Through my Window by ARIANA Godoy ,Chapter 11,The Sexy Greek God

I’m going to have a heart attack. I can feel my poor heart beating desperately in my chest, and I’m sure Ares feels it too. He’s still pressed against me, and the heat emanating from his body warms my back. His hand is on my hip, and my nerves make my muscles tense and my breathing quicken. You owe me one . . . Ares’s words echo in my head. His breath caresses the side of my neck, giving me goose bumps. Slowly, Ares’s hand moves up over my dress until he reaches my ribs. I stop breathing as his hand stops just below my left breast and remains there. “Your heart is going to burst,” he whispers in my ear. I lick my lips. “It must be the alcohol.” Ares’s lips brush my ear. “No, it’s not.” He begins to leave wet kisses on my neck, moving up to lick my earlobe. I feel my legs weaken at the sensation of his lips on that sensitive part of my body. “Did you enjoy it?” His question confuses me. “What?” “Leaving me horny?” I gasp at his raw words. As if to emphasize his point, his hand moves down from my chest to my hip and presses me even closer to him. That’s when I feel how hard he is. I know I should pull away from him, but his
tongue licks, his lips suck, and his teeth bite into the skin of my neck, driving me crazy. Don’t fall into his game, Raquel. “I know you just want revenge,” I whisper, thinking that maybe this will make him give up. “Revenge?” He smiles into my skin and his hand moves up to my breasts once more, but this time he massages them shamelessly. I shiver in his arms. It’s the first time a boy has touched me like that. “I know that’s what you want,” I say, biting my lip to hold back a moan. “That’s not what I want.” “So, what do you want?” His hand leaves my breasts, and his fingers trace a line down my stomach. I jump when his hand touches between my legs. “This is what I want.” Okay, that’s very clear. Ares takes the edge of my dress and slides it up painfully slowly. My heart has already suffered through two heart attacks and survived. I have no idea why I’m letting him touch me like this again. Or maybe I do, because I’ve always been drawn to him in an inexplicable way. Ever since I saw him playing soccer in his backyard when we were kids, his stoic expression and cold eyes caught my attention. He was just a kid and there was already something mysterious about him that made me want to know more, made me want to find a way to make him smile and abandon that bitter expression. To this day, I still want to see more of him. I want all of him. A slight murmur of denial leaves my lips as Ares slips his hand under my dress, his fingers moving up and down over my underwear. His slow torture continues as I unconsciously begin to move my hips back toward him, wanting all of him pressed against me. Ares growls softly, and it’s the sexiest sound I’ve ever heard in my life.
“Raquel, I can feel how wet you are through your panties.” The way he says my name makes the pressure in my belly grow. I’m nibbling on my lower lip so hard to keep myself from moaning that I’m afraid I’ll bleed. His torture continues, slow, up and down, circles . . . I need more. I want more. “Ares . . .” “Yes?” His voice is no longer that robotic, cold voice I’m used to. It’s guttural and his breathing is inconsistent. “Do you want me to touch you there?” “Yes,” I answer shyly. Obediently, Ares moves my panties aside, and, the moment his fingers touch my skin, I shudder, arching my back. “Oh God, Raquel,” he moans in my ear. “You’re so wet, so ready for me.” His fingers work magic, making my eyes roll back. Where the fuck did he learn to do that? My breathing is chaotic; my heart doesn’t even have a normal rhythm anymore; my body is overloaded with delicious, addictive sensations. I can’t and won’t stop. My hips move even more against him, making him harder. “Keep moving like that, keep teasing me, and I’ll spread those pretty legs and fuck you so hard I’ll have to cover your mouth to silence your moans.” His words are like fire to my burning body. His fingers are still moving in me, his mouth still on my neck, his body pressed against mine. “I can’t take it anymore.” My self-control is gone; it vanished the moment he slipped his hands inside my underwear. I am so close to an orgasm and he seems to know it because he speeds up the movement of his fingers. Up, down, I can feel it coming, my body trembles in anticipation. “Ares! Oh God!” I am only sensations, delicious sensations. “Do you like it?”
“Yes!” I moan uncontrollably, approaching an orgasm. “Oh God, I’m yours!” “All mine?” “Yes! All yours!” My whole body explodes into tingling sensations that run through every part of me, electrifying me, making me moan so loudly that Ares uses his free hand to cover my mouth. This is nothing like the ones I’ve achieved by touching myself. This orgasm disarms and shakes me. Ares releases my mouth and takes his hand out of my panties. He moves away from me a little and the next thing I hear is the sound of plastic ripping. A condom? And then the sound of his pants zipper. I panic and turn my body around to face him. But not even a hundred years of life would have prepared me to see him like this: half-naked on my bed, blushing, his beautiful blue eyes staring back at me with lust. My searching eyes travel down his abs to that forbidden zone I’ve already felt so much but haven’t seen and, wow, I confirm that Ares is completely perfect as I watch him put on the condom. I swallow thickly, frowning. “What’s wrong?” he asks, pulling me to him. Well, I’m a virgin and I panicked because I felt your big friend against me, I think, and I’m immediately thankful I didn’t say that out loud. “Mmm, I . . . I don’t want . . .” I swallow and feel my throat dry up. Where the hell did all my saliva go? You lost it when you were moaning like crazy in Ares’s arms, my mind answers me. Ares raises an eyebrow. “You don’t want me to fuck you?” How direct. “I . . .” “Raquel, we both know how wet and ready you are for me.” “I’m sorry.”
Ares wraps his hand around himself, stroking. “Leaving me like this is beyond cruelty, Raquel.” Should I return the favor? Is that what he’s implying? And why does that turn me on so much? Is it the idea of touching him? Feeling him? I’ve never touched a boy in my life, though. I act on instinct and nervously bring my hand toward him. Ares watches me like a predator, playing with the piercing in his red, provocative lips. Having him so close and naked after I let him give me the best orgasm of my life gives me some confidence; the intimacy barrier has already been crossed between us. The moment my hand makes contact with his hardness, Ares closes his eyes and sinks his teeth into his lower lip, ripping any doubts out of my head. Seeing him shudder like that, tensing his stomach muscles as I move my hand, is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. “Shit . . .” he mumbles, putting his hand on mine and speeding up the movement. “You know what I’m imagining, Raquel?” I move my legs together, the rubbing between them making me want to feel his fingers there again. “No, what?” He opens his eyes, and I can see they are filled with desire. “How good it must feel to be inside you. I imagine you under me with your legs around my hips, making you mine as you scream my name.” Oh my goodness, I never thought words could turn me on so much. He removes his hand and I continue the fast rhythm he showed me. He massages my breasts wildly and after a few seconds, he closes his eyes, muttering profanities. His abdomen contracts as do the muscles in his arms and then Ares lets out a grunt mixed with a moan and comes in my hand. We are both breathing rapidly, our chests rising and falling together. “I need to go to the bathroom,” I say, hiding my hand.
I run for my life and lock myself in the bathroom. I wash my hands and look at my reflection in the mirror. “What in the world just happened?” I ask myself in a whisper. Part of me can’t believe it. Ares and I just gave each other some pretty good orgasms right next to his sleeping brother. I’m thankful my bed is large enough that there was considerable distance between us and Apolo while it was all happening. Poor Apolo! I point to my reflection in the mirror. “Who are you, and what did you do with my innocent self?” Perhaps there never was an innocent self. Regaining my composure and my missing morals, I decide to go out and face the Greek god.

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