All Too Late Chapter 117

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All Too Late Chapter 117

All Too Late Chapter 117

“I love her,” replied Samuel icily. “That’s enough.”

“I think you don’t realize how grave your mistake was back then!” yelled Christopher furiously. “You’ll make her unhappy if you keep forcing her against her wishes.”

“Got it. Thanks for your reminder.” Samuel ended the call and drove away.

Christopher frowned. What did he understand?

Christopher stopped his car outside where Kathleen was staying before calling her.

However, the call didn’t get through.

Glancing at the time, he saw that it was already eleven at night.

She’s probably asleep. After all, she’s the main chef now. I’ll just let her sleep. She must be exhausted!

Christopher’s heart ached.

At that moment, a woman stood in front of his car and knocked on his car window.

Christopher rolled the windows down. “Astrid?”

“Can I get into the car?” asked Astrid softly.

After thinking about it, he nodded.

Astrid sat beside the driver’s seat and said after a short pause, “Oh no! I forgot that this is your fiancée’s seat now.”

Christopher said grimly, “It’s fine.”

Delighted, Astrid closed the car door.

“What do you want, Astrid?” demanded Christopher unhappily. “You can’t keep making things difficult for Kathleen.”

“I’m sorry. I’m just struggling to get over it,” apologized Astrid. “I simply want to know what kind of woman you like.”

“I don’t like someone who’s like you,” replied Christopher coldly. “I’m just being polite to you out of courtesy for your grandfather. I hope you do what’s best for yourself.”

“I know. Do you think that I can do anything to her?” asked Astrid indignantly. “Look at what she had done to me! Why don’t you tell your fiancée off and ask her to be nicer to me?”

“I won’t interfere in how she’s treating you,” rejected Christopher curtly.

Astrid hesitated. “Christopher, I know you hate me and think I’m deliberately making things difficult for Kathleen. But I have no choice.”

“What do you mean?” Christopher frowned.

“Would you believe me if I say my grandfather’s collaborating with Samuel? He hinted to my grandfather that I should come back and stir up trouble,” revealed Astrid. “If I refuse, Samuel would stop collaborating with my grandfather. I’m left with no choice.”

“Are you saying that Samuel instructed you to do this?” Christopher frowned.

“Yeah! He wants me to separate both of you so that he has an opportunity to intervene.” Astrid pleaded, “I’m so sorry, Christopher. I don’t want to do this either. But my grandfather’s old, and I don’t want him to work too hard.”

Christopher said coldly, “If Samuel’s using this to threaten you, I’ll think of a solution. I’ll talk to your grandfather and tell him that Morris Group can collaborate with him instead, so he doesn’t need to worry. Meanwhile, you should stop bullying Kathleen.”

“That’s great! I have nothing to fear if you’re backing me up.” Astrid grinned.

Christopher said solemnly, “Go out. I’ll handle the rest.”

“Okay.” Astrid nodded and was about to leave the car.

“Huh?” She raised her hands and placed them on Christopher’s collar. Smiling, she remarked, “Your collar is ruffled.”

Christopher shoved her hands away. “I’ll tidy it myself.”

Not feeling embarrassed, Astrid laughed. “Quickly pick your fiancée up! If she’s taking care of you, you won’t be so clueless that you don’t even know your collar’s up.”

Christopher gave no response. Only then did Astrid finally get out of the car.

Christopher frowned. I’ve underestimated how vicious Samuel is. He’s gone overboard!

The moment Astrid left the car and turned around, a cold smirk formed on her lips.

Christopher’s becoming more and more charismatic. I’ll never give up. Kathleen’s just another b*tch who was previously married. She doesn’t deserve Christopher!

When Kathleen woke up the next day, her head felt extremely heavy.

When she took her temperature, she realized that it was 38.7 degrees Celsius.

“Are you awake, Kathleen?” Astrid knocked on the door.

“Come in,” she replied.

Astrid pushed the door open and entered. Smiling, she asked, “Aren’t you going to wake up? Everyone’s waiting for you. It’s not good to keep everyone waiting, right?”

“Please tell them that I have a high fever, so I can’t go down and cook,” said Kathleen weakly.

“No way!” Surprised, Astrid raised her hand to touch Kathleen’s forehead.

Kathleen dodged it. “Thank you.”

“All right, then.” Astrid nodded, got up, and let.

After that, Kathleen stood up from her bed and took out some fever medicine from her luggage.

She gulped a pill down with some warm water.

Still, she had a huge headache and felt extremely uncomfortable.

She crawled back to the bed and wrapped the blanket around herself tightly.

After a while, Nancy entered. “Are you having a fever, Kathleen?”

“It’s 37.8 degrees Celsius.” Kathleen snuggled in the blanket and said in a nasal tone, “Nancy, I’m afraid that I can’t cook today.”

Nancy placed her hand on Kathleen’s forehead and frowned. “Rest well! Don’t worry about what’s happening downstairs. Have you taken some medicine?”

Kathleen nodded. “Yeah.”

“Good. Have a good rest. I’ll bring some porridge over to you later. Lie down now!” said Nancy.

“Okay.” Kathleen lay back down, and Nancy left after tucking her in.

When she arrived downstairs, she told Steve, “She really has a fever.”

“That’s right! 37.8 degrees Celsius is really high!” remarked Astrid snarkily.

“What should we do?” John looked at Steve. “Who’s going to cook?”

“Kathleen’s really exhausted recently. She’s the only one commanding the entire kitchen,” commented Nancy meaningfully. “Why isn’t the production team giving us someone more reliable?”

Astrid said nonchalantly, “Why don’t we ask Mila to come back? Just tell Kathleen to make a call. She still has the energy to make a call even if she has a 37.8 degrees Celsius fever, right?”

Nancy shot an unhappy glance at Astrid. “Do you know what an average human being’s temperature is? Why do you keep saying that it’s 37.8 degrees Celsius in such a snarky tone?”

“I didn’t say anything mean, right, Ms. Nancy?” replied Astrid.

“Don’t call me that! I’m your age,” snapped Nancy in annoyance. “We’re both adults, so stop speaking like a child. It’s as if you’re dumb! Everyone’s thinking of a solution, so why are you saying something so unrealistic?”

Astrid bit her lips in indignance. “Nancy, I didn’t say anything much! Also, none of us know how to cook. Who’d expect that Kathleen would fall sick the moment I come?”

“Anyone can fall sick.” John shot a displeased glare at Astrid. “Hey, if you’re still in love with Christopher, why don’t you look for him privately? We’re still filming a show. What are you trying to do?”

Biting her lip, Astrid remained silent with a pitiful look.

The atmosphere in the kitchen was extremely tense.

John exclaimed in frustration, “What’s going on? What kind of guest did they invite? She’s so b*tchy! If we rebuke her, it’s like we’re being unreasonable!”

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