All Too Late Chapter 101

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All Too Late Chapter 101

All Too Late Chapter 101

Tyson felt awkward. He would not dare to say that.

The look in Samuel’s eyes turned cold. “I’m not upset with you.”

Tyson froze. “Mr. Macari?”

“I really missed out on too many things in those three years,” Samuel said as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “I’ve even asked you to go with her when she went for checkups at the hospital. Of course you’ll know her better than I do.”

It’s me. I’m the one who pushed Kathleen away. I can’t be upset with anyone about this.

At that, Tyson mustered the courage to say, “Mr. Macari, I think that, as long as she’s still alive, you still have a chance. Don’t wait until she’s gone before you really regret it. That will be too late.”

Samuel turned to glance at him.

“Honestly, Mrs. Macari has already said that she wants to live peacefully with you. Why don’t you just say yes?” Tyson muttered gloomily. “Mrs. Macari has spent ten years to make you fall for her. You can do the same. Make her fall for you again.”

Samuel frowned. “Make her fall for me again?”

“That’s right. Although Mrs. Macari isn’t how she used to be, you can put in more effort. Don’t force your will onto her the way you used to. Consider what she wants,” Tyson explained.

“Okay, I got it.” Samuel nodded solemnly.

“Mr. Macari, I’ve found some information regarding the matter you asked me to look into.” Tyson put down the documents in his hands. “Apparently, Mrs. Macari and Mr. Johnson have returned in search of their kin.”

“What kin?” Samuel frowned.

“Mrs. Macari’s parents are orphans,” Tyson started. “It seems that they wish to find their family. Mrs. Macari’s mother was adopted, but she has always wanted to look for her biological parents. According to my investigation, it seems likely that Mrs. Macari and the others have found some clues, and that’s why they’ve returned.”

Samuel kept staring at Tyson. So, Kathleen didn’t come back because of Christopher, he mused.

“What have they found?” he asked coldly.

“Mrs. Macari’s mother seems to be the missing third daughter of the Yoeger family,” Tyson replied.

“What?” Samuel exclaimed, taken aback.

Kathleen’s mother is the Yoeger family’s third daughter? Is that why Kathleen looks so much like Nicolette? Is that why their bone marrows were a match?

“What else did you find?” Samuel asked.

“Nothing else. That is all,” Tyson mumbled. “Mrs. Macari will be attending a banquet tonight. Christopher will be there too.”

“Make the arrangements. I’m going as well,” Samuel ordered.

“Understood.” Tyson nodded.

Samuel’s keen eyes then turned to look at the screen. As he looked at Kathleen’s side profile, his chest ached.

If I’d gotten Kathleen to attend Old Mrs. Yoeger’s birthday celebration three years ago, would things have turned out differently? Would she not have left a year ago? As for the Yoeger family… I have a score to settle with them.

At eight o’clock that night, Charles came to pick Kathleen up in a black Bentley.

Kathleen was wearing an off-shoulder maxi bodycon with a slit that revealed her long fair legs.

Kathleen was beautiful in a soft, tender way. However, the moment she dressed herself up, she looked absolutely alluring and exquisite.

As Charles looked at his sister, he said, “Who are you planning to seduce tonight?”

Kathleen only flashed him a shy smile.

She then leaned over to enter the car.

Then, Charles drove them to the banquet.

“Vanessa is currently the one with the final say in the Yoeger family. Zachary may be the heir, but he’s in poor health, so Vanessa is the one who makes most of the decisions,” Charles explained.

Kathleen knitted her brows. “Is Zachary Nicolette’s father?”

“Yes.” Charles nodded in affirmation.

Hearing that, Kathleen fell silent.

“Leave this to me if you want to take revenge on her,” Charles said to her in a cold tone. “I don’t care who Samuel is. I’m going to cripple Nicolette and hand her over to you. I’m going to avenge my two nephews.”

Kathleen was quiet for a while. “My grievance with Nicolette can’t be dismissed just like this. However, let’s settle the issue regarding our history first. I’m afraid Samuel will stop us if we target Nicolette now. If that happens, we’ll lose more than we gain.”

“True,” Charles agreed with a nod.

After that, they went to a private club.

The two of them stepped out of the car.

Kathleen hooked her arm around Charles’ before they entered the premise.

Almost immediately, everyone cast them inexplicable gazes.

Charles had been keeping a low profile before that. It was only when Kathleen rose to fame did the others find out that he was Kathleen’s manager and the CEO of Astra Entertainment.

On the other hand, Kathleen was an award-winning actress, Samuel’s ex-wife, and Christopher’s fiancée.

To sum it up, her identity was quite complicated.

Nevertheless, Samuel and the Macari family protected her well. She was rarely seen in public.

One of the few times she ever appeared in public was when Samuel revealed their wedding photo a year ago.

Even now, Samuel still kept that post as his pinned tweet. He had never taken it down.

Charles led Kathleen to Vanessa. “Ms. Yoeger, hello.”

Vanessa Yoeger turned fifty that year.

However, because of her strict skincare routine, she did not look a day over thirty-five.

Vanessa gave the siblings a long look. “So, this is Mr. Johnson and the award-winning best actress.”

“I’m surprised that you know us, Ms. Yoeger,” Charles said with a smile that did not reach his eyes. “I heard you’re interested in starting a business in red wine, Ms. Yoeger. What a coincidence! I have a winery in Belmonia. Ms. Yoeger, are you interested in working with me?”

Vanessa narrowed her eyes. “Mr. Johnson, are you here for a business negotiation?”

“Of course. Why else are we here for?” Kathleen smiled sweetly. No one could tell what she was truly feeling at that moment.

As Vanessa stared at Kathleen’s pretty face, she uttered, “Ha. No matter.”

“Ms. Yoeger, shall we discuss this in detail?” Charles coolly asked.

Vanessa nodded. “Okay.”

Charles peered at Kathleen and said, “I’ll be right back.”

“Sure.” Kathleen nodded at him.

With that, Charles and Vanessa stepped aside for a chat.

Kathleen picked up a glass of wine and strolled around the place. Her gaze eventually landed on a middle-aged man.

She strode over to him.

“Mr. Pollard, is that you?” Kathleen smiled at him.

Ivan Pollard turned around. “Are you Ms. Kathleen Johnson?” he said in pleasant surprise.

Kathleen replied, “I can’t believe you know me, Mr. Pollard. What an honor!”

“You’re too humble, Ms. Johnson. Who wouldn’t recognize you?” Ivan glanced at her meaningfully. “How can I help you, Ms. Johnson?”

“I just want to have a chat with you, Mr. Pollard. May I have the honor?” Kathleen queried.

“Sure,” Ivan replied with a chuckle. “What would you like to talk about?”

“A year ago, when I was in Ferropene, I was attacked by a gang,” Kathleen started with a gloomy look. “We caught one of the attackers, who said that he was acting under your orders. I’d like to ask if I’ve offended you in some way.”

Ivan froze.

My men have been caught? I thought they were all dead! I can’t believe some are still alive.

“Ms. Johnson, don’t listen to their nonsense! This is slander!” Ivan fumed. “I do not hold any grudges against you, Ms. Johnson!”

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