The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Some Kind of Relationship

When Nicole heard her name. she froze
for a moment. She did not want to have
anything to do with Eric Ferguson.

this situation was out of her control and
she felt everyone’s eyes on her at this
The awkward relationship between them
after their divorce added to the mystery 0
f this coincidental cooperation.
Eric also did not expect this Without a
doubt, this was Gerard’s doing.
Nicole was still in a pickle when Eric
walked to her. He was exuding a cool
aura as he bent slightly and reached out.

inviting Nicole to the dance floor.
everyone eyes were focused on the pair

There was no way Nicole could reject
Eric’s invitation because she did not want
to leave a negative impact at the
beginning of their three-way cooperation.

Grant gave his baby sister a heartfelt
look. Nicole smiled faintly, then stretched
out her hand to take Eric’s.
The people in front of them consciously
made way for the pair. Nicole carried her
dress with her other hand and walked
forward without looking at Eric. Eric’s
palm was slightly cold. At that moment, h
e suddenly realized that in their three
years of marriage, they had never held a
wedding ceremony and he had never
taken the initiative to hold her hand. This
was the first time they held hands.

Nicole’s lingers were long and beautiful,
like a work’of art. Her hand was warm
and delicate, and he immediately etched

this feeling in his heart.
The band began the next song at the right
time. The refreshing and cheerful music
echoed in the banquet hall.
The moment Nicole’s hand landed on
Eric’s shoulder, their eyes met
momentarily. Eric’s dark and deep gaze
was affixed to her face. When his hand
rested on her slim waist, Nicole’s body
stiffened for a moment as she felt very
The two of them had never been this
close in their three years of marriage.
Being here like this after the divorce was
also really unexpected.
Nicole merely took a few seconds to
regain her composure. She then put a
fake and indifferent smile on her face.
Their good footwork, confident posture.

kind humility, completely captured
‘audience’s eyes while the music from the
center of the stage drowned out their
‘Can’t dance, huh?‘ The man’s deep and
clear voice was very seductive
Nicole raised an eyebrow. “Depends on
the person.”
She was straightforward and unforgiving.
Eric’s eyes sank imperceptibly. The two 0
fthem moved back and lorthr The music
took a steep turn and the rhythm
gradually quickened. The man tightened
his grip on her hand and her slender waist.
‘Why didn’t I know that you know how to d
o business? ls it Stanton Corporation’s
idea to cooperate with Gerard Lichman, o
r is it yours?’
Nicole did a graceful turn and the two

came together again.
‘There’s a lot you’re not aware of, and I
don’t have to tell you anything.’ The
corners of her lip curled up gently with a
hint of mockery.
In their three years of marriage, he never
thought to understand her as his wife, so
what was the point of telling him anything
after their divorce?
To him, Nicole was just a passing
character in the past three years, but for
Nicole, this was an unforgettable lesson.
The light shone on the pair. Eric was as
handsome as usual. His tall upright built
made every woman marvel at him
Nicole’s dress swayed with every step
she took. Her graceful posture and her
striking features stunned the crowd. If
time froze at this moment, one could see
the people in the hall gasp collectively

AII eyes were on these two people. Their
movements clearly matched tacitly. but
the pair had no intention for interaction.
To be precise, Nicole had no intention of
dealing with Eric She Only wished 70f lhl$
song to finish quickly because being so
close to Eric Ferguson made her very
Eric’s gaze felt like thorns on her lace as h
e quietly inspected her. The music took a
turn into the final section.
Eric leaned his body forward while Nicole
took a step back and lifted her head to
end the dance. Her long and slender neck
curved delicately. when the song was
about to end, Nicole subconsciously
straightened her back, but she did not
expect Eric not to take a step back.
lips unexpectedly touched. One was

soft and delicate, and the other was cold
-and thin.
The last note dragged on before it
stopped abruptly as |f it reflected the
freezing of time at this moment…

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