The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Coincidence

Eric Ferguson watched as Grant Stanton’s car gradually drove away with
narrowed eyes and a sullen expression.
The divorced Nicole was like a derailed train. He simply could not figure
out which direction she was heading.
In the past, Nicole would be very cautious around him, but now, she
even dared to say those ungracious words fearlessly.

Ingrid was reluctant to let Nicole get away so easily and wanted to stop
their car, but Eric yanked her back.
“That’s enough!”
“Brother, how can you side with an outsider? Nicole bullying me is the
same as disrespecting our family! That ungrateful b*tch forgot who fed,
clothed, and accommodated her these past three years. She needs to
be taught a lesson!”

“Ingrid Ferguson, the jewelry in the safe at Imperial Gardens are all for

Nicole. Why did you take them without permission?” Eric reminded her.
Although he had not taken the initiative to give it to Nicole, everything
at the Imperial Gardens belonged to him and Nicole.
“Brother, I’m your sister! It’s just a piece of jewelry, so why are you
being so calculative?

Besides, Nicole doesn’t have any occasion that she
could wear such expensive jewelry, so why can’t I take it?” Ingrid spoke
with discontent and thought that Nicole was not worthy of the
“Daydream” necklace.
Eric really wanted to teach his sister a lesson, but Ingrid began to cry
aggrievedly, so he did not know what to say for a moment.

“I’ll watch the surveillance footage first.”
This made Ingrid freeze in place. She stopped crying and gritted her
teeth in indignation. “Brother, do you not believe me? Nicole clearly
framed me!”
“We’ll know once we see it.” Eric cast a sidelong glance at his sister and
walked into the restaurant.

A trace of panic crossed Ingrid’s face, but she bit the bullet and followed
“Brother, I told you that she’s not a good woman! Look at the man next
to her, he’s so protective and fond of her, so maybe she’s already
cheated on you long ago and took your money to support that pretty

Ingrid slandered Nicole in hopes that Eric would help her deal with that
woman. ‘Who is she to walk all over me?’
Eric’s eyes sank and his face turned extremely glum. “Shut up!”
He walked away and completely ignored his sister.
The restaurant manager had already received orders from Grant
Stanton beforehand to prepare a copy of the surveillance footage. As
soon as Eric arrived and explained his intentions, the restaurant
manager took out the surveillance footage and handed it over.

One minute…two minutes…
Eric’s face became more gloomy by the second while Ingrid stood
anxiously on the side. In the video, Ingrid and Quinn were hurling insults
and curses that were harsh to hear, but Nicole looked like she was
accustomed to it.

‘Is this customary? Is this not the first time this has happened? Was this
how my family treated Nicole all this while during our marriage?
Nicole’s calmness and retaliation shocked the two of them, so is this the
first time she ever fought back?’
Eric’s heart surged with complicated emotions. Blood rushed to his
head and his expression kept changing.

Suddenly, he stopped the video
and walked out with big strides.
“Brother, wait for me…”
“Ingrid Ferguson, this is not the first time you attack her, right?” Eric
glared at his sister.
Ingrid’s face paled and looked horrendous as she quickly denied it.

I was just angry that she found another man so soon after your
divorce. Why would I berate her otherwise?”
Eric sneered. He no longer believed his arrogant and capricious little

“Go and apologize to Nicole!”
“I don’t want to! I’d rather die than apologize to that b*tch!” Ingrid
shouted in aggravation. ‘Nicole was the one who poured wine all over
me, so why should I apologize to her?’

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