The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 72

Chapter 72 You’re Mine Now

On the screen was a photo of Nicole’s
second brother receiving a prize in
Switzerland. At the age of seventeen,
Maverick received the Breakthrough Prize
and had since leaped to fame as the top
scientist in the physics world. He was a
genius that countless countries
desperately wanted to hire. In this photo,
Maverick looked clean-shaven and fresh
with a warm sunny smile.
“You know him too?!” Molly Stewart ran
over to Nicole in excitement. Her eyes
were sparkling with admiration. “He’s my
idol. I love him so much! If I get to see
him in person, I can just die without
Nicole was silent. Her second brother

was indeed very sought after in the
industry, but he had a weird temper. He
did not like girls being around him, so
much so that her father was worried that
her second brother would end up alone
for life.
Molly excitedly shared all of Maverick’s
achievements with Nicole and pulled her
arm. “Don’t you think that he’s
handsome? He’s hands-down better than
any movie stars out there! I wonder
what’s beneath those clothes…”
Nicole paused and pursed her lips, then
muttered, “He’s alright…”
Maverick often walked around bare-
chested at home when he was young. He
had a good figure, but compared to her
big brother and third brother, Maverick
was only considered average.
“How do you know?” Molly looked at

Nicole in disbelief. “Do you know him?!”
Nicole was stunned and thought.’
Wouldn’t it be interesting if Molly went
after Second Brother…?’
She smiled cheekily and said, “I have his
phone number. Do you want it?”
Molly was stunned. “Are you serious?!”
Nicole took out her phone and video-
called Maverick in front of Molly. He was
abroad and looked like he just woke up
because his hair was messy when he
appeared on the phone screen.
Molly covered her mouth and squealed.
She took a step back and even twirled
around in excitement.
“Nicole? What’s up? I’ve been so busy
lately that I didn’t have time to contact

Nicole smiled and said, “Nothing much,
just wanted to see you. I have a friend
who’s a big fan of yours. Can you give her
an autograph?”
Maverick hesitated for a while and
reluctantly nodded, “Okay, just one.”
Nicole hung up the phone in satisfaction
and looked at Molly’s gleeful face. She
could not help but laugh. “I’ll give it to you
when I get my hands on it.”
Molly tried to control her excitement and
went up to pull Nicole’s hand. “OMG! I
can’t believe I just saw Maverick’s
sleeping face?!”
Nicole was speechless.
“Can I please have his phone number? Is
that okay?” Molly looked at Nicole with
pleading eyes and put her hands together
in a begging gesture. She blinked her big
round eyes and said, “What do you want i
in return? Do you want this stupid tiger?”
Molly pointed at the little tiger in Nicole’s
arms. She looked expectant and scared,
afraid that Nicole would reject this trade-
Nicole froze and looked up in surprise.
“Are you willing to give it to me? Will
Gerard agree to it?”
“Of course! Why won’t I be?!” Molly
smiled excitedly and spoke decisively.”
This tiger is mine, not Gerard’s, so he
doesn’t have a say in it.”
“Great! It’s a deal!” Nicole adored this
little tiger. The first time Nicole saw it,
she was too shy to ask for it.
Nicole quickly gave Maverick’s phone
number and social media handles to
Molly, who was so grateful that she

hugged and kissed Nicole on the cheek.”
Nikki! You’re the best! I love you so much!”
The little tiger was discontented and
pushed away Molly’s hand that was on
Nicole’s arm, then spoke aggrievedly.”
Don’t touch my pretty lady! She’s mine!”
Nicole laughed and stroked the little
tiger’s head. “From now on, you’re mine
The little tiger happily shook its
shoulders. “I like you! Take me home!”
“Does it need to be charged?”
Nicole had to ask for tips to better care
for this little tiger
Molly was not in the mood to explain and
waved her hand. She was busy looking at
her phone, waiting for Maverick to accept
her friend request. “Just ask it. It knows
itself well!”

Nicole touched the little tiger’s furry back
and asked with a surprised tone, “Really?!
You know everything?”
The little tiger proudly straightened its
back and rubbed its head on her palm. “Of course! I know everything!”

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