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: Soul Binding Part I


“Mark me,” I murmur, climbing onto his bare lap and straddling Zane between my thighs.

Zane’s cheeks flush in their cute, timid way, his stutter more pronounced when he speaks.

“A-Ar-Are y-you sure?” He blinks, a nervous smile curling on his lips as] guide his hands and place them on my hips.

“ Be-Because I-I ca-can wai-” I press my mouth over his, parting my lips ever so slightly so that my tongue slips between the seams of his mouth.

Small sparks tingle across my face, my wolf purring at the sensation of our tongues meeting for a dance.

When I pull away, I cup his cheeks and force him to look at me, his large brown eyes full of love and hope as they gaze back at me.

Desire burns across my heart as I realize he is the only man to ever make me feel this safe and loved before, the only one who does not hesitate to protect me, even from my own feelings.

He is gentle when I need him to be and strong when I patience left for myself and he loves me.

He loves me…

and it feels so good to be loved by him.

I lean my forehead against his, pecking his perfect lips and inhaling his rich scent.


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“Make me yours,” I whisper, standing up to unzip my jeans and slide them off.

His cheeks burn bright red as he blinks up at me, unsure if he should watch or look away.

Wanting to make him squirm just a little, I slowly pull my blouse over my head sol remain only in my bra and panties.

My eyes flick towards the hardening member between his legs, a smirk spreading across my cheeks as I play with the straps of my bra.

I position my feet on either side of his thighs, Zane timidly sliding his hands up and down my calves.

Hesitation flickers in his eyes but he nonetheless leans forward and peppers kisses on my legs, an ache building in my core.

Very gently, I lower myself onto his lap, wrapping my legs around his waist so that our bodies are pressed up against each other.

He tries to kiss me but I dodge his lips and shower kisses on his jaw all the way down to his neck, basking in his delicious scent.

My tongue slides over his bare flesh while my “Ta-Talia, ar-are y-you sure?” He asks once more, cupping my face to get me to stop kissing him.

His brows are furrowed in genuine concern, his actions verifying that I am, in fact, making the right choice because he cares enough to ask.

“You are the only thing I’m sure about right now,” I murmur, cupping his face.

“And I trust you’ll take care of my heart,” I murmur between kisses.

“Won’t you?” “Y-yes,” he nods.



“I-l promise.” “Then make me yours,” I giggle, pecking him on the lips and reaching for his hands.

“Please.” I guide his hands to my bra and notice his hands trembling a little as they grip the clasp.

“Don’t be nervous,” I whisper in his ear, lowering my voice as I nibble on his ear lobe.

“You don’t have to be scared.

Not with me,” I reassure him, slowly gyrating my hips against his growing member.

“I’m going to be yours, right?” I ask, Zane nodding as he swallows the lump in his throat.

“Then show me,” I murmur, kissing the tip of his nose.

“Show me what it means to be yours.” Gold flecks appear in his eyes, Grayson and Zane gazing back at me as if their souls were merging for amoment to “There you are,” I whisper.

“My mate.

My perfect mate.” Zane closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, the muscles in his face relaxing so that when he looks at me again, it’s just him and I.

My mate gently raises his hand to my face, his fingers lightly grazing my skin.

He traces my eyes and nose with the back of his index finger until his thumb comes to rest on my lips, parting them slightly.

“Be-beautiful,” he says in a low voice, a calm smile on his lips.

A kaleidoscope of butterflies flutters in my belly, the word finding new meaning when it leaves Zane’s lips.



For so long, I felt inadequate as I strived for perfection and yet now, in Zane’s arms, I am beautiful despite my tousled hair and swollen eyes.

I do not have to be anything but myself with him, and it makes my heart soar to know I will always be safe with Zane.

I feel his hand slide down my neck, stopping just below my marking spot where he begins to trace a heart shape.

Sparks erupt beneath his lips when he leans over to kiss it, my entire body reacting to him and his touch.

on my skin.

“Goddess, I-I love y-you,” he repeats with conviction.

He raises his head and looks me deep in my eyes in search of any doubt, his fears and anxieties melting away when he realizes all I want is him.

Zane pulls me closer to him, brushing away my hair from my shoulders to expose my neck.

“Ta-Talia,” he murmurs, his voice sending a warm shiver down my spine.

Devina purrs contently, loving the sound of his voice as he whispers my name in my ears.

He moves his hands to my back, finally unclasping my bra in one swoop.

Having escaped from their prison, my breasts bounce a little, catching Zane’s attention.

He cups one of them, rolling his thumb over my n****e before leaning forward and taking it in his mouth.



A need builds up in my core as he encloses his lips over the little brown peak and suckles on it, a soft moan escaping my lips.

My hips begin to grind over his c**k in circular motions, Zane’s breath hitching in pleasure.

I pick up the pace to get some friction but Zane grabs onto my hips to control my movements as he sees fit.

My panties dampen as he guides me back and forth along his shaft, pushing me down a littleswollen clit with every stroke.

He switches between my n*****s, his tongue lapping over my areolas and flicking each peak.

His touch sets my body on fire, every inch of me craving him with burning need until all I desire is him.

Just as I feel myself about to explode and beg for more, Zane slides his hands between my legs, his fingers pushing aside my panties.

He looks up at me and gives me a shy smile, taking his c**k in his hand and lining it up with my slit.

I moan as he pushes in his tip, my hands grabbing onto his shoulders to steady myself as I thrust my hips forward to take him in further.

We rock in unison in search of a steady tempo, my body shivering in delight as the all too familiar desire builds up inside my pussy.

He moves his mouth over mine, devouring my cries of pleasure as he pumps slowly and deep into my core.

My walls welcome him over and over again in a tight embrace, clenching and unclenching his perfect c**k as each deep stroke brushes past my clit.



My hands slide up to the nape of his neck, my fingers grasping onto his hair and pulling him closer so my body feels them farther away from my slit with two fingers to give him better access when we both hear the fabric tear.

He stops pumping for a moment, looking down at our union to tear the rest of my panties off and toss them aside with a sheepish grin on his face.

“Th-they were in the w-way,” he mumbles, a small chuckle bubbling in my chest.

Now having complete access to me, he grabs onto my ass cheeks, pushing himself all the way inside me.

My breath hitches at the unbelievable sensation, my head falling back as I cry out for more.

Zane continues pumping forcefully, once again suckling on each of my breasts and lapping his tongue over my wolf tattoo.

He breathes heavily with every thrust, moaning softly against my skin.

His fingers lightly brush away my hair from my shoulder, exposing my bare neck to him.

He pulls away from my n*****s, peppering kisses along my collarbone up to my throat.

His lips worship my marking spot, my flesh tingling with sparks as his teeth graze the place where my neck and shoulder meet.

Zane slides his hand up my spine, a warm shudder rippling through me as his fingers make their way to My heart pounds in my chest in anticipation of what comes next, the gravity of the situation hitting me full force.

lam about to become his…



The gentleness of his kisses and his slow pumps calm me down, however, reminding me that he will take care of my soul as he cares for my body and my heart.

My toes curl as he pushes himself in a little deeper, hitting a spot that electrifies my body.

I thrust with him, wanting to feel the sensation again.

“Zane…” Iwhimper, feeling as though I might collapse into him.

His canines elongate, the sharpened edges scraping along my skin as he kisses my neck.

“I-I love y-you, Ta-Talia,” he says between breathy whispers.

“I-I love y-you.” I gasp when I feel the sharp pain of his canines piercing my flesh, my nails digging half- moons into his back.

Tears blur my vision as I hold onto him, pain and pleasure pulsating from my temples to my toes in short bursts as I reach my climax.

“Fuck…” Iwhimper, burying my face in the crook of his shuddering with aftershocks of my orgasm and my mark.

His arms wrap around my waist, the pain slowly fading into pure and unbelievable pleasure.

“Mate!” I suddenly cry out, my voice morphing into rich, sultry tones I don’t recognize as my own.

A grayish wolf materializes in my mind, shoving me aside and taking control of my body.

Zane’s eyes widen with shock as he stares back at me, his brown irises flickering between gold and earth.

A boyish smile curls on his lips, his twinkling eyes oozing with joy and excitement.



“Zane…” Devina purrs, cupping both of Zane’s cheeks to look at him for the first time.

In a swift motion, she tilts his head to the side to expose his neck, my teeth itching as my canines suddenly elongate.

They pierce through his flesh as I latch onto his neck, Zane groaning from the abrupt pain before letting out a soft growl of pleasure.

“Mine,” Devina murmurs as she licks the wound and pulls away.

“You’re mine now too.”

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