THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 39: The Race Begins

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THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 39: The Race Begins

THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 39: The Race Begins

***Wyatt (Scarlett Haven Gamma)***

“He is not to say a word to anyone.You understand me? Not a word,”

Alpha Sebastian snarls in my ear as he hands me the tablet with the California Pack Map.

“Keep him silent until he’s brought before me.”

I know better than to question him, so I just nod my head and take the tablet.

In the hall, Caine and my son, Korbin, await my instructions.

“So where exactly does this Alpha live?” Korbin asks as I lead them down to the car.

“My sources tell me the Bay Area,” I reply curtly, not looking forward to this wild goose chase.

Caine is silent as I pull out of the drive and head towards the airport, a feeling of dread settling in my stomach.I don’t know why Sara requested Caine to join me on my mission but I know it can’t be good.I’ll just have to keep a close eye on him and make sure he doesn’t get himself killed.

“So what’s this Alpha like?”

Korbin asks, leaning back against his seat with his arms behind his head.

“Have you met him?”

“I have,” I sigh tiredly, knowing Korbin will be asking a million questions throughout this drive.


Korbin pries, suddenly sitting up straighter towards me, as if paying attention to what I have to say about his older brother ifonly you knew you’ve already met him…



“He’s a man of little words,” I reply carefully.

Neither of them need to know who Zane really is.

At least not yet, anyways.

“What’s the Alpha’s name-”

“Would you quit calling him Alpha?”

Caine snaps, finally fed up with Korbin’s incessant questions.

“I’m the Alpha!”

“Not yet you’re not,”

I retort, glaring at him through the rearview mirror.

“So I suggest you change that tone of yours if you want to remain on this mission.”

“If he is such an Alpha, then why did Dad send him away? If he were a real Alpha, he would have never accepted to part with his pack.He wouldn’t hide away, he would face Ravenstone like a Man!”

“Well, unlike you, Alpha Toran actually does have an interest in your brother,” I reply smuggly, the look of indignation on Caine’s face pleasing me.

“He’s valuable to him.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Caine sneers.

“Nothing,” I shrug nonchalantly.



“Just that your brother is a Purebred Silver wolf… unlike you… and Alpha Toran is no i***t.He knows that a silver wolf like your brother is rare.Purebreds are hard to find, the last known ones being the Altamirano clan of México, a family line which disappeared years ago.Why waste his heir instead?”

“Who do you think you are to speak to me that way?” Caine snarls.

“Your superior,” I reply calmly, his face contorting in anger.

“Listen very carefully Caine, because I’m only going to say this once.You might be the Alpha’s son and a silver wolf, but this is my mission.You were invited to join by your mother.As such, I amin charge and you will not question me on any decisions I make.You will not speak, you will not move, you will not do anything unless I tell you to.Do I make myself clear?”

He only grunts in response, looking out the window to avoid me.I sigh in frustration.

Caine is young and stupid.

The only place he will lead our pack to is to its doom.

Schilling silence fills the car but before long, we find ourselves in the airport searching for our terminal.I hate flying but there’s no way in hell I’m staying in a car with Korbin and Caine for 15 hours.I’d rather die.

“So what’s his gift?”

Korbin hisses as we find our seats by the wings of the plane, Caine upgrading only himself to first class like the prick he is.I only shrug in response.I did not witness Zane’s first shift, so I do not actually know what his gift is.

Traditionally, the first shift is a very important event for a werewolf.

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Not only do you meet your other half, but you also get to communicate with your other pack members at the next full moon.

We call it a Night of Melodies ritual.

As an outcast, however, Zane’s first shift was anything but special.

“Sir are you sure-”

“Are you questioning my decisions again, Wyatt?” Sebastian snarls.

His voice deepens when I shake my head.

“Then take him to the cabin by the waterfall and leave him there for his shift.Bring him back next week.”

“You intend to make him deal with his first shift alone, Alpha? ”

Lask, bewildered by such a thought.

“But he is your-”

“Enough!” Sebastian roars.

“I will not explain my decisions to you, Wyatt.”

“Yes sir,” I reply, biting back my words as I turn to leave.

As I reach for the door, Sebastian’s voice stops me in my tracks.

“Take Agnes with you.”

Shocked, I turn to face the Alpha only to find him with his back to me, his eyes looking down at a small photograph of Elenore, baby Zane and little Jonathan.



“She can …ahem …she can watch over him while he shifts,” he says quietly.

“Yes sir,”

I reply, many thoughts churning in my head as I go in search of Zane and Agnes at the Hive do not think he understands himself either.

All I can do is hope that he will not regret his decisions later on.

Zane only forces a smile when I explain to him that his father does not wish to attend his first shift and that he is being sent away to do it alone.

He does not even question me for the decision nor does he display any anger towards me or his father for not being given a Night of Melodies ritual like any other pack member.

He only silently accepts his fate with a small nod and begins to pack up a few clothes for the trip to the waterfall.

He works quickly to fold and put away his things but I still notice the slight tremor in his hands and the quiver in his lower lip.

I know he must be breaking inside.

“Lam sorry, kid,” I sigh, hating the situation on his behalf.

Zane does not respond, stoically zipping up the luggage and signing something to me.

Over the years, I have managed to pick up a bit of sign and I am able to decipher his question.

“Will you be going with me?” he asks.

“lam only dropping you and Agnes off,” I reply with regret.



His calm face falters slightly but he quickly recovers and asks another question.

“Will it hurt?” he signs.

Unable to lie to him, I place my hand on his shoulder and pull him closer to me.

“It will not be a pleasant experience but the pain only lasts for a moment …and then…It’s the most amazing He smiles at this, but the joy does not reach his eyes.I can tell he is scared but as always, he accepts his fate, his pain or fear being locked away in his heart for no one else to feel but him.

The drive to the waterfall cabin is not long, but far enough away that no Scarlett Haven wolf will disturb him.

Alpha Cyrus bought it years ago as a small safe haven for himself.

It later became the place where he would meet Princess Bre in secret.

He passed the cabin down to Sebastian but the Alpha does not like to visit it.

He hates being reminded of his brother.

Zane helps Agnes out of the car and I unload his luggage before taking off.

I watch Zane comfort Agnes from my rear view mirror as I drive, my chest swelling with pride.

Even in his own pain, Zane looks after the people he loves like a true Alpha.

If only Sebastian could see just how strong his son truly is, maybe then he would accept his son the way he is.

Not a day goes by that I don’t regret not being there for Zane’s first shift.



If Elenore knew I left her son alone on the most important day of his life, she would never forgive me.

As we fly over the Coast, I pull out the California map, studying the packs of the Bay Area.

When traveling between packs, it is important to always carry a Pack map.

Wolves are territorial in nature and we do not like newcomers trespassing without permission.

San Francisco itself does not contain any our wolf form but werewolf businesses are abundant in the region and our arrival will not go unnoticed.

Luckily for us, King Arthur has a few connections in the Bay Area who are willing to house us safely for the duration of our search.

I have no doubt finding Zane will be easy.

Silver wolves are rare and a rogue one is not likely to fly under the radar for long.

It’s very likely Zane and Agnes have already found a pack to stay at.

The only concern I have is that Ravenstone likely already knows where he is too and it won’t be long before they try to kill him.

I look at the sea of red dots on the map, knowing Zane and Agnes could not have gone far from San Francisco.

“Ya know there’s a rumor going around that the Ivory Twins live in California,” Korbin whispers.

“Do you think that’s true?”

“The Ivory Twins are a myth, Kor,” I sigh in annoyance, studying the pattern of packs carefully to figure who might be allied with who.



“Well, I think they are real,”

Korbin mutters, lazily stretching out his legs.

“Sit up straight,” I snap, Korbin sitting up and peeking at the tablet.

I point to a red dot in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

“Our scouts are waiting for us at the airport.See that little Red Dot?” I ask, Korbin nodding his head.

“That’s where we are headed.The Redwood pack is an old ally of King Arthur from his youth.They should have some information about the man we are looking”

“And if they don’t?”

I stare at the sea of red dots on the map.

“Then Moon Goddess help us.”

*** Jordan***

It is a particularly hot day in Seattle as I leave the airport, a breeze of hot air welcoming me when I step out of the plane.

I go through baggage claim fairly quickly and take an uber to the nearest ferry terminal.

After several transfers and a near two hour journey, I arrived in the small town of Poulsbo.

The Downtown area is full of colors with a beautiful view of the water.

Despite it being late in the evening, it is rather quiet, only a few people walking up and down the street.



Nat must love it here, I tell myself as images of her walking a little boy to school flood my mind.I curse Christian and Jack for asking me to come disrupt her life.

She needs to know that Christian is coming, Adam, my wolf reminds me.She needs to know it’s not safe for her or her pup here anymore.

There’s a motel in the town square and after settling in, I begin examining the documents Christian gave me with Natalia’s info.

My nerves make my hands shake as I read her files, nervous years.She has built herself a new life here.

How will she react when she sees me? I wonder, knowing Natalia is very likely still angry with me for betraying her.

The darkness outside lets me know it is too late to check the daycare or the clinic for Natalia, so my best bet is to locate her job at her other job at The Masque.

I had studied the club on the journey in and came prepared with a masquerade mask for entry.

I still can’t quite wrap my head around her working at a club but knowing Natalia, she must have felt the job was necessary to raise her child the way she wanted.


I mumble to myself as I read about the little boy she is raising.

According to his file, he is almost 4 years old.

Unfortunately there is no picture attached but I imagine he looks just like her.I carefully examine her work badge.



Her hair is still long and curled and her eyebrows are still dark and pronounced.

Her smile, however, has changed.

It does not reach her eyes like it used to, hardly any emotion peeking through her soft brown eyes.

When I first met Natalia, her cheeky grin was the first thing I noticed about her.

Her smile was one that could make a person feel seen.

While training, Luna Kay taught her how to refine her smile to one that displayed not only kindness but strength.I used to catch her practicing in the mirror, curling and uncurling her lips her happiness long before Christian rejected her.

She just learned to hide her pain behind her smile…because a good Luna should always put her pack first before herself.

How different she must be now…I wonder, tucking away her picture.

Grabbing the mask from my bag, I get ready for the club, hoping and praying that Natalia lets me speak to her.

My legs tremble as I walk through the quiet town and I mumble a small speech to myself.

The bouncer at the door lets me in, music blaring through the speakers as I walk in.

Exotic dancers work the poles while beautiful girls dress in tiny schoolgirl outfits and fishnets carry trays of drinks to men lounging in private booths.

I force my way through the swaying bodies of drunk dancers on the floor and find the bar, two bartenders hard at work mixing drinks.



Almost immediately, I catch the scent of a wolf coming from the male bartender with tattoos on his arms and neck.

I studied the Washington pack maps prior to arrival and know there are no packs in Poulsbo.

From which pack did this man come from? He seems to sense my wolf as well, making his way across the bar to take my order.

“You’re not from around here, are you?” He asks, pouring out a whiskey neat for me.

I don’t reply, unsure what to make of this lone wolf and dissatisfaction but continues questioning me.

“We don’t get a lot of…visitors…around here,” he adds, carefully choosing his words.

“So you must be looking for something or someone,” he pries.

I eye him carefully.

Even with a mask on, I can tell he is just curious to know why another wolf is here, his calm demeanor and friendly aura presenting no threat to me.

After a long pause, I finally respond.

“I’m looking for someone,” I reply, raising my voice as the music intensifies.

“She’s a waitress here.Talia Ramos.She agreed to meet me but I don’t see her anywhere…”

I scream over the music, my voice trailing off at the end as I pretend to look around.

“Have you seen her?”



I cannot tell what he’s thinking behind his mask, but the flicker of terror in his eyes tells me he knows exactly who I’m talking about.

“Talia?” He asks, tapping his chin with his finger.

“Noooo, I don’t think we have a girl named Talia who works here…You sure you have the right place?”

He’s hiding her…Adam observes.I point to my mask and grin.

“She told me to bring a mask.Unless there’s another club in this town with a mask requirement, I think I’m in the right place.”

He shifts uneasily on his feet and shakes his head.

“Well, her name doesn’t ring a bell.Sorry buddy, but I think your girlfriend “She’s not my girlfriend,” I sigh, trying to come up with a good lie.

“She’s my…”

“Hey, Micah, have you heard anything from Talia? It’s been over a week with no response from her.Hope she’s okay,”

Another waitress asks, setting a tray with empty glasses on the counter.I sense the wolf within her, and when she looks over at me, stops in her tracks.

Micah looks like he’s about to lose his s**t, his lips curling into a tight smile of anger.

“What the f**k, Nikki?” he hisses.


She mutters, biting her lip anxiously.



“Where’s Talia?” I ask, stepping closer to the girl.

She looks nervously at Micah who shakes his head at her to keep quiet.I let out a sigh and sit back down in my chair.

“I don’t want to hurt her or Dakota.I just need to warn her about something.Please, help me find her before he does.”

“Who?” they ask in unison, glaring at each other in disgust.

“Her Ex-Mate.”

*** Toran (Alpha of the Ravenstone Clan)***

“I’m going off to bed, hun,”

Rionna smiles, kissing me on the cheek.

“Should I wait up for you?” she giggles, snuggling up next “No, baby,”

I sigh, reluctantly knowing I had a lot of work ahead of me.

“I have something to take care of tonight.”

She curls her lips in a tiny smile.

“You need to slow down, hun.This has been going on for too long…”

I stare at her big brown eyes and cup her cheeks.

“It will all be over soon,” I reply.

“Just a little longer.”



Rionna purses her lips but she does not argue with me.

“Promise me you’ll at least get some rest tonight,” she says, pecking my cheek.


She trots away to our bedroom, knowing I can’t deny her single request.

Despite not being my mate, she is the love of my life, unknowingly changing every cruel aspect of me into something better.

Something good.

I stare at the sea of files on my desk, unsure where to start.

For the past twenty years, I’ve been fighting this war…and am getting tired.

There’s a knock at my door, my son Tylen walking in with a file in his hands.

I take a good look at him, proud of the man he has turned out to be.

He is a good warrior and an excellent diplomat, though he hates representing the pack in ally meetings.

It saddens me that he does not want my title, but I will not impose my will over him.I will simply have to crown a new heir when this is all over.

“What is it?” I ask, holding out my hand for the files.

“Scarlett Haven wolves are already moving in as you paths with the Ivory Twins,” he says, handing over the documents.

I smile at this.



Sebastian and the Scarlett Haven wolves always thought the stories of the Ivory Twins were just myths but I knew better than to question Moon Goddess.I had seen first hand what she could do.

“So what’s our next move?” Tylen asks, pulling up a seat and speaking as I flip through the files.

“We wait…” I reply, leaning back in my chair.

“The Ivory Queen is young.She likely does not yet know how to separate her feelings from politics and has developed an emotional bond with Zane.If Scarlett Haven tries to take him by force, she will respond.

“l see…” Tylen replies.

“And that’s when you’ll come in.”

“Precisely,” I smirk, putting down the files.

“Agnes and Zane only know what they were told all these years….but I will show them all who the real monster is…and when that happens, Sebastian White will crash and burn.”

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