The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Talent of Being a Manipulative B*tch

The night sky was getting gloomier. When
Nicole heard those words, she stopped in
her tracks and suddenly felt her blood
drain from her body. Keith’s words
stabbed into Nicole’s heart like a knife,
which made her bleed profusely.

The scars Nicole tried her best to hide
were uncovered, and she could no longer
act as if nothing had happened.
She desperately wanted to forget those
three years, but those people always had to remind her that her existence was
Kai sneered with an extremely dangerous
tone as he said, “Keith Ludwig, are you
even human?”

He knew that Nicole had a bad time while

she was staying with the Fergusons those
three years, but he did not know any
details because his father did not allow
them to inquire about Nicole. Thus, the
Stanton brothers dared not touch this
Now that a glimpse of Nicole’s past

Now that a glimpse Nicole’s past
suffering was brought up, Keith’s words
instantly angered Kai. So, this is how the
princess that we pampered and coddled
all this while was treated?!
Keith was silent for a moment, but taking
care of Wendy Quade was Hendrick’s
dying wish, so of course, Wendy was more

“Are you gonna watch her die? It’s just a
little blood, so why are you so stingy?
Besides, it’s not the first time you gave
blood to her, right, Nicole?”
Eric frowned and his face grew colder.”

Hearing Keith’s words, Nicole smiled and
turned to look at him. Her eyes flashed
with a determined ruthlessness.
She walked up and looked down at Wendy,
who was lying in Eric’s arms, with the
corners of her lips gently hooked.
“Mr. Ludwig, that’s easy to say. It’s just a
little blood, huh?”
Keith was stunned for a moment. His face
paled and felt that something was wrong
with Nicole, but he could not pinpoint it.

“Her life is at stake, so what’s a little
blood?” Keith still argued. ‘Did Nicole
want Wendy to die?’
‘Right… Compared to Wendy, what’s my
pint of blood worth? Shouldn’t I feel
honored to be able to give my blood to her?
Nicole smiled, but it did not have the
slightest warmth and was even cold. She
suddenly lifted her leg and did not
hesitate to kick Wendy’s head wound.

Wendy suddenly screamed. “Ahh!”
Everyone was caught off guard and
shocked by this scene. Keith was startled
and pointed at Nicole with his trembling
hand. “You…”
Eric also did not expect Nicole to suddenly
kick Wendy with such force like it was not

Julie Nixon quickly stepped in to
stand in front of Nicole. However, it was
not to stop Nicole but to prevent Eric and
Keith from retaliating against her.
Wendy’s scab at her head cracked again.
Besides that, she even got a new wound,
only that there was no blood. It was just a
bruise, which looked even worse.

“Eric…” Wendy shrank into Eric’s arms,
looking frightened and miserable.
“Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Ludwig, I need to
make something clear. I’m not a
compassionate person and I don’t care
whether Wendy Quade dies or not… But
one thing’s for sure, I will never give my
blood to this b*tch again.

I’m already
showing a lot of mercy by not bleeding
her dry. If you guys still dare to ask for my
blood, I’ll make sure that I’ll get back
every ounce of blood I’ve ever given her,
with interest.”
Nicole’s words were crisp and clear and
reverberated loudly in the space.
‘Moral kidnapping? I’d rather have no
morals than let them get what they want!’
Eric looked at Nicole and fell silent.

Even he felt uncomfortable hearing Keith’s
words, let alone Nicole.
What obligation did the now divorced
Nicole have to donate blood to Wendy
Keith stood there with a pale face. The
hatred in Nicole’s eyes was clear and
undisguised, which made him a little

Nicole’s gaze swept to Wendy’s face. The
corners of her lips gently hooked up into a
cold arc.
“Unlike someone, I don’t have the talento
f being a manipulative b*tch, but I do
hope that you get to live, Ms. Quade.”

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