The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 234

Chapter 234 He Kissed Her

Eric’s face was cold and expressionless. His gaze was firmly fixed on Nicole’s face. “It’s so you can see for yourself that the show’ you expected won’t happen.”

” There was a hint of anger suppressed in his voice, but it was more of a sullen coldness. He looked at her with an expressionless face and withdrew his arm.

Eric was suppressing a carnal light in his eyes. He slowly unbuttoned his soiled jacket in front of Nicole. Then, he carelessly tossed it to the chair on the side.

He did not even glance over. There was a touch of wildness in his reckless movement. With one hand, he tore off his tie with a sharp tug and threw it on top of the coat.

The top button opened, revealing his sexy Adam’s apple. His temperament carried a hint of charm and messiness. An unruly coldness mingled in his aura.

What a suffocating atmosphere. Nicole only froze for a moment before looking away. She suppressed her racing heartbeat. Her lips opened slowly.

“Mr. Ferguson, you think too much. I never bother to think about matters that have nothing to do with me.”

Nicole did not care what ‘show’ happened between Eric and Lydia. Was it any of her business? Eric’s actions were truly intriguing.

“Nothing to do with you?” He lowered his voice. It sounded slightly weak. Maybe she misheard. “Of course.” After she finished, Nicole turned on her heels and prepared to leave.

Just as she turned around, her arm was grabbed. These plays were simply incomprehensible. Was there a need for this? Just what did Eric want? Nicole’s expression sank and she was just about to ask. However, Eric pinned her against the wall again.

Without hesitation, he cupped her face with his hands and pressed his thin lips on hers.

He lost control and invaded her sweetness with a trace of madness. She was just as sweet and intoxicating as he imagined Nicole did not react at all.

His cologne mixed with the faint scent of alcohol was somewhat familiar to her because she was once fascinated by it for a long time.

However, when his cool lips tried to advance further, Nicole seemed to jolt awake. She bit his lips hard. During his momentary pause, Nicole slapped him fiercely across the face, The slap rang out loud and clear.

Eric’s expression sank. He stared straight at her.

Nicole pushed him away, furious. “Mr. Ferguson, you’d better look clearly.

I’m not a frivolous woman who can be bought by gifts. If you want to flirt around, there are plenty of women outside!” Eric’s heart sank slightly as his voice grew hoarse and cold.

“But the only one I want is you.” He thought of what Ian Carter prepared earlier. ‘Was he trying to propose to her? Hah!’ Eric was filled with an unquenchable rage.

He did not know when it started, but it seemed like she was deeply rooted in his heart. She took root and sprouted, and now that feeling was impossible to ignore.

Nicole’s pupils shrank fiercely. It felt like the scar on her heart had been 5/7 Scanned with CamScanner TE uncovered and was dripping blood.

The pain was unbearable! “Eric Ferguson, we’re already divorced. As you wished, I finally left your life. We have nothing to do with each other now, and we will never have anything to do with each other in the future.

I have absolutely no feelings for you anymore, so I hope that you can stay as far away from me as possible…” ‘Who gave him the right to do this? When my heart was barren, he just barged in and peered into my scars.

I feel pain too! What was he trying to do? Make a fool out of me? Mock me?!’ That one kiss made her panic and ache to the bone.

It was unexpectedly beautiful, yet also incredibly loathsome! Nicole did not hesitate to leave. She looked like she did not want to see him again.

She was afraid that he would notice and belittle her wretchedness and despair. With fluid movements, she opened the door and left. “Bam” She shut everything behind that door. Eric was quiet.

The slap mark on his face was a vibrant red, and blood seeped out from the corner of his lips. However, he was not the least bit aware of it. There was a dull pain in his chest.

He said, “Happy birthday, Nicole.” At that moment, it felt like he had truly lost the most important thing to him…

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