All Too Late Chapter 120

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All Too Late Chapter 120

All Too Late Chapter 120

Kathleen nodded in acknowledgement.

It wasn’t long before Richard arrived in the hospital room.

“You’re awake, Ms. Johnson. You barely avoided a lung infection caused by dehydration. I’d suggest you stay put for two more days for observation, just to be safe.”

“Is it mandatory?” Kathleen questioned with a grimace.

“But of course. You wouldn’t want to deal with complications from the flu,” Richard answered sternly in a tone that warranted no objection. “Rest well.”

He then turned to address Wynnie and Calvin who were at the corner. “Were either one of you aware of his eating habits? My diagnosis shows that his gastroenteritis was caused by irregular eating schedules.”

Wynnie wrung her hands in concern. “You know how stubborn he can be.”

“That boy is digging his own grave if he continues neglecting his health,” Richard announced baldly while Wynnie continued studying her son’s sickly pale features.

It was at that moment that Tyson strode into the room.

“Tyson, has Samuel been eating at all recently?” Wynnie questioned hurriedly.

“But of course. However, the food prepared was not up to his standard, insomuch that he barely consumed several morsels out of each meal. I tried convincing him but to no avail.”

“How is he such a picky eater?” Wynnie exclaimed in exasperation.

“I remember Mr. Macari enjoying the meal prepared by Ms. Johnson last time. He finished eating it.” Tyson darted a meaningful glance toward Samuel.

Wynnie crossed her arms. “Kathleen won’t always be around at his beck and call. He can jolly well learn to care for himself.”

Kathleen flushed at the sudden turn of events.

She recalled the time he completely devoured the plain oatmeal she prepared and felt an inexplicable surge of sympathy for Samuel.

Just then, Samuel began to stir, his eyes opening groggily.

Wynnie rushed toward her son. “Are you feeling any better? With the way you’re treating your body right now, you might as well be planning for an early death!”

“I’m fine, all right?”

“You’re as stubborn as a mule. Is eating such a harrowing ordeal? I wouldn’t have given birth to you if I’d known you’d turn out this way!” Wynnie’s anger was irrepressible.

Samuel chose to remain silent but discreetly directed a knife-sharp glare at Tyson.

God knows why you contacted Mom!

Tyson wiped the cold sweat from his brow.

What a way of showing your appreciation. You wouldn’t be staying in the same room as your wife right now if not for my quick thinking.

“Suit yourself! I couldn’t care less if you were to ruin yourself,” Wynnie huffed as she stalked out of the room.

“Darling, wait up!” trailed Calvin as he hurried after his wife without a care in the world for Samuel.

Tyson was about to speak up when Samuel cut him off.

“You should leave too. I need some space to clear my head,” Samuel uttered while shutting his eyes, signaling the end of their conversation.

Tyson cocked his brows in question at Kathleen.

It was only when she waved him on that Tyson finally departed from the room.

Samuel sucked in a breath and let his eyes wander over the stark ceiling, deep in thought.

Kathleen’s voice disrupted his ruminations. “Why weren’t you eating on time?”

Samuel looked askance at the petite woman, who was also dressed in a hospital gown, sitting at the edge of her bed.

“Dr. Zimmer claimed that this rooming arrangement was because the hospital was full, though I doubt the veracity of it,” said Kathleen.

Samuel’s mind was churning with a sea of roiling thoughts. “I’ve no idea.”

Am I dreaming?

“I wouldn’t have agreed to this if I’d known.” It was Kathleen’s turn to stare at the ceiling. “Your parents were worried sick. Couldn’t you at least try to allay their fears by taking good care of yourself?”

“What happened to you?” asked Samuel instead of answering her question.

“I had a really high fever.”

Samuel dipped his head.

It still felt like he was dreaming.

He reached for his phone and tapped on the message notifications that were popping up.

Richard wrote: No need to thank me, Samuel. This was all Tyson’s idea. Richard had no plans of incurring the wrath of Samuel, hence he chose to place the blame on Tyson the scapegoat.

Samuel put down his phone and collected himself. “Are you feeling better?”

“I suppose so. But I still have to remain admitted for two more days just in case.”

Two days? Doesn’t this mean we’d both be…

Samuel’s heart dropped.

The buzz of activity at their doorstep turned out to be the appearance of Charles.

He strode in and gave Samuel a dirty look.

“I must have mistaken your room for another, my apologies.”

“What are you doing here, Charles?”

“I could ask you that myself,” said Charles in bewilderment as his eyes darted between Samuel and Kathleen.

“I know what this looks like, but I swear it’s not what you think. This peculiar situation was entirely coincidental. The hospital was out of available rooms, so we had to compromise,” Kathleen elaborated.

“Really?” Charles eyed Samuel dubiously.

“Don’t give me that look. I was unconscious all this while and had just woken shortly before your arrival.”

Charles was unconvinced. “Is that so?”

“I can testify to that. He was truly left in the dark just like myself.”

Charles couldn’t stand the thought of his sister staying with that abominable man. “I’ll arrange for you to switch rooms right this instant. If there still aren’t any available, we’ll file for a transfer to another hospital.”

“The doctor advised against moving around too often due to my pneumonia,” Kathleen explained.

“That sounds serious.” Charles held his palm against Kathleen’s forehead. “That production team be damned. Their entire team should be dismissed for such negligence!”

Kathleen held on to her brother’s hand and said soothingly, “Forget it. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

Charles was drowning in guilt. “I’m so sorry, dear sister. It’s my fault for not having taken care of you well enough. That’s it. We’ll be withdrawing from the show. I’ll cover the penalty for breaking the contract, so don’t you worry.”

“Get ahold of yourself. With the state I’m in, I’m not fit for work. You’d have to make arrangements with the production team to search for a replacement.”

“I’ve got this.” Charles ruffled Kathleen’s hair affectionately. “Rest well and recuperate after you’re discharged. I’ll handle the new script for the production.”

“Actually… I sort of agreed to star in the show Samuel invested in,” muttered Kathleen sheepishly.

Charles’ jaw dropped. “Please tell me you’re kidding.”

“Come on, Charles. Samuel invested his time and money in this. All I have to do is film. There’s a cut out of the remuneration to boot.”

“Our household is far better off than you think.” Charles side-eyed Samuel. “How much was it exactly?”

“I don’t need the money,” Samuel replied stonily.

“Stop coveting my sister! If it’s revealed that you intentionally arranged all this, your days are numbered,” Charles barked.

“I honestly have no clue what’s going on right now,” Samuel replied.


Charles averted his gaze back to Kathleen and handed her a lunchbox. “I’ve brought you my signature oatmeal. Eat it while it’s still warm.”

“Thank you! I’m absolutely famished.” Kathleen nodded.

“I knew you’d love it. There’s also your favorite Ratatouille for when you’re done with that.” Charles smiled tenderly at Kathleen.

Kathleen felt like a child opening presents on Christmas day.

Samuel gazed thoughtfully at Kathleen.

Her gentleness was truly the result of her tender and loving upbringing.

“Do you happen to have more of this?” Kathleen glanced over at Samuel and wondered out loud while savoring Charles’ cooking.

“This is all I’ve got.” Charles stared suspiciously at her.

“I’m pretty sure there’s more in that bag over there,” Kathleen coaxed.

“What are you planning?” Charles’ eyes narrowed in question.

“Why not make some for Samuel? We’re roommates after all…”

“As if!” Charles folded his arms and refused to look Kathleen in the eye.

Over my dead body!

“Only my brother-in-law is worthy of this. Who exactly is he, pray tell?” Charles remarked disdainfully.

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