THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 3: Truths

THE SILENT ALPHA Free Online Novel

THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 3: Truths

THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 3: Truths

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“What?” I snap, holding on to my sanity by a thread.

“You’re taking her as your Luna?” Christian shrugs unapologetically.

“What I do now is no longer your concern,” he smirks, nodding towards the door.

“See yourself out. Now.”

Vanessa links her arm with Christian’s and mouths a lame apology to me.

My mind fills with a million vile thoughts but I simply bend over into a low bow to hide my tears.

“I wish you two a long and happy reign together,” I whisper coldly, still clutching the stupid rings of our marriage and partnership in my hands.

A tiny part of me hopes this was all just some sick joke he was playing and that he wasn’t really dumping me for my sister but that thought quickly disintegrates when he kisses Vanessa.

To top things off, Vanessa responds to his kiss with a moan, jumping into Christian’s arms and wrapping her legs around his waist.

Tears involuntarily spill from my eyes as I sprint out of the room, unable to stomach them any longer.

I hold back my sobs until I find the guest room and quickly pull out the bag I had hidden in the closet, my throat burning from the find the bag Christian had packed for me still sitting on our bed.I wanted nothing to do with the things he had given me.

Gathering up all the designer clothes and shoes in the bag, I toss it all out the window and into the bushes.



I didn’t give a rat’s ass anymore.I was ready to be free.I begin looking for the rest of my things when the sound of the door opening startles me and I spin around to find Vanessa standing behind me.

My body stiffens with anger and it takes several deep breaths to keep me calm enough to stay still.

“You must be upset,” she says quietly, a tiny smirk lingering on her lips as she dances her fingers across a dresser.

Growing up, we had never been close.

In fact, we were polar opposites and had virtually nothing in common…

but she was still my sister and I would never betray her like this.

How could she possibly do this to me? “But I just wanted to get some things off my chest before you go, ” she adds, perking up a bit.

I don’t respond, turning back to my bag and stuffing my passport, license, and birth certificate inside it.

“I love Christian,” she continues despite my lack of response.

“I always have…and you took him from me the day I introduced you two,” she adds, bitterness lacing her words.

“He was supposed to be with me and you just waltzed right in and took him!” She snaps.

“So and I love each other.” I want to burst into laughter at her last remark.

Just how delusional was she? “We’re getting married in a week and just so we’re clear, you’re not invited,” she shrugs.



“It’s my turn to be loved.Y-You have always been the center of attention, the pride and joy of our family.The one everyone wanted to love and I’ve always just been second best!”

Tears line her eyes as she smiles cruelly at me.

“Well not anymore! I win! I get the prince and you get nothing!”

I stare at her, utterly shocked by her confession because it could not be further from the truth.

Vanessa was the life of the party, the prettier sister, the one everyone was pinning over.

I mean she was Prom Queen for crying out loud! I was the bookworm, the one no one noticed in school while she was adored by everyone.How could she possibly think I could ever outshine her?

“So there it is.That’s all I have to say to you,” she sighs with a smile, seemingly relieved to get this off her chest.

An unbelievable rage boils through my veins as I come to the conclusion that my sister was nothing more than a selfish b***h that I stupidly let into my life.

Gritting my teeth, I nod my head and turn back to packing my bag.

“Okay,” I whisper, tightening my grip on the rings I still held in my hand.

“Well then, I best get going.I wouldn’t want to get in your way any longer.”

“Seriously?” She asks, a bit of suspicion in her voice.

“You’re just going to walk away without a fight?”

“Why would I fight you for him?”



I shrug, zipping my bag shut and throwing it over my shoulder.I close the gap between us, a twisted part of me eager to hurt her.

“But just remember this the next time he sucks on your t**s while you ride him,” I smirk, savoring the shocked look on her face.

“He left me because I couldn’t give him his pup,” I chirp, reaching over to my nightstand and pulling out the bottle of aspirin.

“Not because he loved you more.”

I could see the anger churning inside her and it felt good to get under her skin just this once.

“And if he could leave me, his fated mate, so easily…how quickly do you think he’ll drop you when he gets bored of you too?”

Her eyes narrow to slits at me but I pay her no mind and stare at the bottle in my hands.

As she opens her mouth to speak, I slam the bottle of aspirin against her chest .

“Oh and you’ll be needing these soon…” I smile, batting my eyelashes at her.

“Just be glad we don’t have another sister.”

Islam the door shut as she screams her head off, yelling vile things at me.

Stiffing my laughs, I accidently run right into Christian in the hallway, his cold eyes sending a chill down my spine.

“What did you say to my future wife?” He snarls, gripping my arm in his large hands.

A small whimper escapes my lips as I realize the incredible us.



The rings in my hand feel like hot coal, reminding me just how lucky I was to be free of him now.

He would never hurt me again.

Gathering up what little strength I have left, I harden my face and yank my arm out of his grip.

“Here,” I snarl, slamming the rings to his chest.

“You can pawn them off for all I care.”

“Keep them,”

Vanessa laughs as she enters the hall.

“You’ll need the money more than we do,” she giggles, batting her eyelashes at Christian.

“Maybe buy yourself a vibrator.You seem a little tense.”

I have to bite my tongue to keep myself from lunging at her.I was no longer Christian’s mate and there’s no telling what he’d do to me if I hurt his new Luna.

Christian smirks at her, completely forgetting my existence and pushing me off to the side.

Tears spring to my eyes at how easily he’s forgotten me but I blink them all away, taking advantage of his distraction and making a run for the stairs.

Unfortunately for me, I find Jordan waiting for me at the door, a look of guilt lingering in his dark eyes.


Could I not just leave in peace?




He rubs the back of his head nervously, his eyes roaming around the halls aimlessly.

I wipe the tears from my eyes and straighten my back out.

“I pretend we’re friends anymore.You’re finally free of me,” I say, forcing a smile.

“See ya.”

“I was never pretending, Luna- I mean Nat…” he argues.

“I-I just …Silver Crest is my home.My only home,” he adds quietly.

“I couldn’t possibly leave it all behind.”

I turn my back on him and sling my bag over my shoulder.

“Don’t worry about it.I’ll be fine on my own.I’m not your problem anymore.”

I try to push past him but he grabs my wrist and stops me.

On instinct, I swing my arm around and slap him across the face, catching him completely by surprise.

“Oh, I’m sorry.Did that hurt?” I ask, covering my mouth in false shock before shrugging.

“It’s probably just all in your head.”

“Nat…LH” he stutters, desperately searching for an explanation.

“Save it,”

I snap, putting my hand up in the air to stop him and walking around him towards the door.

“Thanks for being such a pal all these months,” I add.



“I’m so glad this gamma bond meant so much to you.” I turn the knob of the door when I hear his voice again.

“Nat, I-’m sorry…Look, at least let me escort you to wherever it is you’re staying at,” he calls out.

“I’d just like to make sure you’re safe.” at me to stop falling for the lies of a wolf.

Where was all this concern when my husband was cheating on me with my f*****g sister?

“No thanks,” I reply dryly.

“Like I said, I’m not your problem anymore.I can manage on my own.”

And with that, I storm out of the Silver Crest Pack House, determined to never return again.

My taxi awaits outside and I load my bag into the car.

“To the airport please,”

I instruct, handing the driver a wad of cash.

“And not a word to anyone about where you’re taking me.”

“Yes ma’am” he replies, stuffing the money in his pocket.

I stare out the window, watching the pack house turn into a tiny dot in the distance.I could feel the ice engulf my heart, numbing any emotion I could possibly feel.

Istill have the stupid rings in my hand and I roll down the window to throw them out.

It seemed fitting to just toss them out.

They never meant anything anyways.I remove the SIM card from my phone and crush it.



There was no way in hell I would risk Christian tracking me down once he figured out my lie.

At the airport, I buy a ticket to the Midwest, selecting Wyoming as my destination.

I knew no one in the state but I also knew Silver Crest had no allies there.

I would stay there for a bit, retrieve my money, change my name and find someone to help me with the birth of my pup before moving on again.

It was the best I could do while IAs we climb to 10,000 feet, I look out the window, rubbing my flat belly for comfort.

“We’ll be okay, frijolito,” I murmur to myself.

“We’ll be okay.Two months later…

***Christian*** lap my tongue over Vanessa’s cunt, plunging into her tight p***y until she cries out, her moans echoing off the walls.

Her delicious juices flow into my mouth as I take two fingers and rub her clit, working in circular motions until her legs tremble.

“Oh Goddess, Christian!”

She cries out, rolling her hips against me.

I continue flicking my tongue over her slick p***y folds until her throat runs dry from screaming.

Her breaths grow ragged, driving me over the edge and I pull her up and position her beneath me.I ram my c**k into her tightness, watching the top disappear into the wet haven of her p***y.

I roll one of her n*****s between my fingers and her.Her mouth hangs open in delight as I f**k her.



“Want to taste?”

I purr, coating my fingers in her sweet nectar.

She moans a yes and I slip my slick coated fingers into her mouth, watching in pleasure as she licks and sucks her own juices off.

I pump my fingers into her mouth, my c**k growing harder as I finger f**k her.

Her lips form an O as she explodes all over my c**k, her p***y walls gripping me harder until c*m.

Goddess this was heaven.

It’s been two months since Natalia left and what a glorious two months it’s been! Vanessa was a gift, a goddess who lived to please me.

We’ve been f*****g nonstop since her Luna Ceremony and our wedding night.

Of course, not everything was smooth sailing.

My wolf missed his mate and so did the pack.

I never gave an explanation for Natalia’s departure, not that I needed to explain my affairs to anyone but! could sense the pack missed their former Luna.

And I couldn’t lie; a part of me missed Natalia too.

She was a perfect Luna, strong, calculated, and kind to her pack members.

Despite being a human, she could command a room with such ease and she had a certain grace even Vanessa could not emulate.



Too bad she had one fatal flaw.

Vanessa was a good f**k but she was an airhead when it came to with the elders, but being Luna was more than just being a party planner.

I need her to take charge when the warriors and I went on excursions or traveled for pack affairs.I wasn’t too concerned though.

Vanessa would just have to train under my mother as Natalia had.

Soon she would be an even better Luna than her sister and one who could give me an heir.

I needed an heir soon.I was already 26, quite old for an Alpha to still not have a son to whom I could pass my title to.

My father had me before he even took his title! People may think me cruel for casting out Natalia as I did, but what was I expected to do? I had loved my wife.

I had loved her more than I could possibly explain.

And even though she was a lowly human, I was patient with her, even going so far as to let her stay human.

It took a lot of convincing for my father to allow me to keep her as my mate and Luna but it was all under the premise that she would give me my heir.

That was all she had to do.

But as time went on and she produced nothing, I grew angry with her.

I started to resent her for I had invested so much time and energy into being with her.



Why couldn’t she do the same and give me an heir? It was then that I started seeing Vanessa.

She consoled me, telling me Natalia just needed more time.

But as time dragged on with no heir in sight, Vanessa became more than just a person who I could talk to.

It felt like a sin the first few times and my wolf protested heavily but soon the thrill of it took over and I looked forward to my Natalia complained about the pain but a part of me enjoyed inflicting it on her.

She deserved it for failing me.

As I finish licking up Vanessa, I receive a mind link from Derek.

“Alpha, Dr.Lila is here to see you.She says it’s urgent.”

I roll my eyes at the interruption but know better than to keep Dr.

Lila waiting.

She hardly ever came out to the pack house so if she said it was urgent, it was an urgent matter.I climb off my new wife, kissing her lips and promising to return for another round.

Once fully dressed, I head out to my office, the doctor sitting in a chair with a small box in her lap.


I sigh, settling into my seat.

“What can I do for you?”



“Hello Alpha.I apologize for interrupting your day.I just wasn’t sure what else to do,” she replies, tapping her fingers against the box lean back in my chair and wait for her to continue.

“I-I don’t know the circumstances of your divorce nor is it any of my business,” she begins, smiling nervously.

“But I know in her condition, Natalia’s health is still important to you.” I raise an eyebrow at her.

Her condition?

“Care to elaborate, Doc? I’m not sure what you mean,”

I inquire, “Why the pregnancy, Alpha,” she answers, as if that were the most obvious answer.

“I know you’re divorced but surely you care about the health of your first born.”

She shakes the box in her hands.

“These are some prenatal vitamins and medications she’ll need to carry this baby to term.She’s a human carrying an Alpha inside her.She needs to prepare her body for the birth if she wants to survive.I did my research and found several formulas that I feel will make her grow strong enough for the birth.I wanted to mail them to her but then realized I didn’t have her contact information nor an address to which she could receive them.”


I almost laugh, her face lighting up with confusion.

“Doc, you seem to have your patients mixed up here.Natalia can’t have kids.She’s infertile.”

Now it’s her turn to be confused.



“What do mean she’s infertile, Alpha?”

Dr.Lila asks.

I’m starting to get annoyed.

Pregnancy was not a joke and I would make sure Doc knew that.

“She showed me the fertility tests where it clearly states that she’s infertile and will never be capable of conceiving,” I snap, slamming my fist on the desk.

“Not that it’s any of your concern but that’s exactly why we divorced.”

She shakes her head adamantly, as if these facts could be denied.

“I administered the pregnancy test myself, Alpha,” she insists.

“I months along now.”

She pulls out a copy of the pregnancy test and the ultrasound from the box and hands it to me.

“This is the result of the test I gave her two months ago.”

I read over the document three times just to make sure I was understanding it correctly, but it was simply unmistakable.

Natalia was pregnant…and she was carrying our child.

She lied to me! She f****”g lied about her fertility! An unbelievable rage burns inside me.

How could she do this to me? She knew how important a baby was to me! You f****gi***t! Jack growls.



I told you to be patient but you just had to go stick your d**k in that stupid cunt of sister! Now look at what you’ve done.

You’ve sent away my Tiny to birth our pup on her own! I couldn’t even argue with him.I had humiliated Natalia when all she did was do exactly as she was told.

She was going to give me an heir.


I sigh, knowing I had screwed up.

My mate…

My pup Find her! Jack snarls.

Find her and bring her home to me or so help me Moon Goddess, I will destroy everything you’ve built.

I will kill every pack member if I have to, starting with that cunt you call wife now.I knew Jack wasn’t kidding.

He would tear Silver Crest apart for my mistake and I couldn’t let that happen.I dismiss the doctor before They stare at me in fear as I sit at my desk with clenched fists and gritted teeth.

“Find Natalia,” I command, trembling as I shove Jack back into the recess of my mind.

“Your next Alpha is coming.”

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