The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Mind Your Breathing

Wendy Quade looked up and was slightly
stunned to see Nicole upstairs gently
swirling a glass of wine in her hand,
looking very relaxed. However, Nicole did
not bother to look at them and continued t
o watch the models in front of her.
Ingrid and Wendy walked to the stairs but
were stopped by the staff in the store.
“Sorry, the second floor is closed to the

Ingrid was infuriated. “What did you say?
What right do you have to stop us? I’m
your VIP guest, so why can’t I go
upstairs?! Your service attitude is
horrible! Just wait till I file a complaint
against you and make you lose your job!”

The staff smiled and spoke politely, “I’m

sorry, but we have important guests
upstairs that cannot be disturbed. The
first floor is still open for other
customers. If you wish to go to the
second floor, please come again

“No, I have an important event to attend in the evening, so it has to be today!”
Ingrid was a snob and full of herself. I’m
the Young Lady of the Ferguson family!
Who dares to neglect me?’
The staff had a difficult look on her face.”
Ms. Ferguson, I’m sorry, but it’s really not
Wendy pulled Ingrid’s arm from the side.”
Forget it… Perhaps they do have some
important people upstairs… Let’s just stay
on the first floor.”

This was a slap in the face for a snob like
Ingrid. ‘Who dares to offend me in the
whole of Atlanta?’
Ingrid sneered. She shoved the staff
aside and headed upstairs. “I must go to
the second floor! If that guest of yours
doesn’t want to share a space, kick them

The staff could not stop her, so she could
only follow in a panic. “No, Ms. Ferguson
A triumphant smirk flashed across
Wendy’s face.
Nicole noticed the commotion
downstairs and thought, ‘These clowns!’
The store manager also heard the
commotion and glanced at Nicole
apologetically. She walked over intending
to stop Ingrid, but it was too late. Ingrid

had already reached the top of the stairs.
When Ingrid saw Nicole, her face
stiffened. She did not expect that the
important guest was Nicole.
Yvette snorted coldly. “I was just thinking
who that uncivilized person might be…
Turns out it’s Ms. Ferguson. I don’t think
there’s anyone in the entire city that’s as
boorish as her…”
Ingrid was ridiculed and gritted her teeth in anger. “Hmph! So it’s you guys… Did you
buy out the second floor? Why can’t other
people come up?”

“Because we like it. What do you care?”
Yvette raised her eyebrows as she
Nicole shook her wine glass insouciantly. It was a pity that such fine wine and this
wonderful atmosphere were so crudely

Wendy came forward and looked at
Nicole with a smile. “Nicole, it’s been a
long time since we met.”
“Quit that act. Who wants to see you?”
Yvette had the worst impression of
Wendy Quade.
Wendy was such a manipulative two-
faced b*tch that liked to act all innocent to gain everyone’s sympathy. She was the
most wicked person Yvette knew.

Nicole looked down and did not pay any
attention to Wendy. The atmosphere was
awkward for a while. The store manager
saw this and immediately understood
that these ladies knew each other but did
not get along.
“Sorry, these two ladies came upstairs
first. Can you two please wait downstairs

for a moment?”
“Why should we wait?” Ingrid was
dissatisfied and needed to vent her anger
on someone.
It’s all Nicole’s fault that Grandpa is mad
at me for not getting his emerald pipe
back! Brother also didn’t help me
because of her!

“Yeah, we all know each other anyway.
Why don’t we join our sessions since the
models are already displaying the
clothes? This service isn’t usually offered to guests, so it’s just as well we can all
enjoy it. Nicole, you wouldn’t mind, right?”
Wendy’s voice was gentle as she spoke.
The store manager paused and was just
thinking of a way to kick them out when
she heard Nicole’s light laughter.
‘Does she think that I’ll be cordial in front

of everyone, that I’d put up with her like
before? Dream on!’ Nicole thought.
Nicole lifted her head nonchalantly to
look straight at Wendy with a cold gaze.
I do mind… Because your breathing
bothers me.”

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