THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 90: Reveals

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THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 90: Reveals

THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 90: Reveals


I’m up at the break of dawn, Kota poking my eyes and wanting to play.

“L-let’s go get M-Mommy some clothes and breakfast,” I murmur, slipping out of bed and dragging the giggling pup towards me by his ankles.

“Shhh!” I whisper when Talia begins to stir from the sound of Kota’s laughter.

“Y-you’ll wake M-Mommy up,” I scold, Kota covering his mouth as he giggles some more.

I quickly get dressed and throw Kota over my shoulder before tiptoeing out of the room.

Kota only has on his set of pajamas so I’ll have to shop for him too.

Luckily for me, Rionna offers to accompany me as I have no fashion sense or knowledge of clothes shopping.You have no sense, period.

Grayson snickers as we find a small clothing store.

Rionna goes to search for some blouses, bottoms, panties, and bras for Talia and I take Kota to the children’s section.

My pup happily skips through the aisles, gasping loudly when he sees a child-sized mannequin wearing a graphic tee with a large howling wolf on the chest.

“I want that one!”

Kota squeals, racing to the mannequin to touch the shirt.He strokes the wolf’s fur with his tiny fingers, completely in awe of the image.



Luck smiles upon us because we manage to find the last shirt in Kota’s size and he begs me to put it on him immediately.I find him three sets of shorts, some more shirts in different styles and patterns, socks, and underwear.

In the shoe aisle, Kota selects a pair of black light up sneakers them.

As we stand in line to pay for our things, I notice Kota staring intently at the man behind us.He tilts his head to the side in curiosity and twists his small mouth as he thinks.

I give the man a quick glance and can’t understand what’s so interesting about him.He is just a man in his late 40’s with a large pot belly and thinning hair.

“Daddy,” Kota hisses, tugging at my hand so I can bend over and listen to him “Daddy, is he growing a baby in his belly like Mommy?”

He whispers in my ear.I do a double take and stare at the pup, unsure if I heard him correctly.

Even Grayson seems at a loss for words, his emotions bombarding me like a cyclone.

“A-A baby?” I ask, not wanting to get ahead of myself.

“K-Kota, where did y-you….Where did y-you hear that?”

“Nanessa said Mommy is growing a baby in her belly,” Kota replies with a shrug and lifts up his shirt to show me his tummy.

“Daddy, I want to grow a baby just like Mommy! Do you think it will fit?” He asks, tapping his stomach.

“Mommy’s worm is growing babies. Mommy’s growing babies. I want a baby!” He snaps.

“Daddy, are your growing babies too?”



His lips begin to quiver as he pouts and his eyes fill with tears.His breathing grows heavier and I know he’s going to cry any second now.

Grayson! Grayson, what do I do? I ask, panicking as the pup bursts into tears.

Well, did you try putting him in rice? Grayson mutters.


Well I don’t know! I didn’t think the horse would ever reach its destination, Grayson argues defensively.

Let me think! struggle to balance him and all the clothes in my hands.

Fortunately, Rionna finally meets us at the front of the line and offers to hold the clothes while I soothe my son.

“W-why are y-you sad, buddy?” I ask, smoothing back his hair and kissing his head.

He buries his face in my neck and begins to wail.

“Because I want a baby!” he hiccups.

“W-why do y-you want a baby?” I ask and he begins to cry harder.

“Because… because I want someone to play with me and Wolfie,” he cries.

“What baby is he talking about?” Rionna asks with confusion, handing the cashier her credit card.

“Mommy has a baby in her belly,” Kota answers angrily, a small gasp escaping Rionna’s lips.

“But I want to have a baby too!”

Tears fill Rionna’s eyes and she wraps her arms around me in a hug.



“Oh my! How wonderful! Congratulations, my love! That pup is so going to be lucky to have you and Talia! Oh, I’m just so excited for you! This is so wonderful!” she cries with excitement.

“Kota, you’re going to be a big brother!”

Kota stops his crying and stares curiously at Rionna.

“I am?” he asks, wiping his tears on my shirt.

“Oh yes, of course!” Rionna answers, taking the bags from the cashier and leading us out of the store.

“You will get to play lots of games together and- Oh my! We have to get Talia and the baby a gift! I think I saw a toy store nearby! Oh, there’s so much to plan! The baby shower, where the baby will sleep, baby proof the entire islands, the wedding…Oh my goddess and names! We have to think of names! Oh, there’s so much to do, we have to hurry!” she cries, breaking into a brisk walk.

in search of baby toys.

“S-should we pick the baby’s first t-toy?” I murmur, Kota nodding with excitement.

The little boy walks up and down the aisles, carefully inspecting the shelves until he finds something he likes.

“This one, Daddy,” he says, pointing to a little black wolf.

“So Baby and I can have wolfies together..” I grab the wolf and pay for it, my heart racing as I stare at the little black wolf in Kota’s hands.

Another pup, \whisper to myself, feeling tears of joy gathering in my eyes as Kota grins up at me.

“Do you think the Baby will like it?” Kota asks, giving the wolf a squeeze.



“I – I think so,” I nod.

We wait outside for Rionna and she finally appears carrying a beautiful white mobile with butterflies on it.

“it should fit perfectly over a crib,” She says, holding it up for me to see the crystals.

“Come on, let’s go. We’ve been gone long enough..”

We walk briskly back to the inn, Kota and I giddy with excitement as we approach the room.I wipe my sweaty hands on my jeans and open the door, Talia wrapped up in blankets watching TV on the bed.

Her long curls are tousled to the side, her face bare and free of makeup.She looks over at Kota and I and smiles, Kota rushing into the room to greet his Mommy.

“Mommy, look!” he cries, proudly showing her the little black wolf.

“It’s for the baby in your tummy,” he squeals as he taps her belly.

Her cheeks flush as she looks up at me and she nervously fixes her hair uneasily to face me.

The light coming in from the window casts a glow around her head, and for a brief moment she looks like an angel looking up at me with innocent fear.

Finally, I reach the edge of the bed and look down at her and our pups, her eyes locking with mine.

“Do you not have anything to say to me?” she whispers, tears gathering in her eyes.

“I’m going to have our baby and you’re not saying anything”

I silence her with a kiss, gently cupping her face as tears roll down her cheeks and over her lips.



Her heart calms down to a delicate flutter and she buries her fingers in my hair to pull me in closer to her.

Kota’s excited giggles only sweeten the moment, for! could not be a happier man to have such a beautiful family.

“Y-you’re having o-our next pup,” I murmur breathlessly when I finally pull away from my mate’s kiss.

“I’m having our next pup,” she repeats, taking my hand and guiding it over her flat tummy.

“Zane….” she whimpers, looking down at her belly.

“I-I thought something was wrong with me… I thought Kota was a miracle and that I would never be able to give you that miracle”

“Shhh,” I murmur.

“K-Kota is my son and I-I would have been fine with j-just the three of us..”

“Okay,” she says quietly.

“B-but are you happy?” She asks with tears in her eyes.

“Because I’m so happy-̃”

“I- I am the happiest w-wolf in the world right now,” I whisper, caressing her belly with my thumb.

Grayson steps forward, nuzzling his face in her neck and inhaling her scent.It hasn’t changed yet, so she must be very early in her pregnancy.

Grayson leans in against her body and gently lays her down on her back



“Do you think there’s still time to put a second pup in there,”

Grayson teases as he nibbles on her ear.

Talia bursts into laughter before we hear her voice change slightly to that of her wolf.

“First, we need to put a brain inside your head before we add more pups,”

Devina chuckles, Grayson grumbling in return.

“You seriously didn’t get the hint last night?”

“Well how was I supposed to know you meant a new baby?”

Grayson mutters, peppering kisses along her neck.

“I told you, Kota is my baby too.It wasn’t a joke to me.He’s mine- OOF!” he groans as Kota climbs onto my back and straddles me like a horse.

“Horsey, Daddy! Let’s play Horsey in the desert!” he squeals, pulling his shirt over his head.

“Kota!” Talia laughs as the little boy strips down to his underwear.

“Kota, put your clothes back on!” she scolds.


Kota giggles, climbing off of me to take off his underwear before running out of the room.

“Dear Goddess!”

Grayson mutters, running after the boy as he sprints down the hall with no underwear on while chanting “Horsey!” at the top of his lungs.



We manage to catch the little boy and it is only then that Grayson and I both see the bandages still carefully wrapped around Kota’s legs.

“It’s okay, Daddy,” Kota whispers when he notices the frown on my face.

“I peed on the bad wolf. Just like you,” he smiles, howling like a wolf for my benefit.

I kiss his chubby cheeks and take him back to the room but deep time to save him.

With so many things that I still need to deal with in Ravenstone and Grayson unwilling to part with his now pregnant mate, Talia and I decide to fly directly to Washingston for a week to handle the Scarlett Haven situation and manage the immediate damage caused by the war.

Talia and Kota would then spend the duration of her pregnancy in River Moon until could ensure that Ravenstone is not going to war with Crescent Mane and Onyx Stone.

With the docks severely damaged, we must travel by helicopter to the islands, and I can tell Talia is very nervous to meet the Ravenstone wolves for the first time.

Given her history with Silver Crest, I can’t say I blame her.

“W-we’re going to be okay, Ta-Talia,” I murmur, Talia leaning her head against my shoulder.

Kota squeals with excitement as we fly over the Samish Bay, staring out onto the water in awe.We safely land on the main island and a number of omegas come out to greet their new Alpha and Luna.

“Can I help you with your bags, Luna?” an older omega by the name of Ed asks, his wrinkled smile putting Talia at ease.

Talia nods timidly and as she hands her bag, a group of soldiers arrive with the pack reports.

“Alpha,” they salute and I wave awkwardly at them.



“We have gathered all the bodies as requested and will begin preparations for a Moon Warrior ceremony later this week.The docks have been evaluated and here are the supplies we’ll need to rebuild and the expected cost,” says one of the soldiers.

“As for food and water, we had Haven wolves here, we may need to resupply sooner than expected..”

“H-how soon?” I ask, the soldier doing a small calculation in his head.

“I’d say we’ll be okay for about four more days? Five tops if we cut back on food before we completely run out,” the soldier responds.

“We’ll need to hurry with the docks, sir.The boats are our main source of transportation to and from the islands to get supplies..”

“Can you use the helicopter?” Talia asks.

“I imagine refueling is expensive but we are out of options.Get a list of all the essentials needed and talk to the pilots to get the weight capacity of the bird.We’ll use that information to plan the runs to the mainland and hopefully reduce our costs of resupplying.The lists should prioritize essential food items, medical supplies, and the building supplies for the new docks..” I gaze at my mate in awe as she assesses the situation immediately and speaks to the soldiers with such ease to help the pack.

How stupid the Silver Crest wolves were to ever let her go.

Even Toran seems impressed with her quick thinking and command.

“Alpha Zane tells me you have a lot of injured,” Talia says, my cheeks flushing when she uses my formal title.

The soldiers give her their undivided attention.



“How are they?”

“We Ravenstones are fine,” the soldier replies with pride.

“Most of our injured have already recovered or are receiving proper treatment,” he explains.

“Our issue is the Scarlett Haven wolves.Many fell into the water and we are low on medical supplies, serums, antidotes for the poisons, and our staff is exhausted..” Talia doesn’t give it another thought.

“Please take me to the medical facilities,” Talia says firmly.

“I’m sure I can make myself useful there and get I grab her hand and shake my head at her.

“I-I don’t want you near the S-Scarlett Haven wolves,” I whisper.

“E-especially not in your state..”

“I’m not dying,” Talia retorts, standing on the tips of her toes to peck me on the lips.

“And I’ll be careful.I promise..”


“Don’t you have a meeting to arrange and some wolves to lead?” she teases me, picking up Kota and sitting him on her hip.

“Is there somewhere I can leave Kota while Zane and I work?”

“I’ll take him,” Rionna offers.

“There’s a little park here for the children.I’m sure he’ll enjoy spending a little time with other pups his age..”



“Yeah,” Kota nods sheepishly.

“I go with Nonna..”

A feeling of dread fills the pit of my stomach at the thought of separating from my mate and our pup, Toran picking up on my concerns.

“Zane,” Toran says, placing his hand on my shoulder.

“Do not worry about your Luna.Should the Scarlett Haven wolves even try to disrespect her, they will be handled accordingly by the soldiers.She’s safe.Besides, my colleagues have informed me that King Arthur has agreed to a meeting here tonight.We should prepare you for what you want to say when you face the King and the Onyx Stone wolves..”

I look back to my mate who smiles encouragingly at me.

“l’ll be back in time for your meeting,” she murmurs, standing on the tips of her toes to wrap her arms around me.

“A good Luna always-̃”

“S-Stop it.I-I just want y-you to be y-you,” I whisper back.

“T-That’s enough for m-me..” She smiles up at me before pressing her forehead against mine.

I kiss her goodbye and she is led away to the medical tents by several soldiers eagerly explaining their concerns to her.

“She’s going to make a wonderful Luna,” Rionna says.

“S-she already is,” I reply, turning back to Toran.


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“S-Shall we?” We spend the rest of the afternoon preparing for the meeting, Toran coaching me through my speech and how to present myself.

“With King Arthur, you have to be direct.He doesn’t like flowery language and is more likely to cut you off if you try too hard to explain yourself,” Toran explains.

“You must be firm and not give him the opportunity to try to take control of the situation.Keep control at all times..”

“H-How do I do that?” I ask, suddenly becoming anxious.

“Command the room. Appear confident,” he replies, my shoulders falling with dread.

“This is going to be hard but remember, you have earned your titles. You’re not the same boy Sebastian used to walk all over. You are an Alpha. You earned that title and as Alpha of Ravenstone, you do not fall under his command. You are not his royal subject so don’t let him command you..”

“R-right,” I nod, repeating his words to myself.

“B-be direct.B-be confident.B-be an Alpha..”

“Now, this is not a normal meeting so protocol will be a little different” Toran adds.

“But you won’t be alone in there. You’ll have Talia, myself and Rionna there to back you up..”

“Okay,” I sigh, taking deep breaths to calm down

“Good, now let’s make you look like the Alpha you are,”Toran smirks, size..”

I gaze at my reflection in the mirror, unable to believe the man staring back at meis me.He is a man in black suit, his hair combed back neatly and his clothes well tailored.



“It’s time,” Talia smiles, standing by the door of the room.

“You look very handsome..” I turn to face her, gazing proudly at my beautiful mate dressed in an elegant red dress.

“Need help with your tie?” she asks, stepping in and taking the tie from me.

She carefully wraps it around my neck and makes the knots, adjusting it perfectly for me and smoothing down the collar of my shirt.

“There,” she sighs contently.

“You are the Perfect Alpha,” she murmurs.

“Tylen is on babysitting duty, and Kota is already in bed. It’s just you and me against the big bad wolves. We can do this..”

She runs her hand along my arm and interlocks our fingers, giving my hand a tight squeeze and warm smile.

Walking hand in hand, we make our way to the meeting room where two omegas hold the door open for us.

Also standing there is Gamma Wyatt, his face shocked and a bit confused.

“Your mother is alive?” He whispers.

“How? I don’t understand-̃”

I ignore him and enter the meeting room, coming face to face with King Arthur, Alpha Richard and Luna Sara.

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