Through my Window by ARIANA Godoy ,Chapter 18,The Girl

My dignity is grateful that his maid showed up and spared me this painful conversation, but my heart is dying to know what Ares was going to say before she interrupted him. Was he going to break my heart again? Or was he going to say something else? “Nothing is happening, Claudia,” Ares answers her sharply. He hands me my necklace before leaving the room. I smile at her as I follow him out. I shiver and blame it on my dress, because it’s a little wet. Ares is leaning against the wall in the living room, his arms folded across his chest. His eyes meet mine, and I struggle to figure out his cold expression without any success. My gaze falls on Apolo, who is sitting on the couch, using his phone. I’m about to go sit beside him when the girl who was with Ares in the pool comes out of the kitchen, carrying what looks like a sandwich. Her wet hair looks dark and her eyes are black as night. She has a delicate, pretty face, and her body is well proportioned. She’s wearing a see-through beach dress with her bathing suit underneath, and she walks with confidence. She’s hot, and she knows it. Her eyes turn to Ares when she speaks. “I made you one. Chicken and ham.”
“Thank you. I’m starving, and it’ll take a while for the barbecue to be ready.” Ares smiles at her, and just when I think my heart can’t break any more, it does. They look so comfortable with each other. The girl turns toward me and her eyebrows knit together. “Oh, hi, I didn’t see you there.” Apolo introduces us. “Samy, this is Raquel, our neighbor.” Samy offers me her hand, and I take it. “Nice to meet you, Raquel.” “Likewise,” I say. She smiles. “Ready for the pool?” “No, actually, I was just leaving.” “No, stay! I’m dying to know more about the girl who’s been a neighbor to these fools all her life.” She grabs me and drapes her arm over my shoulder, giving me a half hug. “I can’t believe I never met you until now.” Everyone is waiting for me to respond. I can’t stay here, not again. But Apolo waits anxiously for my answer, and he looks vulnerable, so I decide to stay for him. “All right, just a little while longer.” We go back to the pool, and my eyes travel over to where Ares’s friends are sitting. Ares moves next to me to whisper in my ear. “Stay away from him.” I know he’s referring to Marco. “I don’t have to do what you say.” “Pool time!” Samy shouts, taking off her dress. She dives into the water, splashing us all, and I take a step back. Apolo follows her lead and takes off his shirt, diving in after her. Samy emerges from the water. “Come on, Ares! What are you waiting for?” I stare at him like a fool, at those lips that have kissed me so deliciously, that abdomen that I touched while he was taking my innocence, that back that
I clung to while feeling him inside me. For God’s sake, Raquel! The blood flows to my face. I feel my cheeks burn and I look away. “You’re red.” Ares laughs. “What are you thinking?” “Nothing,” I say quickly. I can hear the arrogance in his voice. “Or were you remembering something?” “Raquel!” Gregory calls to me from the table, beckoning me over. “I’m coming!” I only manage to take a step before Ares grabs my arm. “I told you to stay away from him.” “And I told you that I don’t have to do what you say.” “I warned you.” Before I can process what he just said, Ares pulls me toward the pool with him. “No, no, Ares! No!” I struggle wildly to get away from his grip, but he is much stronger than me. “Please! No, Ares, no!” But it’s too late. A piercing scream leaves my mouth as Ares dives in, taking me down with him. For a few seasons we’re completely submerged in the water, my dress sticking to my body. Bubbles come out of my mouth as I struggle to surface. I gasp for air as I emerge from the water and instinctively wrap my arms around Ares’s neck, holding onto him tightly. He holds me by the waist. Our bodies are pressed together, and our faces are only inches apart, with those deep blue eyes gazing into mine. “Attacking me so fast?” Despite his arrogant question, I don’t let him go. My hair sticks to both sides of my face. “Swimming is not my thing.” He raises an eyebrow in surprise. “Don’t you know how to swim?” “Yes, but not very well,” I admit embarrassedly. We are so close, and his lips look so inviting. “Take me to the shallow end of the pool.”
“And waste the opportunity to have you pressed against me?” He smiles, showing those perfect, straight teeth of his. “No, I think I’ll enjoy it a little more.” “You’re a pervert.” “I’m the pervert?” “Yes.” His body emanates warmth, and his skin is so soft. “Who’s the one with the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy on her computer?” My eyes widen in shock. Ares’s hands are steady on my waist. “I’m not judging you, I’m just saying you’re not as innocent as you like to appear, Witch.” “Reading doesn’t make me a pervert.” “Are you saying that reading those sex scenes didn’t turn you on?” I look away. “I . . .” His hands go down to the outside of my thighs and he lifts my legs, encouraging me to wrap them around his waist. “I’m sure more than once you wished someone would take you that way, hard and fast.” For God’s sake, I need to get away from Ares urgently. My breathing becomes rapid and inconsistent, the water moves in small waves around us. “You’re crazy.” He uses his now-free hands to remove the wet hair from my face. “And you’re beautiful.” My world stops. I don’t breathe. I don’t move. I just lose myself in the infinity of his eyes. “Ares! Raquel!” Samy calls from the shallow end of the pool. “It’s time to play.” Ares clears his throat and starts to move over there. When we reach the shallow end, I break away from him. Before I can get close to Samy and
Apolo, Ares leans over to say something in my ear. “I can be your Christian Grey anytime you want, you perverted little witch.” I freeze, and he moves toward the group as if nothing happened. That crazy Greek god!

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