The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Do Yo Have No Shame?

Eric Ferguson could not figure out why he
felt so impatient and annoyed. under
such circumstances, why does Nicole still
have the guts to show up here? Does she
still have expectations for Grant Stanton?
Can’t she see that everyone just treats her
like trash and only wants to avoid her?’
Moreover, those flowers she was holding
were extraordinarily agonizing to him.
Eric looked at Nicole with a gloomy face.

He said with some irritation, “It doesn’t
matter what you’re up to. You’d better not
choose today of all days. Everyone is
watching you, so if you really do
something out of place, even I can’t
protect you!”

If that was the case, Old Master Ferguson
would not be the only one against Nicole,
but also the entire Stanton family.
Nicole laughed out loud, but her eyes were
“Protect me? Mr . Ferguson, when have
you ever protected me? I think you’re just
afraid of getting implicated by me and
dragging your family into it, right?”

`Aren’t the insults I have to endure from
everyone all thanks to the Fergusons? Eric
still has the cheek to say these big words
now? Does he really take me as a fool?’
Nicole thought.
Hearing her words, Eric’s heart suddenly
clenched up. He frowned tightly and knew
in his heart that Nicole must hate him and
his family, but he did not know how he
should explain it to her.

“Nicole…” Wendy Quade ran over from
not far away and stood next to Eric. Her
voice was gentle as she said, “It’s all my
fault. I know that you hate me, and I don’t
blame you for what happened last time,
but please don’t make a scene here. It’ll
just make it awkward for both sides…”

Nicole’s grim gaze swept over Wendy. She
hooked her lips and said, “Blame me? Do
you have no shame?”
Wendy glanced at Eric meekly. He did not
look like he blamed Nicole at all. She
paused for a moment, then acted
aggrieved and pretended to be
“Nicole, you’ve already divorced Eric. Are

you planning to hate us for life just
because of the past?”
Nicole glanced at her coldly. “Are you
even worthy enough for me to remember
for life?”
Wendy’s face turned glum. She bit her
lower lip and said, “Eric and I both hope
that you can let go of the past and start
over. Today is Stanton Corporation’s
anniversary gala. If something happens,
you will only make it impossible for you to
keep your head up. The most important
thing now is to look at the big picture!”

Eric frowned slightly. His gaze was
complex and cold as he glanced at Wendy.
Somehow, Wendy’s words made him feel
very uncomfortable.
Nicole’s lips twitched as she glared at the
scumbag and b*tch standing in front of
her. Each one of them was more
hypocritical and abominable than the
other, which made her feel repulsed.
`Look at the big picture? Me leaving is
looking at the big picture?’ Nicole thought.
“Who will that benefit? You guys? You

“Who will that benefit You guys? You
want me to leave so that no one will know
that you both had an extramarital affair?
Save that pitiful h*tch act and stop being so nauseating. Both of your existence is the
biggest joke around here.”
Nicole was very upset, but she did not
have the mood to continue babbling on
with these two and only left that sarcastic
remark. She saw Yvette waving at her
from not far away, so she carelessly swept
a glance at the two people in front of her
and walked away without another word.
Wendy felt resentful from being scolded by Nicole. She glanced at Eric from time to
time thinking that he would speak up for
However, when Eric heard the words ”
extramarital affair”, his expression was
visibly complex and cold, and his eyes
were incredibly dark.
He stood there and watched as Nicole’s
back disappear before him, then withdrew
his gaze and turned to leave.
“Eric… Why did Nicole become like this?
She seems to hate seeing us together. It
looks like she’s had enough after

pretending for so long…”
Wendy spoke tentatively and watched
Eric’s reaction.
‘Why is he so indifferent to Nicole’s
outburst just now?’ Wendy thought.
Eric frowned slightly and his tone was
cold. “What are you trying to say?”
Wendy was stunned. She bit her lower lip,
and her eyes became a little red. “I was
trying to say that maybe Nicole has a
point. We’ll be misunderstood by others if
we appear together… So, maybe… Maybe I
should leave first…”
She knew very well that Eric would not let
her leave first.
For one, it would be impolite to the Air Stantons.

Moreover, if Eric did not have a
female companion by his side, it was
inevitable that others would talk.
Wendy only proposed this so that Eric
would notice her presence and would
realize how understanding she was
compared to the unreasonable Nicole.
Eric’s gaze was cold. He looked at his

Eric’s gaze was colded looked at his
watch and said indifferently, “Alright, get
the driver to send you back”
After that, he turned around and left
without looking back.
Wendy was left alone, looking lost and
grim at the door.
“Wendy, come here quickly! My mother is
looking for you everywhere…” Ingrid
waved at her.

Wendy ran over to Ingrid like she had
seen her savior. ‘With Quinn and Ingrid
around, Eric won’t send me away, right?’
“What’s wrong? What did you and my
brother talk about that made you look like
“Nothing.” Wendy smiled perfunctorily.

Her face was extraordinarily pale. ‘Why
did Eric allow me to leave?’
Wendy did not expect that she would
shoot herself in the foot.
Eric, who used to be responsive to her,
kept avoiding her lately.
Ever since Wendy returned from abroad,
she felt that everything was different.

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