The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 68

Chapter 68 What if We Get Back Together?

Nicole glanced at Logan, who also looked
surprised, which meant that he was also
unaware of Eric Ferguson’s attendance.
The two of them looked at each other.
Nicole then walked in with a smile as she
looked at Gerard Lichman. She spoke
casually. “Is this a set-up?”
Gerard shrugged his shoulders. He
looked at Eric, then at Nicole.
“Vice President Nicole, I had no choice.
Please forgive me for being
presumptuous. Let me just clarify that I
will remain neutral and will never interfere
in the matters between you both. To
express my sincere apology, when you’re
done talking, I’ll bring you to visit our

newly established research lab. I’m sure
you’ll be very interested in it.”
‘Interested? Indeed.’ Nicole thought.
However, she still felt annoyed that she
had been deceived.
Nicole expressionlessly retracted her
gaze and looked at Eric with a slight
frown. “Mr. Ferguson, if this is because of
that pipe, there’s no need to waste your
‘Will they ever stop pestering me? My
time is very precious, alright?’
“Nicole.” Eric looked at her with deep
eyes. After a pause, he continued, “I know
that my grandfather went to see you
today and said a lot of unpleasant things.
Don’t take it to heart.”
He knew that Nicole did not care for his
apology and that it was futile. A simple”

sorry” could not wipe away all that heowed her in the past three years.

Nicole lifted her eyes and thought that it
was strange because Eric seemed a little
weird today
“Is that all?” She was getting impatient.
Eric was silent for a second before he
spoke again. “That tobacco pipe is
useless to you. If you were just
deliberately trying to anger them, you’ve
already succeeded. After your anger has
subsided, please return it to my
grandfather. As I mentioned before, you
can state whatever conditions you like.”
The atmosphere was silent for a
moment. Nicole hooked her lips.
“Hah! When other methods didn’t work, he
decides to go down the emotional route?
His purpose is to get back the emerald

pipe. It looks like that stupid pipe is really
important to them…’
Gerard could not help but crack a joke to
break the silence.
“Whatever conditions? If she wants to get
back together with you, are you willing to
do so?”
The other three people in the room were
stunned, and Logan could not help but
subconsciously look at Eric.
Eric’s eyes sank and he frowned slightly.
The atmosphere was silent and still.
Just when Gerard regretted saying this,
Nicole let out a light laugh. Her voice was
clear, cold, and indifferent.
“Get back together? There’s no need to
assume because it’ll never happen in this
life. Someone like Mr. Ferguson should
marry someone from the same social

status. Why would he compromise on his
own marriage?”
Eric’s brow was tightly knitted when he
heard this and wanted to say something,
but Nicole continued, “But…”
She paused and hooked her lips into a
faint smile.
“But if you must have this emerald pipe,
the conditions can still be negotiated.”
Nicole seemed to have thought of a
perfect condition.
Eric raised his head. “What is it?”
It seemed that he would agree to
whatever she requested.
Nicole swept a glance at Gerard. “Can we
have the room?”
Gerard froze. “Of course.”

He straightened his tie and walked out
without hesitation.
Whenever Eric and Nicole were in the
same space, the atmosphere was
extraordinarily awkward. If Eric did not
force him to invite Nicole to dinner in his
name, he was very reluctant to put these
two exes together because he did not
know how to deal with these majesties.
After all, Gerard did not want Eric and
Nicole’s problem to affect their three-way
Logan was also sensible to leave the
With only the two of them left in the
room, Eric waited silently for Nicole to
speak, but she did not seem to be in any
When Eric heard Gerard’s proposal of

remarrying Nicole, he surprisingly did not
feel like it was an absurd idea. Anyway,
they had been married once, so he did
not mind getting married to her the
second time. If they were to get back
together, he would treat her better too.
However, Nicole was not willing. Nicole
walked to the sofa on the side and sat
down, then picked up a box of cigarettes
on the table and skilfully lit one. She
gently inhaled and exhaled a beautiful
smoke ring. Seeing her slender fingers
holding a cigarette, Eric felt a little
uncomfortable, but she did so with such
grace and charm.
Eric’s eyes sank slightly. “You actually
learned to smoke?”
In his impression, Nicole was a gentle
and well-behaved woman that did not
have any bad habits.

However, the woman in front of him
looked so skilled and natural in her
movements that showed that she had
been smoking for quite some time now,
yet he was not aware.
Looking at Eric’s surprised face, Nicole
smiled. Her smoking hand tapped lightly o
in the sofa. “Yes, I learned it three years
Three years ago was when they just got
In other words, she had learned to smoke
at the beginning of their marriage.

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