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Kathleen looked at that woman coldly.

Astrid Holloway, what a coincidence. Did they spend last night together? No wonder Felix specially mentioned on the invitation card, for me to come earlier. Did he do that just to make me witness this scene? Interesting.

“Kathleen?” While Astrid appeared to be surprised, a flicker of smugness flashed through her eyes. “Kathleen, don’t get it wrong. Actually…”

“Shut up!” Frustrated, Christopher looked at Astrid and stopped her from talking.

Christopher strode over to Kathleen and said calmly, “It’s not what you think. I’ll explain to you later.”

“Oh.” Kathleen nodded.

In fact, she would not be bothered even if he did not explain it to her, as sexual attraction was common.

Astrid’s face flushed with embarrassment after she got chided by Christopher, and she started whimpering.

Kathleen’s lips curled into a sarcastic smile. “I really can’t tell that you used to be a war correspondent.”

Astrid was shocked to see how calm Kathleen was, as though she was not at all bothered with Astrid, and what Astrid did was child’s play.

At this moment, Felix walked out of the room with a crutch in his hand.

With his face darkened, he asked, “What’s going on?”

“Grandpa, it’s nothing to do with Christopher. It’s all my fault.” With tears trickling down Astrid’s cheeks, she looked heart-rending.

Felix questioned gravely, “What exactly happened?”

Both Christopher and Astrid remained silent.

Felix looked at Christopher with a solemn look and reproached, “Christopher, as a man, you should bear the responsibility.”

“I was drunk last night, so I couldn’t have…” Christopher did not believe that he had done such a thing with Astrid.

A drunk person would not have the extra energy to do that.

There was no such thing as a drunken mistake. It just depended on whether someone was willing to do so.

Christopher was certain that he would never lay a finger on Astrid, as he was not interested in her.

“Mm… Mm…” Astrid wailed, aggrieved.

Felix’s expression darkened. He instructed the butler to go take a look.

After a while, the butler came out while holding the bedsheet, which had some red marks on it.

Kathleen felt like laughing, and she did burst out laughing too.

Felix shot her an apathetic look and questioned, “Ms. Johnson, what’re you laughing about?”

Kathleen answered calmly, “Well, it’s nothing much. Old Mr. Morris, I simply feel that you actually don’t have to go through so much trouble to stop Christopher from marrying me, as Christopher and I…”

“Kate!” Christopher gritted his teeth.

“Christopher and I are not engaged.” Kathleen smiled faintly. “However, even though we’re not in a relationship, Christopher doesn’t like Astrid either. To force me into leaving Christopher, you’ve resorted to sacrificing his marriage and happiness. That’s somewhat not worth it.”

Frowning, Felix asked, “Aren’t you two engaged?”

“We’re not, of course.” Kathleen explained monotonously, “It’s actually because my brother is afraid that Samuel would be pestering me after I’m back. Therefore, he asked Chris for a favor, and Chris agreed to help me out. I initially intended to tell the reporters after a month, that Chris and I have called off the engagement.”

Felix replied in a stern voice, “Ms. Johnson, you should know that you’re not compatible with Christopher.”

“Grandpa!” Christopher was getting anxious. “It’s between me and Kate. Stay out of it!”

Christopher walked to Kathleen, grabbed her hands, and wanted to lead her outside.

Nevertheless, Kathleen refused to leave.

Christopher looked at her, and his gaze was dark yet nervous.

“Old Mr. Morris, you seem to be very concerned about me. Is it because I’m Samuel’s ex-wife?” asked Kathleen, appearing calm and composed.

“That’s right.” Felix did not hide what was on his mind either. “If you were the ex-wife of a random person, I probably wouldn’t say anything too. But the problem is, Christopher and Samuel are cousins! If Christopher marries the ex-wife of his cousin, he’d become the laughing stock of others! Even if you’ve no shame, the Morris family can’t afford to have our name tainted!”

“Grandpa!” Christopher bellowed, “The whole thing is my idea. Why do you have to humiliate Kate like this?”

Kathleen grinned. She looked confident under her captivating facial features. “Old Mr. Morris, precisely because I’m shameless, I still came here on my own after receiving your invitation despite knowing that it might be a trap. Do you think I’m a fool that I don’t know what you’re up to?”

Felix’s eyes narrowed into slits.

Amused, Kathleen smiled and stated, “You claimed that I’m shameless, but how about yourself? You’ve let an outsider like me witness this scene. It seems like there’s nothing good about the Morris family either since you’re not at all afraid of becoming the gossip of others.”

Felix’s expression changed drastically.

“Old Mr. Morris, don’t tell me you think that I wouldn’t retaliate for getting scolded by you like this.” Kathleen sneered, “Or do you assume that I’d put up with all these just to get married into the Morris family?”

Felix stared at her coldly. “Ms. Johnson, you’re really sharp-tongued.”

“Thank you for your compliment.” Kathleen simply smiled in response. “I’m being reasonable after all.”

Felix’s face fell. “Ms. Johnson, sorry for being blunt. I’m afraid that no one would want to marry a divorced woman like you, especially someone from a prominent family like ours.”

“Haha!” Kathleen could not help but burst out laughing. “The Morris family means nothing to me. While your family is wealthy, isn’t mine too? My brother isn’t inferior to anyone else, and the revenue of the company he runs is not less than that of your company as well. What right do you have to look down on me?”

Felix fixed his cold gaze on her.

“There’s really no need for you to abuse your seniority.” Kathleen stated coldly, “Lastly, Old Mr. Morris, I’ve to tell you that times have changed. Third marriage can turn out well for a woman too, not to mention a second one.”

After finishing her words, she turned to leave.

“Kate!” Christopher went after her.

“Christopher, stop right there!” Felix warned harshly, “Don’t forget that you’ve something very important to do.”

Christopher sneered, “Since she has no shame, let’s call the police to run a test on her and see if I did anything to her!”

Astrid froze, as she never expected Christopher to say such a cruel thing, which was completely different from his usually genteel and polite image.

Kathleen headed downstairs and bumped into Samuel and Charles.

Surprisingly, not only were they here, but they also heard everything Kathleen said just now.

Charles felt utterly embarrassed. “Kate, I’m sorry. I really never expected that…”

There’ll be this kind of person in the Morris family.

“There’s nothing to be surprised of. It’s just that the Macari family has made us think that everyone from a wealthy family is as kind as they are.” Kathleen cast Charles a nonchalant gaze. “That’s exactly why I disagreed with you and Christopher secretly deciding on your own.”

“Kate, don’t be angry. I won’t do this again.” Charles replied sheepishly, as he never expected such a thing to happen.

“The most important thing you need to do right now is to release the news to inform everyone that there’s nothing between me and Christopher.” Kathleen warned in a grim voice, “Also, leave me alone today!”

After that, she walked off.

Charles felt bad for what he had done.

Just then, Samuel grabbed ahold of her pale wrist from behind.

Kathleen turned around. “Samuel, let go of me! There’s nothing between me and Christopher, but I don’t want to have anything to do with you either!”

Samuel fixed his darkened gaze on her. “Don’t worry. I understand where I stand, and I’m not thinking of forcing you either. I’ll get you out of here!”

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