The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Ugly Past

Ian Carter looked extremely shocked. He
caught onto the main point. “Kiss your
brother? Haha…stop daydreaming.
Nicole’s not crazy or stupid, so why would
she looks for a i*ckboy?”
“If you don’t believe me, ask anyone here.
Everyone saw it!“ Ingrid argued.

Her friends hesitantly nodded their heads.
Ian dismissed them without a second
thought. “Why should I ask the people
you’re colluding with? Do you think I’m
Ingrid’s face turned red with anger. “It’s
true anyway! Nicole, you don’t dare admit it?
My brother only cares about Wendy.
You exist only because you can give her a

blood transfusion. Stop your wishful

thinking that you can still marry into our
family. We will never accept you!”
She knew that Wendy was a thom in
Nicole’s heart. Every time this name was
mentioned, it made Nicole feel twice as

However, in front of others, Nicole faintly
hooked her lips and laughed lightly. She
coldly swept a glance at the girls behind
‘The whole world knows about your
brother’s affair with Wendy Quade. Ms.
Ferguson, your words only confirmed the
fact that he cheated during our marriage.
You should’ve spoken out sooner.”
ingrid’s face turned pale. She sneered in
anger and furiously pointed at Nicole. She
insulted Nicole without holding back.

‘Don’t you guys know who she ls?
Whatever she’s wearing, eating, and using
now is given to her by the men she slept
with. Do you honestly think that she’s a
daughter from an affluent family?’
The atmosphere was slightly cold.
lngrrd’s outburst not only alarmed the
people near the railing on the second
floor but also startled many others who
looked over one after another.

However, Nicole frowned slightly with a
cold expression. She did not have any
obvious mood fluctuations.
It was as if she was merely a bystander
watching this farce
“Nicole IS a poor wretch that doesn’t even
have a penny on her! When she was still
married to my brother, she’d reach out to
beg my brother for money to spend. She’s

Just a maid in our house, doing the
laundry. cooking. cleaning, and even
landscaping! Whenever she comes back to our villa, our maids would take a day
off Hahahaha. My brother didn’t marry a
wife He married a maid‘ She’s even
worse than a maid!”
lngrid laughed unrestrainedly and tried to
expose Nicole’s most unknown and
vulnerable side. Stripping NiCO|8 of her
glory to reveal her miserable and bleak
“Ingrid Ferguson!”
A cold, stern voice suddenly came from
behind her lngrid’s laughter stopped
abruptly as she looked back in shock
She did not know when Eric had been
standing there. His face was extremely

glum. Ingrid subconsciously took a step
back and her face was miserably white
Quinn had already warned the maids in
the Ferguson Villa. so they would never
talk about what kind of life Nicole led
while she lived with them. Thus, Eric
would never get the chance to know
because Nicole would never tell him.

Ingrid just felt like biting off her tongue at
the moment. She had lost her mind and
blurted out how they treated Nicole when
she was staying with them.
‘If Brother finds out… Forget it. So what if
he finds out? He doesn’t even like this
woman. They’re divorced!‘
Ingrid took a deep breath. She still had to
maintain her Young Lady Ferguson image
in front of her groupies.
“Brother, I’m just teaching her a lesson.

This woman tried to seduce you…”
“Oh, quit the act…”
Ian, who was standing on the side, could
not help but sneer and interrupt Ingrid’s
words He was shaking with anger and
wanted to beat Enc Ferguson up.

‘ls this how the Fergusons treated our
precious Miss Stanton that we coddled
and pampered?‘
“Ms. Ferguson, you still have the audacity
to flaunt such repulsive acts everywhere
like they’re such glorious deeds? It’s
Nicole’s lifetime of bad luck that she was
blinded and married into your family!”

Ian’s voice was cold as he stood
protectively in front of Nicole. Nicole’s
rash decision and three years of
recklessness should not be talked about
and ridiculed!

‘You… What’s the relationship between”
you two? Tell us the truth. Did you have an affair with Nicole long ago before
Nicole and my brother got divorced…‘?”
Ingrid still did not forget to hurl mud at
“Ingrid Ferguson! Shut up!“
Eric Ferguson yelled at her and could feel
his blood boiling. Hrs heart clenched so
tightly that it was hard to breathe.

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