The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Video

“Since you’re here, you don’t have to leave just yet. Why don’t you
accompany me for a drink?” The man’s gaze was lecherous as he
flashed a cunning smile. His tone was half-threatening and half-coaxing.
Yvette was already tipsy. The man was holding her neck and looked like
he could drag her away at any time.
Nicole looked straight at the man and said calmly, “Let her go.”

The man hooked his lips smugly and beckoned to her. “Come here and
drink this, then I’ll let her go.”
Nicole knew without having to think that the drink must have been
Even so, she did not hesitate and walked over, but an onlooker
discouraged her. “Miss, don’t go over first. Call the police. This guy is a
notorious gang leader.”

‘Even a gangster dares to bully me now?’
Nicole turned to look at the other guy and said, “Thanks for your
concern, but don’t worry.”
She was fed up and laughed instead of getting angry. “If I go over, you’ll
release her?”
“Sure. Come over then…”

The man smiled lewdly and thought that he had these ladies in the bag.
‘I’m getting lucky tonight!’
Nicole smirked and walked over to him confidently.
When she was in front of the gangster, she raised her eyebrows. “I’m
here now, so let her go.”
‘This chick is more beautiful than this drunk one.’

The gangster was aroused and reached out wanting to caress Nicole’s
face, but before he could touch her, he watched as a beer bottle landed
on his head.
“Ah!” He squealed like a pig.
In the next second, Nicole reached out and bent his wrist downward,
which made him lose all ability to retaliate. While the man was
squealing, she kicked him in the chest, and the punk fell heavily to the

He rolled around a few times and curled up in pain as his body
trembled. The gangster did not even have the strength to stand up and
fight back.
The music in the bar stopped abruptly, so it was unusually silent for a
The crowd was shocked by this scene. Some people did not even catch
it before it was over because it all happened in less than a minute.

Those who intended to be heroes did not even get the opportunity to
save their damsel in distress.
Such a burly man was crushed by this beauty in mere seconds!
Having been out of practice for three years, Nicole was not at all rusty
and still had the basic fighting skills.

She took a step back and glanced at
the punk on the ground with a cold gaze. She then calmly went over to
pick up the glass of spiked wine that was on the bar counter and
squatted next to him.
“You wanna drink this yourself, or should I help you with it?”
The corners of her lips curled up in contempt. She was unfazed by the
dark red blood that oozed out from his head. Under the colorful lights
of the bar, her smile looked more terrifying.

The man wailed in pain as he twitched and shuddered in fear. He
hurriedly begged for mercy. He never imagined that he would
encounter such a difficult woman.
However, Nicole did not care about his pleas. She reached out and
yanked his hair aggressively, forcing him to tilt his head back. Her voice
was still as calm as ever. “I’ll help you.”

After that, she poured the entire glass of wine into his mouth that not a
single drop was left.
Nicole dusted her hands and stood up as she dealt with this vile man
calmly, without the slightest panic, fear, or even haughtiness.
The crowd was in awe. Who they thought was the weakling turned out
to be the champion.

Nicole went back to carry Yvette and left the bar unperturbed. “Let’s go.
That guy just ruined our night…”
When everyone came back to their senses, the woman had already
disappeared through the door.
The gangster was covering his wound in pain as he rolled around in
discomfort. He looked so wretched like a wriggling worm…

A few paparazzi that were there watched the whole spectacle in
excitement. One of them sneaked out to make a call. “Mr. Ludwig, we
took a video of Nicole hitting someone at the bar. This content will
surely go viral! If we post it online, her image will be ruined.”
Keith Ludwig was eating some fresh air-flown caviar at that moment. He
smiled smugly.

“Go ahead and post it then.”
‘It’s only been less than a day and Nicole already let the cat out of the
bag? This ungrateful b*tch left the Ferguson family and dared to bully
Ingrid and betray Eric. How detestable! It’s time to teach her a lesson.’
Chapter 20 Berated Again
Late at night, the paparazzi quietly posted the edited clip online and left
out the background story. They simply posted Nicole’s violent actions.

At a glance, it looked like Nicole was bullying the man without reason.
After a good night’s sleep, Nicole did not forget that it was her first
official day at work and woke up on time to pick out her outfit.
Yvette drove over in her little convertible and pushed the door in
furiously. “Nicole! All those people online are berating you again!”

Nicole paused slightly. “Berating me? Why?”
Yvette showed Nicole the video that the paparazzi posted. It was only
ten seconds, but it clearly showed the stark contrast between Nicole’s
hostile look and the man’s miserable appearance.

The following comments were all about Nicole’s screw-up. Eric
Ferguson’s ex-wife had a rendezvous at a bar late at night and even
beat someone up. Some people also commented on how ruthless
Nicole was. This incident pushed Nicole into the top trending topics on

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