The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Her Finale

Yvette also looked at Nicole in surprise,
Although Yvette’s gown was also
beautiful, Nicole’s dress made her exude
such glamour and elegance, especially
when she smiled.
Julie’s eyes lit up and immediately told
the makeup artist to complete Nicole’s
look. She then patted Nicole on the
shoulder and said, “You need to be the

She did not even give Nicole a chance to
object and turned to the staff, ordering
them to readjust the sequence.
Nicole was dumbfounded. Yvette laughed
and went up to her. “Yes, that’s great! Our
Nikki Baby should be in the limelight!”
Julie dragged Yvette over. “Don’t think
you can just slack off… You’ll open the

Yvette was puzzled. “Huh?”

Once Julie arranged everything, she left
the coordinator in charge backstage and
went to the front to see the effect of her

The guests had all arrived. After everyone
had exchanged pleasantries, they sat
quietly in their seats and waited for the
opening walk.
Besides the spotlights on the runway, the
surrounding area was dark, so it was
impossible to distinguish people’s faces. I
t was designed as such to ensure the best
experience for the guests as it would deter
guests from talking to each other during
the show.

The music had already begun and
everything was going very smoothly.
Although Yvette was given notice at the
last minute to do the opening walk, she
was not the least bit afraid or worried
about failure due to her innate confidence.

Yvette was beautiful, so the moment she
stepped out onto the runway, she had
already captured everyone’s attention and
caused quite a stir in the crowd below. The
crowd’s amazement at her look and
appraisal of her made Yvette very
satisfied. She then calmly walked off the
Yvette gently swept a glance and saw the
two women sitting in the second row. The

corners of her lips loocked up seductively
before she disappeared backstage.
The audience was nervous, expectant, and
later fascinated by the wonderful theme
that was simply phenomenal.
Everyone held their breaths as they
watched the show and refused to miss any
of the designs.

Yvette skipped up to the second floor to
look for Nicole, whose long hair was
pulled up to reveal her long and slender
neck. She looked so beautiful. Since it was
still too early for her to go onstage, Nicole
was in no hurry.
“Guess who I saw?!”
Nicole gently lifted her chin with a cold
gaze. She had noticed Ingrid Ferguson
and Wendy Quade long ago.
Those two watched the stage excitedly
and probably did not recognize that the
model who had just gone onstage was
Yvette. Otherwise, they would not be so
“Why are they even here?” Yvette looked at them in disdain.

“Whatever. We’ll talk about it after the
show ends smoothly.” Of course, the
show was what mattered most.
After a while, the staff came up to remind
her. “Ms. Nicole, it’s almost your turn.
Please get ready.”
At a dim corner in the venue, Keith
Ludwig came close to Eric Ferguson and
whispered, “You should look up.

show really lives up to its name of being
the trendiest fashion show. It’s so much
more interesting than those international
fashion shows pretending to be high
fashion. The models here are so pretty,
much better than your ex-wife. If you
fancy one of them, just say the word–

Before Keith could finish his sentence, he
looked like he had seen a ghost when he
saw the woman who had just stepped onto
the runway. He rubbed his eyes and froze i
n shock, “That woman is — Nicole?!
Eric subconsciously looked up. He was
shaken for a moment before his gaze was
locked onto that model.

The corners of Nicole’s lips held a faint
smile. Her eyes were cold and elegant. The
blue and purple Baby’s-breath flowers
covered the parts of her body that
protruded in the right places. Her slim
waist and slender figure strutting down
the runway exuded such grace and
grandeur. She was extremely eye-
catching with her incomparable beauty
and fully embodied the magnificence of
the galaxy.

The moment Nicole appeared on the
stage, she stole everyone’s attention. The
audience was so awestruck that they even
breathed carefully. However, Nicole was
calm as she walked down the runway,
stopped for a moment, did a gorgeous
turn, and moved in style.
Julie saw the crowd’s reaction and knew
that she had made the right decision
choosing Nicole for the closing walk!

Only Nicole could display the full
potential of this dress.
From where Ingrid and Wendy were
sitting, they could only see the general
outline of the model’s features and did
not pay close attention to what this

Only Nicole could display the full
potential of this dress.
From where Ingrid and Wendy were
sitting, they could only see the general
outline of the model’s features and did
not pay close attention to what this
woman actually looked like.

Ingrid excitedly tugged on Wendy’s arm.
Wendy, this dress is so beautiful, elegant,
and luxurious! I wanna take a picture with
this model later. Her figure is amazing. Is
she a famous model from abroad? I must
post this on social media!”
That way, those high-society ladies would
believe that she had attended a Share
fashion show!

Wendy frowned and had a complicated
gaze. ‘Was I mistaken? How could Nicole
come to such a high-end private event?
How could she be the model for the finale?
I must’ve been mistaken.

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