The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Give In

Grant and Nicole looked at their father in
unison. Old Master Ferguson was really
anxious to call their father right after
Floyd had just gotten off the plane.
Floyd Stanton sneered. “That’s not
necessary. My family’s a mess right now, s
necessary. My famil a mess right now, so I’m not in the mood to go out for a
Old Master Ferguson said, “It’s only
because of a woman, so what’s there to be
upset about?

I actually have a favor to ask
of you.”
“Chairman Ferguson, Stanton
Corporation’s anniversary is coming up in
a few days, so how about I invite your
whole family and we can talk then?”
The other party paused. “Great, then I’ll
you then.”
After hanging up, Floyd Stanton’s eyes
emitted a chill. “Just watch how I’ll clean
up those Ferguson scumbags!”

Grant laughed. “Then I’ll take these few

days to reorganize our company’s shares
and decide which directors to keep or kick
out so that our Lil N can have a clean
Floyd nodded. “Good, it’ll save us a lot of
trouble later.”

Nicole deliberately sighed. “Oh no… What
should I do? I’m about to have too much
money that I can’t finish spending…”
Floyd paused and suddenly remembered
something. “Speaking of spending, the
bank president called me yesterday saying
that Kai spent $800 million in one
afternoon. It’s not for investment or
stocks, so he’s afraid that it’s an
abnormal transaction. What is Kai up to?”

Grant could not help but laugh. “Dad, that
money was spent by Lil N.”
Floyd said, “Oh, then I’m relieved.”
If Kai heard about this, he would probably
go crazy.
When Nicole got back, she received a call
from an unfamiliar number. She thought
that it might be a spam call, so she
ignored it. However, it rang incessantly, so Nicole finally caved.
It was Keith Ludwig’s voice.

She raised her eyebrows. “Mr. Ludwig,
something wrong?”
Keith was looking for her, so it was most
likely nothing good.
After less than two seconds of silence,

Keith pursed his lips and said, “Nicole, I
didn’t take this opportunity to add fuel to
the fire this time, so you can’t push me
out to be your shield…”
Nicole snickered. ‘Turns out he knows
what fear is?
“Mr. Ludwig, did you forget how you
offended me that night?”
Keith panicked, but he did not want to
give in either.

“That’s just a misunderstanding. I’ve
deeply reflected on myself, so just let me
off this time…”
This was the first time Nicole heard such
panic in Keith’s voice. It seemed that
those nude photos had traumatized him
“I’ll think about it. Don’t call me again. I
don’t want to hear your voice.”

After that, Nicole was about to hang up
when Keith hurriedly spoke, “Hey, wait!
Someone’s looking for you…”
Nicole froze for a moment, then heard a
familiar cold voice.
“Nicole, it’s me.”
It was Eric Ferguson.
Hearing this voice, Nicole’s eyebrows
twitched slightly. She let out a light laugh.

“Mr. Ferguson, do you also want to warn
Eric was stunned for a moment. “My
grandfather looked for you?”
“Didn’t Chairman Ferguson set this
whole thing up to make me learn my
‘He’s just playing dumb! Nicole thought.
“Nicole, just give in to him. Return the
pipe and I’ll take care of the rest.

I’ll handle everything online.”
Nicole forced a laugh. Her eyes were a
little moist.
The other side was silent.
“Eric Ferguson, I know you’re both
playing good cop, bad cop. Do you take me
for a fool?” Nicole could not help but
sneer. Since they already had such a
falling-out, Nicole made her stance clear.

“Your family is so underhanded to sling
mudat me insult me with the natinct
n her eyes.
“Tears mean weakness… I’m so useless!
Nicole thought.
Nicole used three days to wear out all the
affection she had for Eric from the past
three years. She finally understood that
she should never have any expectations of
a person who did not love her back.

‘What does it matter if Eric Ferguson did i
t or not? What’s more, he’s waiting for m
e to kneel to them and beg for mercy?
They even act like they are such angels,
granting me so-called mercy right before
they stab me to death? What a joke!
After Nicole removed her love goggles,
she could see the whole situation with
extra clarity.

She could finally see it
objectively and found that all of this was
based on their condescension of her.
Even if she was surrounded by gentries
like Grant Stanton and Ian Carter; even if
she had exceeded expectations and
stunned everyone with her actions and
character; even if she was the Vice
President of Stanton Corporation that was
impressive enough to make people notice
her, nothing seemed to matter.

In the eyes of the Fergusons family, she
was still the weak pushover with no
background, money, or power. To them,
Nicole was just a gold-digging, scheming
woman that only wanted to marry into an
affluent family.

Thus, the Fergusons were unscrupulous
and used their power to force her to the
wall, trying to make her life so dull that
she would seem like a complete failure.
Eric’s heart sank when he heard Nicole’s
words, which pricked him like a thorn in
his heart.
It was painful and suffocating.
Eric knew that every word of insult Nicole
received was unjust.

These days Eric had been attempting to
turn the situation around, but Old Master
Ferguson used all his contacts and
resources so that the matter would
continue to worsen, thus increasing its
impact on Nicole. Moreover, Eric had to
deal with an issue with a client in France, so he was too busy to handle Nicole’s
Since things had come to this point, there

falling-out, Nicole made her stance clear.
“Your family is so underhanded to sling
mud at me, insult me with the nastiest
words, and deliberately distort the truth.
Yet you still want me to beg for
forgiveness on my knees and even want me to be grateful to you? Don’t you feel like
you’re all so repulsive?”

The atmosphere was sullen and
Keith’s voice came through. “Nicole, Eric
didn’t do this.”
“So what? Isn’t he a Ferguson? Is he that
innocent? Do you think every single word
of scolding I’ve received today has
nothing to do with Eric Ferguson?”

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