The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Undermine Her

The meeting room was dead silent for a
full minute.
Micah Zielinski’s face was red and did
not expect that Nicole would turn the gun
on them. He said, “It’s not…”
Nicole interrupted him without a care. “I
believe that you’ve all received notice this
morning that I’m managing everything in
the company in Mr. Stanton’s absence.
I’m in charge of this project, so from now
on, if you don’t want to be a part of it,
hand me your letter of resignation
immediately. Your positions will be
replaced by your deputies. I will explain
everything to Mr. Stanton.”
The people in the room were shocked
and silenced. They had all stepped overeach other to climb to their department
head positions and their deputies were
eyeing their spots. It was a sought-after
position, so no one dared to act rashly at
this moment
Although they could not stand the fact
that Nicole had parachuted into her Vice
President position, they could all tell how
much Grant Stanton supported her since
the first day she arrived. They knew that
they could not afford to offend Nicole.
They all began to regret getting incited by
Micah Zielinski to pull Nicole off her high
The air in the conference room was cold
and suffocating. No one dared to make a
sound. Micah Zielinski also felt that he
had lost the momentum as no one dared t
o make things difficult for Nicole at this

“Planning Department, can you come up
with the proposal by today?”
The Head of the Planning Department,
Don Smith, was named and raised his
head sharply. “Yes, Vice President Nicole.
The Planning Department will come up
with the best plan in the fastest time
possible immediately after this meeting.
We certainly won’t delay the project’s
Those who had climbed to these
positions were all old-timers who were
shrewd and adaptable.
Since Nicole gave them a chance, they
would take it. Otherwise, it would be their
Nicole nodded in satisfaction and looked
at the others. Her voice was not as stern
anymore. “What about the other

“We’ll research it immediately. We won’t
let the company down!”
“Yes, same here.”
“Of course, we’ve been prepared for this a
long time ago. We’ll do a good job!”
Everyone’s declaration of support
instantly eased the atmosphere in the
meeting room. Nicole did not look so ice-
cold anymore and resumed her gentle
temperament as they continued the
They were in fact all well prepared for the
meeting. After all, they were all capable
and sensible enough to manage their
respective departments in such a large

Micah Zielinski and Samantha Lindt, who
had been deliberately neglected, sat on
the side with glum faces.
Nicole did not care about them because
their days in the company were
numbered anyway
Towards the end of the meeting, Nicole
saw that it was almost time and said,”
Although the core research team is from J
&L Corporation, we must also be
prepared. I’ve previously discussed this
with Mr. Lichman. Even though we won’t b
e involved in the development of the core
technology, he has agreed for us to send
over two researchers to participate in the
later development. We’ll provide two of
our best-performing and reliable staff, so
let’s start looking for suitable candidates.
HR should pay more attention to this as

Nicole was very satisfied with today’s
meeting. At the end of the meeting,
everyone wanted to stay and talk to her
for a few minutes to build a closer
relationship. Nicole responded to every
one of them and smiled warmly, so much
so that she seemed like a completely
different person from her stern and cold
persona earlier.
Logan hurriedly came over and whispered
in her ear. “Vice President Nicole, the
Chairman of Ferguson Corporation is
Nicole raised an eyebrow. ‘That’s quick…
Turns out Old Master Ferguson is more
fretful than I imagined…’
After all, Old Master Ferguson was the
Chairman of Ferguson Corporation, so
Nicole could not ignore him out of
respect for their company’s relations.

Nicole nodded and left the conference
“Is he waiting in the guest lounge?” Nicole
Logan shook his head. “He went straight t
o your office.”
Nicole was slightly surprised, but she
knew that Old Master Ferguson only
came for the emerald pipe that was now
with her.
She lowered her head and laughed, then
pushed the door in. However, she did not
expect Ingrid Ferguson to be sitting next t
o Old Master Ferguson.
“Rude! How can you come in without
knocking first?” Old Master Ferguson sat
upright on the sofa and looked at the
woman at the door with a cold face.
‘Is he trying to undermine me? I’ve just

gone through this sh*t in the meeting and
have to bear with this again?’
“Chairman Ferguson, I never knock when
I come into my office.”

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