The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Beat People up Personally

Samantha’s body stiffened. She then
raised her head in shock and glared at
Nicole angrily. Her voice was shrill and
“Nicole! Are you crazy?”
The two young ladies next to Samantha
were also mad at Nicole and tried to
stand up for Samantha.

“Nicole, don’t you know where this is? Do
you even deserve to be here?”
“That’s right! You’re not welcome here! I’ll
get the security guards to kick you out!”
Nicole did not care for these two idiots
and stared at Samantha coldly. “You
didn’t think of this scenario when you
slandered me?”

Samantha was stubborn. “Who slandered

you? Everyone knows what you did!”
Nicole hooked her lips and pushed
Samantha back to a wall with one hand.
When Samantha tried to struggle, Nicole
put one arm across her neck and said in a
in extremely cold voice, “Samantha Lindt,
you should own up to your actions. I
prepared a big return gift for you.”

Samantha saw disdain in Nicole’s eyes.
The corners of her lips trembled as she
lowered her voice and said, “The
recording with Chairman Zeller doesn’t
mean anything. Anyone will encounter
such things in the workplace, so this
won’t hurt me. Nicole, you’ll never get rid
of me as a rival!”
Nicole withdrew her gaze and raised her
eyebrows. “Oh? But you’re not even
qualified to be my rival.”

As soon as Nicole finished her sentence,
a shocked cry suddenly came from the
banquet hall.
“Isn’t that Samantha Lindt?!”
“That’s Samantha Lindt from Stanton
Corporation! She’s been mingling in our
circle lately…”
“Who’s that? That’s Micah Zielinski, right?
Mrs. Zielinski, isn’t that your husband?”

Soon after, they heard intermittent voices
coming from the banquet hall.
Samantha’s face instantly turned glum.
She panicked and asked, “What did you do?”
“Tsk tsk… Whoever told you that I only
have one recording of you?” Nicole took a
step back. “Go check out your gift…”
Samantha ran out, but before she could

see what was going on, she was slapped
hard in the face.
“You homewrecker! How dare you seduce
my husband? Shameless b*tch! You
incited me to help you spread rumors
about Nicole but you stabbed me in the
back? I’ll beat you to death today…”

A woman dressed in expensive and
extravagant clothes yelled as she angrily
charged at Samantha. No one nearby
tried to stop the fight.
Nicole laughed. When she arrived earlier,
she had already spotted Micah Zielinski’s
wife. ‘She’s just as hot-tempered as they
Samantha was beaten and did not dare
to fight back. She only covered her face
and whimpered wretchedly.

Overhead on the big projector was an
unseemly video of Samantha Lindt and
Micah Zielinski with their bodies
entangled in the car.
The people around started to watch the
Nicole smiled and turned to look at the
shocked faces of the two young ladies
behind her.

“Now, it’s your turn.”
Those two young ladies were shocked as
they just found out that Samantha was
not a good person. However, they did not
think that Nicole was any better and did
not fear her.
“What do you want to do? Why hasn’t the
security guard come yet? Even if
Samantha Lindt isn’t a good person and
has wronged you, it doesn’t mean that
you’re innocent either!”

“Whether I’m a good person or not is
none of your business. Didn’t your
families teach you basic manners not to
talk behind people’s backs?” Nicole
smirked at them.
“What right do you have to tell us what to
do? Security!” One of them started
shouting impatiently.
Coincidentally, someone walked over
from a distance.

The handsome man with
charming eyes and extremely sexy lips
said, “Why are you calling for security?”
“Second Young Master Carter! This
woman was being rude to us. She even
fought with Samantha Lindt just now.
You have to protect us…” Another woman
They thought that lan Carter, who was a
distinguished Young Master of an

affluent family, was just like them and
would surely be on their side.
lan glanced at them and grunted, then
said in a cold tone. “You asked for it.”
He then reached out to hold Nicole’s
hand and looked at it with heartache ashe chided her in an aggrieved tone. “Why
didn’t you call me to fight for you? How
could you hurt your own hands by beating
people up personally?”

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