THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 81: Monster Within

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THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 81: Monster Within

THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 81: Monster Within

***Trigger Warning: Child abuse and assault depicted*** *



“You’re not my daddy!”

Dakota shouts angrily, his little nose scrunched up in fury.

Jack’s heart rate rises, his fingers tightly gripping the steering wheel.He’s just a kid.He doesn’t know any better, — I explain.

Natalia probably never told him about us.This is all your fault! Jack snarls return.

If I had only taken control earlier, our son would know who his father is!

“Dakota,” Jack says through a forced smile.

“Dakota, I am your daddy.Your mommy and I got married-”


Dakota refuses, shaking his head with conviction.

“No, Zane is my daddy.Only daddies kiss mommies and Zane kisses mommy all the time and they play games like Horsey in the Desert and they sleep together even when mommy farts on the bed and makes it all stinky.And-and my daddy is a superhero fighting bad guys.I wanna be just like my daddy.Who in the f**k is Zane!? I snarl, Jack straining to control his anger.



Jack looks back at Dakota, a very tight smile on his lips as he asks through gritted teeth, “Who is Zane?”

“My daddy,” Dakota snaps, tapping his thumb against his forehead.

“And who is your Daddy?” Jack asks, barely hanging on to his patience.


Dakota huffs Knowing Jack is about to explode, I remind him that our son is only four to calm him down.

“Tell me more about Zane,” he says with forced enthusiasm.


Kota snaps, pulling his hands towards himself and bending his fingers.He then taps on his thumb to his forehead.

“I want my daddy! I want my daddy right now!’


Jack roars.


Kota screams, kicking his legs and swinging his hands violently.





Jack growls, his foot stepping on the gas pedal.

“He’s not your daddy! I am! I am your only daddy and you are going to stay with me forever! We are going to be the family we were meant to be and you are never going to see Zane again!”


Dakota says before suddenly howling at the top of his lungs.


Jack snarls but Dakota continues to howl with rage.

“My daddy is a wolf!,”

he cries.

“And he’s going to eat you! Having lost all of his patience, Jack pulls the car over down a secluded road, stepping out of the car and storming over to Kota’s side.”

He pulls at the car door but it appears Dakota has locked the door.

“Open the door!”

Jack snarls, Dakota wiping his nose and shaking his head.

“I’m going to count to three and you better f*****g open this door!”

Dakota bursts into tears once more and screeches at the top of his lungs as Jack counts down.



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Before Jack gets to three, he unlocks the door with the car fob and slams it open, Dakota attempting to crawl away.

Enraged, Jack grabs him by the ankles and drags him back to the edge of the seat, flipping him over on his back.

Dakota thrashes violently as Jack lifts him up by the collar of his shirt.

“Listen to me, you little s**t.Listen to me!”

Jack snarls, giving Kota a good shake so that boy stares back at us in fright.

“I am going to kill that little Daddy of yours so you better get used to never seeing him again! You are my pup and that’s -”

He stops dead in his tracks when Dakota’s shorts suddenly darken and a stream of warm urine trickles down his legs and onto my jeans and shoes.

There is a defiant pout on Dakota’s face, angry tears rolling down his cheeks as he growls back at us.

All Jack sees is red as he sets the kid down on the seat and he begins to frantically remove my belt, folding it in half and gripping it tightly in one hand.

Sensing danger, Dakota tries to scramble away but he is no match for Jack who grabs him by the wrists.

The little boy tries to wriggle free but Jack only tightens his grips and begins to slap the back of Dakota’s legs with the leather belt.

Dakota yelps and writhes with every lick, crying for his daddy to come save him.

“Mommy!” he screams, his cries growing desperate with the sting of the belt.



“Daddy help me!”

“I’m your daddy! Do you hear me?!”

Jack snarls, beating his legs until his hand begins to hurt.

“I’m your daddy!”

Having taken out his frustration on the child after a few licks, Jack removes Dakota’s wet shorts, revealing red welts around his butt cheeks and the back of his thighs.

Leaving him only in his underwear, Jack forces Dakota into the seat and buckles him in.

By the time Jack is finished and he settles back behind the wheel, beads of sweat slither down the sides of my face and his angered breath is labored.

In the back seat, Dakota continues to cry softly to himself, wiping his small tears with his shirt.

“Are you done?”

Jack snarls, Dakota saying nothing and looking out the window as he hiccups.

Putting the car in drive, Jack races down the road.

Kota whimpers the faster we travel but Jack ignores him, having had enough of the pup for the day.

Where are you going? I ask him when we drive past the pack territory entrance.

To the old cabin, Jack replies.

Your father is still looking for your mother and the last thing I need right now is to be questioned about the kid I just brought home.



So what is the plan? lask, Jack pulling out my phone.

We ensure Natalia knows I have our pup, he replies, searching up Brody’s number in his contacts.

Brody’s phone has been sending me its location since he left.

I Thephone reads California and a satisfied smile curls on my lips.

Brody is currently in California which can only mean Jordan is with Natalia and is hiding her from me.

He dials Jordan’s number, his fingers impatiently tapping on the steering wheel as the phone rings on the other end.

After a few moments, Jordan picks up.

“Bring me my Tiny,” Jack snarls into the phone.

“And don’t you dare lie to me.I know you’re with her,” he growls, the sound of shuffling on the other side.

“If you hurt him,”

Natalia warns, the sound of her voice making my heart skip a beat.

“If your hurt my baby, I’ll ki- “I won’t,” Jack says, softening his voice.

“Just come home.Please.I promise, we’ll be a family again.”

There is a long pause on the other side and I check my phone to make sure I still have service when Natalia’s voice comes through.

“I want to hear his voice,”



Natalia says, her voice stern and unyielding.I look over my shoulder at the pup lulling himself to sleep.

“He’s sleeping,” I shake my head.

“I don’t care! Let me hear his voice!”


Jack snaps, the sound of his anger startling the pup.

Jack puts the phone on speaker and holds the phone behind him while keeping his eyes on the road.

“Dakota, your mom is on the phone.”


Natalia cries.

“Kota, baby, are you okay? Are you hurt?”


Dakota shouts, bursting into tears.

“Mommy I want to go home!”

“I know baby! I’m coming to get you! Just be a good boy.Be a strong boy for mommy,” Natalia whimpers.

“Kota, I love you! Mommy loves yo-”

I take the phone away from the boy and he begins to cry.



“Now, look what you’ve done!”

Jack growls impatiently as the boy wails.

“Please, don’t hurt him! He’s just a baby,” Natalia pleads.

“He-He’s scared! He doesn’t know any better- ”

“I expect you home by morning, Natalia,” Jack instructs.

“The Pack house.Meet me at the Pack house.I’ll have everything ready by then.”

Jack doesn’t give her a chance to argue, ending the call before she can say another word.

Glaring at Dakota through the rearview mirror, Jack snarls a warning.

“You better stop that crying before I come back there and shut you up myself,” he snarls, the little boy wiping his tears and trembling in fear. He’s had enough, I snap, Jack laughing coldly in response.He’s an Alpha, Jack mutters.He should start acting like one.

We arrive at the cabin and Jack warns the kid to behave as he opens the car.

Dakota says nothing, too tired and afraid to throw another tantrum.

The little boy trembles when Jack goes to unbuckle him, holding his breath until Jack tells him to get out of the car.He climbs down by himself, staring up at our towering figure with large tear-filled eyes.

“Your mommy comes home tomorrow,” Jack explains, dragging the little boy towards the cabin.

“And you will behave until she gets home, do you understand?”



The little boy says nothing, enraging Jack as he pushes the door open, but not as much as the familiar scent he smells as we enter the cabin.

“Hey, did you forget something?”

Vanessa calls out from the kitchen with a giggle.She steps out into the living area with a wooden spoon in her hand, her face paling when she sees me with the kid.


She gasps, immediately hiding the spoon behind her back.

“What are you doing here?”

Jack snarls, Vanessa stammering an explanation neither Jack or I can decipher.She gets down on her knees and begs for forgiveness.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she cries, hanging her head in shame.

“I promise, I’ll leave you alone.I’ll give you a divorce and-and you don’t – you don’t even have to pay me for anything.You can keep all your money and I’ll disappear for good.I won’t stand in the way of you or Natalia’s life.Please just let me go,” she weeps, almost incoherently.

“Please, please, let me go.I just want to go.”

Jack and I stare at the crying woman and then glance at the weeping child in my hand, our annoyance growing by the second.

Taking the kid, Jack storms up to Vanessa and hands the kid over to her, Vanessa staring up at us in confusion.



“Wash and feed the kid,”

Jack snaps, turning on my heel to leave when Vanessa calls out.

“Wait, Christian, who is he?” Vanessa asks, shrinking back when Jack gives her a warning glare.

“You don’t get to ask questions,” he snarls, Vanessa flinching at the harshness of my voice and placing a protective hand over her belly.

My eyes narrow to slits when I realize Derek didn’t take care of the problem like I told him too.

“You haven’t gotten rid of it?”

Jack snaps, the color draining from Vanessa’s face.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about-”

My fist meets her jaw, Vanessa collapsing on the ground from the force of the punch.

Dakota screams in fear, his eyes wide as he looks at his aunt groaning in pain on the floor.

“You were supposed to get rid of it!”

Jack mutters under his breath, swinging his leg back.

“I thought I made myself clear to Derek! The last thing I need is a baby interfering with my marriage with my mate!”

Jack swings his leg forward, kicking Vanessa’s still flat belly, her breath hitching from the blow.She coughs and gasps for air, attempting to string together an explanation but Jack only kicks her again for speaking out of turn.



Vanessa curls into herself, sobbing profusely and begging for her baby’s life, “I -l swear…I-It’s not yours,” she pleads.

“It’s not yours!”

Jack and I only become enraged by her confession, kicking yet again for her infidelity.

“You think that’s going to save you?”

Jack snarls, crouching down on his knees and yanking Vanessa up by her hair.

“You are my wife!” he snaps, shaking her harshly in his hand.

“You’ve made a fool out of me by being impregnated by another man and for that you will pay dearly.”

“Please!” Vanessa cries.

“Please, don’t hurt my baby!”

“You should have thought of that before whoring around, you insignificant, little b***h!”

“That’s a bad word!”

Dakota growls, charging at me and slapping the side of my head.

“Daddy says that’s a bad word, you bully!” He cries.

Jack shoves him away, the little boy crashing on the floor with a groan as Jack drags Vanessa by the hair towards the bathroom.She screams and writhes in my hand when suddenly the door to the cabin bursts open, Derek’s wolf storming in.

Let her go, Jack.



It’s not your kid, Derek mindlinks me, his wolf snarling at me.

You’re going to tell me what to do with my wife? Jack scoffs, an amused grin on his face.No, Derek replies with a menacing growl.

But you will leave my mate alone! Mate? Jack and I reply in unison, looking between my beta and my wife.

You two are mates? Put her down, Jack, — Derek snaps, ignoring Jack’s question.

His ears go low to his head and he bares his teeth at me.I won’t ask again.

Jack raises his brows in amusement and laughs as he drops Vanessa onto the floor and kicks her out of his way without a second thought.

Derek once again snarls but Jack only laughs as he circles around our beta, his eyes scanning Derek for a weakness in his stance.

Are you really challenging me right now over that slut? Come on Derek, Jack laughs.She’s not worth losing your life.

His eyes flicker to Vanessa who sobs quietly to herself, crawling towards my son and helping him up on his feet.

Derek’s determination does not waver, however, his wolf standing tall to defend his whore.

As you wish, Jack sighs in annoyance to himself before activating his Alpha voice, a sinister smirk curling on his lips as he crouches down on all fours to shift.

My bones crack and rearrange until my wolf comes face to face with Derek’s.I see the fear flicker in his eyes as Jack towers over him and he lowers his head in respect to his Alpha.



Yield, Jack demands, Derek fighting the urge to give in to Jack’s Alpha voice.

Derek whines and whimpers when Jack bares his teeth threateningly at him, instinctively crouching low and sticking his neck out for his Alpha.

Come on, Derek.

Just yield and I’ll pretend nothing happened, Jack coerces, but Derek only shakes his head, desperately trying to fight off the command.

I’m sorry Alpha, Derek replies through gritted teeth.But you would do anything for your mate.As would I.

Yes…you’re right…Jack replies with a content smile on his face, circling the Beta like prey.

After making a full revolution, Jack gets close to his face and snarls in his ear.

But fam an Alpha.

Jack pounces on Derek before he can flinch, clamping his jaws on Derek’s throat and holding him down with his paws.

Derek kicks and tries to free himself but all it takes is a twist of Jack’s head before a loud crack silences Derek’s wolf forever.


Vanessa shrieks, Jack shaking his fur and turning back to face the screaming woman and our crying pup without an ounce of regret.

And Alphas always win.

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