The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 237

Chapter 237 Comparing Who’s More Shameless

The few bosses came up to greet Floyd Stanton and planned to leave immediately. They completely ignored Jade’s actions.

Floyd clinked his glass with theirs indifferently, but like Nicole, he did not drink either. He saw clearly what had happened here earlier.

Although they were the hosts, it seemed the number of people who showed up had far exceeded the number of people they actually invited.

Everyone wanted to take this opportunity to build connections with the Stantons and get acquainted with other people, Therefore, they took the opportunity to tag along with their invited friends and relatives.

In fact, they were not actually on the invitation list. Floyd turned a blind eye to this, but he would not take into account or drink to every toast offered.

It was a huge honor to others if Floyd drank with them. Seeing this scene, Jade’s expression stiffened.

What did she say about Nicole earlier? She had poor manners? She must drink when someone offered her a toast? a Floyd looked at Nicole and then Jade. He did not say a word.

‘Why is she kicking up a fuss here? She should at least know the occasion…’ “That’s enough. It’s Nicole’s birthday.

Why are you crying?” Floyd’s low voice sounded displeased. He looked at her coldly, his power high above hers.

The tone in his voice contained a coldness that could not be rejected. “Noah, bring her back home. We can’t risk her ruining the Stanton family’s reputation.”

Noah and Jade were taken aback by those words.

Jade still had tears streaming down her face. ‘We’re being chased away just like that? Celebrities from all around the world came to Nicole’s birthday party.

Jade went through a lot of trouble to convince Noah to bring her along to this event so that she could show off her status. She had already been humiliated when she was kicked out of the Stanton Mansion before.

If she got kicked out again this time, she would no longer be able to mingle with the other high-society ladies. “Floyd, just let it pass…”

Noah looked at Floyd in distress. Jade had been with Noah for so many years, yet she had no legal status. Noah did feel guilty for that. Jade pulled Noah’s arm in aggrievedly.

“See? Floyd doesn’t think of me as part of the family. It’s no wonder his children look down on me and can humiliate me casually.

All the years I spent with you are in vain…” Floyd’s cold face became more disgusted.

If not for the fact that there were outsiders around and it would be embarrassing to make a scene and ruin Nicole’s mood, Floyd would have already exploded in anger.

Nicole watched the show from the side with a sneer. She did not care who was around. This was her party, so she did not have to put up with anyone who dared to cause trouble here! Nicole spoke coldly.

“Stop saying Stanton this, Stanton that. We have never thought of you as a Stanton before.

Uncle Noah’s rightful wife passed away a few years ago, and we still pay our respects to our late second aunt every year on her death anniversary. Everyone knows that you’re just a mistress.”

Jade stared at Nicole in disbelief. “She actually dared to voice out such an embarrassing thing in front of so many people on such an occasion?!’ Some people knew about Jade being a mistress, but they did not dare to mention it.

Others did not know about it, so they naturally would not talk about it either. However, now that Nicole said it so openly, everyone knew about it. » “Nicole- “Noah frowned and glared at her with a disapproving expression. << Before Nicole could say anything, Lydia ran over and stood up for her mother.

Nicole, how can you say that? My mom has taken care of Dad for almost ten years. Even if she has no name, she still puts so much effort into their relationship. They’re sincerely in love. If not for…” Lydia paused and glanced sadly at Nicole and Floyd.

“If not for certain reasons, they would’ve been married a long time ago…” Lydia went over and took Noah’s arm pitifully. “Isn’t that right, Dad?” Noah was about to nod, but when he saw Floyd’s cold face next to him, he eventually froze and dared not respond. Jade looked at her daughter who stood up for her and felt heartbroken.

Thus, she thought of taking this opportunity to clear her name. After all, so many people were watching. This was a rare chance.

“That’s right. You don’t understand at all, Nicole. When I was with your Uncle Noah, I experienced many difficulties… Compared to your second aunt, I…” Nicole interrupted her words coldly.

Compared to my second aunt? What are you comparing? Your age, or who’s more shameless?”

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