The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Sorry

Nicole was unhappy when she learned
that Eric Ferguson was personally in
charge of this project. She did not want t
o deal with this man, but it was inevitable
that they would meet and talk during the
“How annoying.
The next morning, Nicole went to J&L
Corporation with her team Gerard
Lichman came to receive them and
wanted to take them to the research lab.
Seeing the latest research and
achievements in the lab would give the
people of Stanton Corporation an
authentic experience of their research

Nicole and Gerard were walking while
talking. Before they reached the entrance
of the lab, a small thing scampered out of
nowhere to them. Someone from behind
let out a cry of alarm. “Careful!”
On closer look, it was a fat tiger with
pointed ears and whiskers. It was small,
adorable, and so lovable. The little tiger
only reached Nicole’s ankle and was very
furry. Besides its stripes, it did not have
any semblance of a fierce and majestic
Everyone was shocked when they saw
this little tiger. Nicole froze and was so
startled that her heart skipped a beat.
She then took a step back.
However, this “tiger” rammed into
Nicole’s shoes and rolled on the ground i
n pain. “Ouch…” It crawled back up
clumsily and rubbed its head at Nicole’s

feet. It then shook its head and looked up
at her.
This action and appearance resembled a
tiger cub that was spoiled, lazy, and
curious about everything. Nicole felt the
urge to kidnap it.
The “tiger” blinked and shook its whiskers
on its cheeks. It stretched out a front paw
from its chubby little body to touch the
spot on Nicole’s right foot that it had just
bumped into like it was wiping off some
non-existent stains.
Nicole patted her chest and took a deep
breath, then rubbed her eyes in disbelief.
“What a pretty lady!” The tiger had the
voice of a three or four-year-old boy.
Her eyes widened in shock. “This tiger
speaks English?!”
‘No, wait… Why would there be tigers

here? How can an endangered animal
appear here?!
Gerard could not help but laugh lightly.”
Sorry for scaring you.”
He looked down and said in a gentle
voice, “You should apologize for scaring
our guests.”
The “tiger” once again rubbed its head on
Nicole’s feet and sounded aggrieved as it
said, “I’m sorry… Please forgive me. I just
look fierce, but I’m actually very gentle…”
It spoke so naturally that it was no
different from human speech. Its
movements also did not make any
mechanical sound. If it had not spoken,
Nicole would have thought that it was a
real tiger!
Her heart melted from its cuteness.
The crowd was shocked as they watched

on the side. Nicole squatted down in
amazement and looked into the tiger’s
eyes. Although this was a model of a
tiger, its eyelashes and pupils had the
luster and characteristics of a real animal
that could change with the light. It could
certainly be mistaken as a real tiger cub,
but upon closer inspection, Nicole could
see a speck of infrared light in its
“This is our experimental team’s latest
specimen. They’re currently researching
pet companions to relieve boredom. It
usually doesn’t run around like this.
Someone must’ve left the door open, so it
took the opportunity to slip out.” Gerard
sighed helplessly
“Is this also part of our project?” Nicole
asked excitedly. ‘If so, what a pleasant

Gerard hesitated and said, “No, it’s still
not mature enough and there are many
questionable factors, so it’s not suitable t
o be rolled out into the market yet.”
“It’s so cute! I want to adopt one!” The
group gathered around.
“Me too…”
“The cost of this tiger is comparable to
buying ten shopping malls in West City. W
e use very high-grade materials from all
over the world. Even if we were to
compromise on various factors, it’ll be
hard to achieve mass production.”
The crowd bemoaned the fact that this
cute tiger turned out to be a gold mine
that they could never afford.
‘No wonder it didn’t look anything like a
machine! Amazing!

When Nicole heard that it would not be
mass-produced, she felt a little
disappointed. This robot could
communicate with people and could
replace pets without the hassle of
feeding, discipline, sickness, and death. It
could even become a great companion in
life. If such a product were to be released,
it would certainly shock the entire
Gerard could see through Nicole’s
thoughts and felt regretful as well. “Let’s g
Nicole looked at the “tiger” with fondness,
but the tiger suddenly laid on the ground
with its belly up trying to get Nicole to
play with it. “Pretty lady, I want a hug!”
Seeing this, Nicole could not help but
laugh. She looked at Gerard and he
helplessly glanced at the little tiger before

he nodded in agreement.
Nicole carefully stretched out her hand.
The tiger was very nimble as it jumped
into her arms. It was about the size and
weight of a cat and could easily be held b
y both hands. It was fluffier and softer to
the touch than Nicole imagined. The tiger
also rubbed its head on Nicole’s chest
and nestled in her arms comfortably. It
had a lazy face and even squinted its
eyes in enjoyment. It was so cute that
everyone’s hearts melted.
“Little Tiger, you’re so cute.” Nicole could
not resist talking to it.
“I agree…” The little tiger looked so proud
and lowered its head to snuggle on
Nicole’s palm
A female colleague next to Nicole came
over. “Little Tiger, are all tigers just as
cute and cuddly as you are?”

The little tiger rolled its eyes. “Please
select an animal mode. Do you agree to
switch to the fierce tiger mode?”
It even deliberately emphasized the word ”
The female colleague rubbed her hands
and saw that Nicole and Gerard had no
intention to object, so she excitedly said,
The little tiger turned its head and
twitched its eyebrows. “Roar…”
The crowd was puzzled.
“Roar… Roar…”
Everyone was speechless.
“Roar roar roar…”
The little tiger’s voice was not fierce or
scary, but cute as hell!

Everyone thought that it was speaking”
“I think it’s better to switch back to the
original mode..” Another person
Gerard could not help but laugh. Seeing
everyone’s incredulous expression,
Gerard reached out and touched the little
tiger’s chubby neck. “Stop fooling
He then looked at everyone and said, “Its I
Q is very high and was just teasing you
The people who were fooled by a tiger did
not know how to react.
The little tiger rolled around in Nicole’s
arms like a pampered baby. “Everyone
likes me…”

The crowd’s mood changed from shockt
o admiration and finally envy. Everyone
stared at the precious treasure in Nicole’s
hand and was afraid that this costly item
would fall. However, it seemed to be
asleep and even snored lightly.
This tiger was truly a wonder!
Gerard led the way and brought the group
into the core research area.
J&L Corporation was truly worthy of
being at the top of the artificial
intelligence field domestically. Their
focus was implementing artificial
intelligence in various areas that would
aid and make a huge impact on people’s
quality of life. They covered all areas,
from autonomous driving to nanny bots,
smart homes, robot doctors, and other
unexpected aspects of life.

Nicole was increasingly amazed the more
she explored. It was the right decision to
choose J&L Corporation as a partner.
While everyone was looking around,
Gerard took Nicole to the other side of
the lab and went into an oval-shaped
The people inside stood up and nodded i
n greeting. Gerard gestured for them to
sit down. “Go on.”
A man came in through the side door. A
staff made him stand in a designated
position and said, “Start stripping.”

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