The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 252

Chapter 252 She’s Like a Little White Rabbit

As soon as the words were spoken, the hall was plunged into pin-drop silence. The next second, a thunderous commotion instantly erupted! The barrage on the internet was even more intense.

PMO C (Holy sh*t! What kind of reversal is this?] be lovelorn! (I thought I was President Nicole, marry me!) (Aaaaaaaahhhh!!! Nicole has three godly brothers! Why don’t I have any?!] (I thought that there wouldn’t be a bigger secret after it was revealed that Kai was a Stanton.

How did the Stantons churn out so many elites in the various industries?] (The Great God Maverick was actually from a rich and influential family? No sit one knew from how low-key his background was!) (He could’ve just relied on his family, but he decided to make a mark on his own instead.]

(Our Fabian still has a chance! President Nicole, please remember to think of him… ] Inside the venue, everyone’s voices covered the original purpose of the meeting, and the conference was extended for more than half an hour.

Gerard Lichman tugged on Eric’s sleeve and refused to let go. “Did you hear that?” ” “ Eric snapped back to his senses, Of course, he heard it. Nicole’s voice echoed in his head.

It was like a loop, playing over and over again without stopping.

Maverick was a Stanton. He was Nicole’s brother.

Eric should have guessed it since Maverick seemed so familiar with Nicole… On the surface, Eric looked calm and poised, but his emotions inside could not help but jump in excitement.

His anger almost rushed to his head earlier. WOND Gerard’s tone sounded sarcastically regretful. “What a prise, huh? They’re It seems like President actually siblings.

I. Prise, Nicole’s type isn’t the Great God Maverick all The corners of Eric’s mouth curled slightly, emphasizing his angular jawline and giving him a reserved and noble aura.

“Nicole has always had high expectations ‘Otherwise, how would she have liked me in the first place…’

At those words, Gerard no longer wanted to talk to him. ‘Is he just complimenting himself in a roundabout manner? Unfortunately for him, Nicole’s tastes have since changed…’

After the press conference, Nicole and Maverick sent the people away politely.

The reporters gained a lot to Not only did they see Eric’s rare smi but Maverick’s appearance was also a pleasant surprise.

INFO VA Norte Gerard and Eric said goodbye at the door. Gerard’s assistant urged him repeatedly, but he simply watched as Eric kept glancing at the time.

He did not look like he was in a hurry and was still quite leisurely. His eyes swept over to Nicole, who was handling the remaining matters in the venue. Her clean-cut and refreshing dress was indeed eye-catching.

Gerard smiled faintly and let out a soft sigh. “Unexpectedly, Nicole managed to solve such a tricky matter so easily.

Although they figuratively broke their own arm, they managed to nail in Stanton Corporation’s good reputation.

It’s a beautiful win! Nicole’s the only crafty little fox who can come out unscathed from the ruthless business world Eric’s eyes sunk slightly as his expression seemed to become somewhat discontented.

His voice was low and husky. “She’s clearly a little white rabbit.” I have no In his view, Nicole’s methods were still too soft.

Although everything was handled properly, the top management in Jericho City had to take full responsibility, not just pay monetary compensation.

Gerard’s mouth twitched as his eyes flashed. He was slightly speechless. Nicole walked over with a professional and polite smile.

There were no extra emotions on her face. She did not even glance at Eric and spoke directly to Gerard. “This matter will soon pass. I’m truly sorry for the trouble we caused you.”

Gerard raised his eyebrows, unconcerned. “It’s fine as long as the matter is resolved. Go job, President Nicole. Today’s news should be enough to bring Stanton Corporation’s falling stock price back to the top.

Congratulations…”! Wanted There on He was referring to the announcement of Maverick’s identity. Nicole smiled. “It’s a win-win situation. Congratulations to you too, President Lichman.”

“It’s getting late. I still have work to do, so see you soon.” Gerard nodded slightly and glanced at Eric before turning to leave. Eric looked at Nicole.

Her gestures were graceful and elegant, and she looked at him with a polite but fake smile. His heart sank slightly.

“Mr. Ferguson, I would also like to thank you for having Mr. Lichman inform me about what happened in Jericho City.” World anaver Nicole was the first to speak.

Eric hesitated slightly. “How do you intend to thank me?”

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