Through my Window by ARIANA Godoy ,Chapter 5,The Best Friend

The walk back isn’t as uncomfortable as I expected, but I’m nervous and my hands are shaking. Part of me still can’t believe I’m walking next to Ares. I stay a step behind him so I don’t have to be opposite that cute face of his. However, my curious eyes travel down his defined arms and legs. Playing soccer suits him. He has an athletic body that makes him look strong. I continue to gawk at him until he catches me, and I look away. Ares glances over his shoulder at me with a mischievous, knowing grin that takes my breath away. Why does he have to be so fucking attractive? Grumbling, I focus on the street to one side of us. Ares plays on his phone the rest of the way. As we reach my front door, the atmosphere gets a little awkward. He stops next to me and runs his hand through his hair. “You’ve arrived at your cave, Witch.” “Stop calling me that.” “Comb your hair more often, and I will.” Low blow. I immediately run my fingers through my tangled hair, trying to unknot it. “It’s the weather’s fault.” Ares just smiles. “Whatever you say.” He pauses. “Witch.” “Very funny.” Ares checks his phone, as if checking the time. “Get in before your mom comes out and drags you in.”
“My mom wouldn’t do that, she knows what kind of daughter she raised,” I say arrogantly. “She trusts me.” And as if hearing me, my mother’s voice calls from inside the house. “Raquel? Is that you?” “Shit!” I panic. “Oh . . . that was fun, good night, bye.” I turn around to walk to the door. “Didn’t you just say that your mother knows who she raised?” “Raquel?” my mother calls again. I turn to him again. “Shhhh!” I gesture with both hands for him to leave. “Go away! Shoo!” Ares laughs showing those perfect teeth. He has a beautiful smile, I could stare at him all night, but my mother is about to come out and make a fuss. Ares gives me the “Okay” sign with his fingers. “All right, I’m off, Stalker Witch.” “Wow, a special nickname now?” Sarcasm drips from my tone. He shrugs. “I’m very creative, I know.” “So am I, Greek God.” As soon as my so-called nickname for him leaves my lips, I regret it. Greek God? Are you serious, Raquel? “I like that nickname.” Of course, you like it, arrogant— “Raquel!” My mom’s voice is louder now. I turn my back to him again and this time he says nothing. I hear his footsteps fading further into the distance as I open my front door. I walk in and put my back against the door as a stupid grin comes over my face. I had a good time with Ares. I still can’t believe it. “Raquel Margarita Mendoza Álvarez!” You know you’re in trouble when your mom uses your full name. “Hi, my beautiful mom,” I say with the cutest look I can conjure up.
My mother, Rosa Maria Álvarez, is a hard-working, dedicated woman. She’s a respected nurse at the local hospital. She’s the best person I know, but as a mother she can be strict. Although she doesn’t spend much time at home because of her job, when she is at home, she likes to take control and maintain order. “Don’t mom me,” she warns, holding up her pointer finger. “It’s ten o’clock at night, can you tell me where you were?” “I thought we agreed that I could arrive at eleven o’clock at the latest during the summer.” “Only on weekends,” she reminds me. “As long as you let me know where you are, and who you’re with.” “I stopped by the bakery, and I was eating a donut and—” “The bakery closes at nine o’clock.” I clear my throat. “You didn’t let me finish. I stayed outside the bakery eating the donut.” “Do you expect me to believe that?” I put my hands on my hips. “That’s what happened, Mom. You know me, what else could I be doing?” Letting a boy kiss my neck in the cemetery. My mom narrows her eyes. “You better not be lying to me, Raquel.” “I would never dare, my sweet mother.” I give her a hug and kiss the side of her face. “Your dinner is in the microwave.” “You are the best.” “And go upstairs and give that dog of yours some love, he’s done nothing but crawl around the house depressed.” “Aww! He misses me!” “Or he’s hungry.” Both are very possible.
After devouring my food, I go up to my room, and Rocky comes running out to greet me. He almost knocks me down. He’s getting bigger every day. “Hello, beautiful, cutie, fluffy doggy.” I rub his head gently. “Who’s the cutest doggy in the world?” Rocky licks my hand. “That’s right, you are.” My phone chirps in my jacket pocket and, closing my bedroom door with my foot, I check the message. It’s from Joshua, my other best friend. I haven’t seen him in days because I’ve been spending so much time with Dani.
Joshua BFF: Are you awake?
Me: Yes, what’s up?
A second later, my phone lights up with a call from him. “Hi, Rochi,” he says as soon as I answer. He has always affectionately called me Rochi. “Hi, Yoshi.” And I, of course, call him after the dinosaur from Mario Kart. He reminds me of Joshua, and he’s cute. They’re not the most mature nicknames in the world, but in my defense, we picked them when we were children. “First of all, the crazy girl is not with you, right?” “No, Dani must be at home.” “Finally. You’ve completely abandoned me for her. I’m already forgetting your face.” “It’s been four days, Yoshi.” “That’s a long time. Anyway, how about tomorrow we binge-watch The Walking Dead?” “Only if you swear to me that you haven’t seen the new episodes without me.” “You have my word.” I walk around my room distractedly. “It’s a deal then.”
“Your place or mine?” I look at the calendar on the wall. “Mine. Mom has a double shift tomorrow, and my TV is bigger.” “All right. See you tomorrow, Rochi.” “See you tomorrow.” I smile at the phone as I hang up and remember the times when I thought I had a crush on Joshua. He’s the only guy I’ve interacted with and shared so much with. But I would never dare put our friendship at risk when I wasn’t sure how I felt. Joshua is nothing like Ares. He’s shy and cute in his own way. He wears glasses and a hat that he never wants to take off. Unconsciously, I walk over to the window. Will Ares be out there on the patio stealing my Wi-Fi? My heart skips a beat just imagining him sitting there with his laptop and that stupid, arrogant smile that looks so good on him. But when I open my curtains, all I see is the empty chair with a few drops of water on it from the rain this past evening. I look at Ares’s house and at his window. The light is on, but I don’t see him. I sigh in disappointment. I’m about to give up when he appears in my field of vision and grabs the hem of his shirt to take it off over his head. I blush instantly at the sight of his naked torso. That flat, defined abdomen . . . Those strong arms . . . Those tattoos . . . That V in his lower abdomen . . . It’s hot in here suddenly. I drop my gaze, cheeks coloring, but I can’t help but take one last look at him. To my surprise, Ares is standing in front of the window, looking directly at me. Shit!
I drop to the ground and crawl away from the window. Rocky tilts his head to the side in confusion. “Don’t judge me,” I tell him seriously. My phone rings again, scaring me. I pray to God it’s not Ares making fun of what just happened. I open the message nervously.
Ares <3: Do you like what you see?
Me: Nah, I was just looking at the moon.
Ares <3: There is no moon. It’s cloudy.
Me: I just wanted to make sure I didn’t have neighbors stealing my Wi-Fi.
Ares <3: Your signal doesn’t reach here.
Me: Just making sure.
A long time goes by and I don’t think he’ll say anymore, so I take a shower and put on my pajamas. I come out of the bathroom, drying my hair with my towel, and I see a new message on my phone.
Ares <3: Why don’t you come over here and make sure in person?
The message is from five minutes ago and takes me by surprise. He wants me to come to his house? At this hour? Is he . . . Is he inviting me to . . . The towel falls out of my hands. No. I’m a virgin, but I’m not stupid, I know how to read between the lines. I get another message that makes me jump.
Ares <3: It’s fun to scare you. Good night, Stalker Witch.
Was it a joke? I don’t think so. Ares Hidalgo just invited me to his room to do who knows what in a subtle way, but he still did it. And what confuses me the most is the fact that I hesitated instead of running over there. Apparently, I’m all talk and no action, as Dani would say. Silly, silly, Raquel.

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