The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 84

Chapter 84 She Can’t Be Touched

lan had driven his car to the clubhouse,
but he still insisted on Nicole to drive him
Nicole reluctantly agreed. After they got
into the car, a tall figure blocked the front
hood when they were about to drive away.
lan put away his smile and raised his
eyebrows slightly. “Why is Eric Ferguson
so clingy?”

Eric Ferguson walked right in front of
them unhurriedly without the intention of
giving way. He obviously had something to say.
Nicole was getting impatient. Eric walked
to the car and knocked on her window.
She lowered her eyelids, lightly hooked

the comers of her mouth, then slowly. lowered the car window.

Mr. Ferguson, is there a problem?”Eric’s dark eyes sank as he looked at her profoundly.“Nicole, those two conditions you proposed.*Nicole laughed and interrupted him. “It looks like you’ve made a decision? Which one do you want?”Wendy Quade or the emerald pipe?”Eric’s gaze sank slightly. “Change your condition. Wendy can’t be touched .”When Nicole heard this, her smile stiffened for a moment, She was grateful that they were in a dark environment so that no one could see the gloom on her face.

“Wendy Quade can’t be touched? How precious I she to him? Does WendyQuade have such a special existence in his heart” Nicole thought? Nicole thought that she was over ErcFerguson and that she did not care aboutSuch matters anymore. However, she could still be 5o easily hurt by his simple remark. That numbing dense pain was particularly familiar (o her. She had gotten through this pain with clenched teeth countless times before“The only person Eric Ferguson would illingly hurt has always been me..” Nicole suddenly felt a warm and strong hand holding her right hand tightly. She was stunned for a moment and looked back at lan. lan raised his eyebrows and had a giant n his eyes.

“Mr. Ferguson, it seems that Wendy
Quade is truly special to you. I’m
concerned about your tastes in women. If
I were you, I’d rather blind myself than
take one look at her.”
lan’s words calmed Nicole down. She
paused for a moment to gather her
expression. When she raised her eyes
again, they were filled with coldness. She

“Mr. Ferguson, you still don’t get it, huh? I’m the one calling the shots. I
gave you a choice, so you can only
choose among them and have no right to
change the options.”
Nicole hooked her lips and sneered. She
slowly raised the car window, withdrew
her gaze then stepped on the gas pedal
and drove off into the night.
She did not glance at the man left behind.

“Lil N, look at you! Weren’t you so
confident when you were inside? Why did
you become such a wimp after coming
lan and Nicole grew up together and
knew each other well, so he knew what
she was thinking with just one glance. He
tore down her mask and still did not let go of her hand. The corners of his lips
were still curled up.

Nicole retracted her hand and laughed
self-deprecatingly. “I know I’m a fool…”
lan paused, then reached out to stroke
her head. His voice was gentle as he said,
“Don’t be scared, you still have me,
Nicole smiled, withdrew her thoughts, and
said in an indifferent voice, “How can I be
scared to lose something I never had?

so… I’m not scared of anything.”
She would not give Eric Ferguson a
chance to hurt her again.
‘So he chose Wendy Quade, huh? I guess
his family heirloom will be lost forever…’
Inside the parking lot.
Keith panted as he ran over to the tall and
well-built Eric, who was just standing in
place. He stared at the man strangely.
“Didn’t you come here to try out my new

I’m freezing to death! Why are you
just standing there?”
Eric’s gaze was cold and sullen. “Nothing.”
Keith breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, h
e swept a glance at the car next to him
and saw a dent in the door. He then
squatted down and stroked it, feeling
anxious, angry, and heartbroken at this

He just wanted to jump up and curse at
the culprit
“My beloved car! I only had it for less than
three days… Which son of a b*tch did
this?! I’m gonna kill them!”

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