All Too Late Chapter 116

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All Too Late Chapter 116

All Too Late Chapter 116

Kathleen turned around. “Mr. Macari, we’re closed.”

“I know.” Samuel looked at her from above.

Her hair was braided today. Wearing a red sweater and a pair of black jeans, she looked exceptionally youthful and pretty.

When he stood behind her earlier, he kept gazing at the fair nape of her neck. His memories floated to when they had just gotten married.

He had left countless marks at that exact spot. Every time, Kathleen would complain that she couldn’t go out like that.

Back then, she was so shy, gentle, obedient, and alluring.

“So why aren’t you leaving yet?” demanded Kathleen coldly.

“I have something to tell you.” Samuel smirked meaningfully. “I can’t say it here. I’ll wait for you in the car.”

Kathleen frowned.

Suddenly, Samuel bent down and whispered beside her ear, “It’s about the Yoeger family. You’d know.”

With that, he spun around and left.

Kathleen frowned. Is he telling the truth, or is he lying to me?

However, it was safer to believe that it was the truth if it was about something like this.

After all, what Samuel gave her the previous time was quite useful.

Now, Ivan had already been arrested.

She heard that Vanessa was trying to bail him out.

With all the strong evidence, it was difficult for Vanessa to achieve that too.

More importantly, Kathleen heard that a bigshot was pressurizing JC, so Ivan couldn’t get bail.

Is Samuel behind this too?

She pursed her lips. Since it was more important for her to investigate her mother’s background, she decided to meet him.

After work, Kathleen went to look for Samuel.

His black Maybach was parked by the roadside.

Meanwhile, he sat in the car, his gaze brooding and unreadable.

As he stared at Kathleen’s slender figure, his lips curved into a gentle smile.

This adorable bunny has fallen into the trap.

Kathleen got into the car, sat beside the driver’s seat, and asked, “What do you know?”

Samuel smirked, his eyes as dark as ink. “My dearest Ms. Johnson, you’re begging me for a favor now. Why are you acting like I owe you?”

She pursed her lips.

Knowing that she sounded quite impatient earlier, she changed her attitude and said, “Is there anything that you’d like to tell me, Mr. Macari?”

An amused look flashed across Samuel’s eyes as he passed a file to Kathleen.

She was stunned. Is he giving it to me so easily? Finally, he’s acting like a decent human being.

When she opened the file, she was shocked.

“What’s this?” Kathleen frowned. “Did Zachary’s illness worsen?”

“This is why Vanessa’s frantically eliminating everyone that can affect the Yoegers’ core interests recently.” Samuel glanced at her from the side of his eyes. “Be careful.”

Kathleen hesitated. “My brother and I know nothing about this.”

“Vanessa concealed it well. I had to spend a lot of money before receiving this intel,” revealed Samuel solemnly. “A few million just for an egg fried rice.”

Kathleen was at a loss for words.

“I’ll repay you.” She pouted. “I’ll ask my brother for that few million.”

A sharp glint flashed across Samuel’s icy gaze. Suppressing it, he smiled. “Do you want more information?”

“Do you have them?” Kathleen was surprised.

“I can find out information that you can never get your hands on.” Samuel stared at her with an unreadable expression.

She didn’t deny it.

Meanwhile, Samuel continued gazing at her relaxedly and patiently.

“But you have conditions,” replied Kathleen anxiously. “What is it this time?”

He smiled. “You sure are smart.”

“I was never dumb. I became useless when you were taking care of me,” complained Kathleen resentfully.

She regretted saying that immediately.

“If you want, I can continue taking care of you.” Samuel flashed her a meaningful smile.

Kathleen frowned. “I can take care of myself now.”

“Then why are you asking your brother for money?” mocked Samuel coolly.

She bit her lips. “He’s my brother. Am I supposed to ask you for money instead?”

“Naturally, I won’t refuse if you’re the one asking me.” Samuel smirked. “But aren’t you Christopher’s fiancée? Why aren’t you asking him?”

Kathleen paused. So that’s what he’s waiting for.

“Chris is different from you!” Her eyes shone brightly. “He respects me a lot and wouldn’t put me in a tight spot.”

Samuel gripped the steering wheels tightly, his knuckles jutting against his skin.

Everything she said was what he had lacked in the past.

“Kate, I’ll change in the future,” said Samuel hoarsely.

“A leopard can’t change its spots.” Kathleen breathed in deeply. “Anyway, what’s your condition?”

“Macari Group is planning to invest in a movie, but the female lead hasn’t been decided yet. I want you to act in the role,” replied Samuel. “With an award-winning actress, the movie will be extremely popular even before its release.”

Kathleen hesitated for a moment. “I want to read the script first.”

Samuel raised his eyebrows. “So, are you agreeing?”

“The remuneration will be used to repay you,” she continued.

Samuel chuckled. “It’s fine as long as you agree to act in the movie.”

“I want to read the script first. If it’s bad, I won’t do it.” Kathleen stuck to her own principles.

Samuel grinned. “The director of the movie is Spencer Scott, and the screenwriter is Remy Mills. You know their status in the entertainment industry very well.”

Kathleen was stunned.

Spencer was an internationally famous director who had won countless awards.

Numerous people were dying to collaborate with him.

Kathleen couldn’t help but feel tempted. If both of them were producing a movie, it would definitely be good.

However, she didn’t dare to express it. “Still, I’d like to take a look at the script.”

Samuel smirked meaningfully. “Okay, I’ll send it to you later. Oh, right. Why don’t you add me on Whatsapp? Otherwise, I can’t send it to you.”

Kathleen was at a loss for words. Eventually, they added each other’s contacts.

Samuel looked at her profile picture. She was wearing a white dress and hugging a sunflower. With her dazzling smile, she looked beautiful.

She probably had a fun time during her year abroad. She probably never missed me, right?

She kept praising Christopher. Has he been keeping her company for the past year?

As those thoughts ran across his head, Samuel’s emotions began raging in turmoil.

Meanwhile, Kathleen looked at Samuel’s profile picture. It was taken when she was trying out her wedding dress.

“I’ll go now.” Kathleen opened the car door and left. It felt as if she was escaping.

She didn’t understand why Samuel wanted to use that photo as his profile picture.

Everyone in his social circle was wealthy and had high status. If they saw his profile picture, their minds would wander.

Staring at Kathleen as she left, Samuel smiled and stroked her profile picture.

It’s fine even if she forgets about me completely. It’s fine if she wants a gentle boyfriend who respects her. I’ll satisfy all her wishes.

At that moment, Samuel’s phone rang. It was a call from Christopher.

He picked up the call. “What’s up?”

“Stop pestering her,” instructed Christopher in a deep voice. “Samuel, she doesn’t love you anymore.”

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