakfast.

Nicole was bored and looked at the
reports Logan sent her as well as the
progress report of J&L’s project. Knowing
that the project was not affected, Nicole
felt at ease and stayed at home obediently.
Ferguson Corporation.
Eric Ferguson’s face was extremely glum.
Mitchell stood in front of him
apprehensively and dared not even

felt at ease and stay at home obediently.
Ferguson Corporation
Eric Ferguson’s face was extremely glum.
Mitchell stood in front of him
apprehensively and dared not even
breathe too loudly. The temperature in the
office was reduced to a freezing point for
a while.
“Who did this?”
Such an abrupt change occurred in just
one night!
Mitchell’s head hung low and felt like
burrowing into a hole in the ground. He
replied cautiously, “Mr. Ferguson, I’ve
already contacted the relevant parties.
Everyone’s answer is the same. It’s Old
Master Ferguson’s orders, so they had no
choice but to follow.”
‘So, that’s why all the guns were aimed at
Nicole and why everyone hurled mud at

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