Through my Window by ARIANA Godoy ,Chapter 2,The Obnoxious Neighbor

I hate being disturbed when I sleep. It’s one of the few things I can’t stand. Normally, I’m a quiet, peaceful person, but if you wake me up, you’ll see my darker side. So, when I’m awakened by an unfamiliar tune, I can’t help but grunt in annoyance. I toss and turn in my bed, covering my head with my pillow, but the damage is done, and I can’t fall asleep again. Irritated, I toss the pillow aside and sit up, muttering profanities. Where the hell is that sound coming from? I groan. It’s midnight. Who could be making noise at this hour? It’s not even the weekend. I stumble like a zombie to my open window, and the cool breeze sneaking through the curtains gives me goose bumps. I’m used to sleeping with the window open because I’ve never had a problem with noises during the night, until now. I recognize the song: “Rayando El Sol” by Maná. Tilting my head to the side, I part the curtains to find out where it’s coming from. There’s someone sitting on the small chair in the Hidalgos’ yard. But it’s not Apolo this time. My heart bursts when I realize it’s none other than Ares. Ares is the best-looking guy I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and believe me, I’ve seen quite a few. He’s tall and athletic, with muscular legs and an ass to die for. His face is perfectly proportioned, with high cheekbones and a gorgeous nose. His lips are full and look wet all the time. His upper lip
forms an arch like the top of a drawn heart and his lower lip is accompanied by an almost imperceptible piercing. His eyes take my breath away every time I see them. They’re deep blue with a flash of stunning green. His hair is jet black, contrasting nicely with his creamy white skin, and falls carelessly over his forehead and ears. He has a tattoo on his left arm of a curvy dragon that looks professionally done. Everything about Ares screams mystery and danger, which should keep me away from him, but instead draws me in with a force that takes me aback. Under the floodlight, I can see that he’s wearing shorts, a pair of Converse, and a black T-shirt that matches his hair. I gawk at him as he types something on his laptop, nibbling on his lower lip. Sexy! But then it happens. Ares’s head snaps up, and he sees me. Those beautiful blue eyes meet mine, and my world stops. He and I have never made direct eye contact. Without meaning to, I blush immediately, but I can’t look away. Ares arches an eyebrow, and his gaze is as cold as ice. “Do you need something?” His voice lacks any emotion. I swallow, struggling to find my voice. His look paralyzes me. How can someone so young be so intimidating? “I . . . Hi,” I almost stutter. He doesn’t say anything, just stares at me, making me more nervous. I grip the edge of my windowsill. “I-I—your music woke me up.” I’m talking to Ares. God, don’t faint, Raquel. Breathe. “You have a good ear. Your room is quite far.” That’s it? He’s not going to apologize for waking me up? He returns his attention to the laptop and continues typing on it. I twist my lips in irritation. After a few minutes, he notices that I haven’t moved, and he looks back at me, lips pursed.
“Do you need something?” he repeats with an air of annoyance. That gives me the courage to speak. “Actually, yes. I wanted to talk to you.” He makes a gesture for me to continue. I frown. “Are you using my Wi-Fi?” “Yes.” He didn’t even hesitate to answer. “Without my permission?” “Yes.” God, his audacity is infuriating. “You shouldn’t do that.” “I know.” He shrugs, showing me how little he cares. “How do you have my password?” “I have good computer skills.” “You mean you obtained it in some fraudulent way.” “I hacked into your computer.” “And you can say that so calmly?” “Honesty is one of my best qualities.” “You’re an . . .” He waits for my insult, but his sharp gaze affects my mind, and I can’t think of anything creative, so I go for the traditional: “You’re an idiot.” His lips curve upward in a small smile. “What an insult! I thought you’d be more creative after discovering your password.” My cheeks heat up, and I can only imagine how red I must be. He knows my password. My frustrating childhood crush knows my ridiculous Wi-Fi password. I’m doomed. “No one was supposed to know about it.” I lower my head. Ares closes his laptop and focuses on me, amused. “I know a lot of things about you that I shouldn’t know, Raquel.” Hearing him say my name sends butterflies to my stomach. I try to stay cool. “Oh yeah? Like what?”
“Like those websites you visit when everyone else is asleep.” My mouth opens in surprise, but I quickly close it. Oh my God, he’s seen my browsing history? I’m so embarrassed. I’ve visited several porn sites out of curiosity. Just curiosity. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “Yes, you do.” Ares smiles. I don’t like where this conversation is going. “Anyway, that’s not the point, stop using my Wi-Fi and stop making noise.” Ares stands up from the small chair. “Or what?” “Or . . . I’ll tell on you.” Ares bursts out laughing. His laugh is hoarse and sexy. “Are you going to tell your mom?” he asks in a mocking tone. “Yes, or yours.” I feel safe standing at my window, but I don’t think I’d be so brave if we were facing each other in the yard. He leans back in his chair. “I’ll keep using your Wi-Fi, and you won’t do anything about it.” “Really?” The challenge in his eyes is overwhelming. I know mine must be the same. “There’s nothing you can do. If you tell my mother, I’ll deny it, and she’ll believe me. If you tell yours, I’ll show her the pages you visit when no one is watching you,” he says. “Are you blackmailing me?” He strokes his jaw as if he’s considering my question. “I wouldn’t call it blackmail, but rather coming to an agreement. I get what I want, and you get my silence in return.” “Your silence about information you got by hacking me. That’s not fair.” Ares shrugs his shoulders. “Haven’t you heard that life isn’t fair?” I grit my teeth. Jerk.
“If you have nothing more to say, I was doing something important.” He sits up and opens his laptop. I stare at him like a fool, not knowing if it’s because he’s that much of a jerk or because the feelings I had for him as a child haven’t completely gone away. Either way, I have to get back inside; the cold breeze isn’t pleasant. I close the window and defeatedly crawl back between my warm sheets. My iPhone vibrates on the bedside table. Who could be texting me at this hour? I open the message and gasp in surprise.
Unknown Number: Good night, Witch.
Sincerely yours,
I groan in frustration. Who is he calling a witch? And how the hell does he have my number? Apparently, things with Ares are nowhere near over, but he’s sorely mistaken if he thinks I’ll sit by and do nothing. You messed with the wrong neighbor!

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