All Too Late Chapter 146

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All Too Late Chapter 146

All Too Late Chapter 146

Charles fumed. “I’m way better than him. At least I will never let Astrid come near you.”

Kathleen raised her eyebrows. “Do you think he cares about such things? He only cares whether I am the female lead in this movie. He will never ask who the other actors are.”

Charles’s face darkened.

“You should look into who is behind whatever Astrid has done.” Kathleen felt that Charles was wasting his time.

He might be unhappy with Samuel, but he also had to look at the facts.

Charles frowned. “Darling, aren’t you a little too biased toward him?”

Kathleen eyed Charles coolly.

“I’m not saying that you’ve not gotten over him. It’s true that he’s a crafty guy,” Charles hurriedly explained.

“Charles, I know Samuel better than all of you. Samuel has his pride. Do you think he will cast Astrid in this movie, knowing full well that she will make things difficult for me? Don’t you think he will try and stop Astrid from plotting against me?” Kathleen tried to reason with her brother.

“Maybe he’s using Astrid to break you and Christopher up?” Charles retorted.

“But there’s nothing between me and Christopher. What’s the point of getting Astrid into the film crew?” Kathleen shrugged.

Charles paused for a while.

“I’ve already explained everything when we were at Felix’s house. You heard me loud and clear. He knows that there’s nothing between me and Christopher. What’s the point of planting Astrid here? On the contrary, Astrid seems to appear wherever I am. This goes to show that the person is using her to get back at me.” Kathleen analyzed the situation for Charles.

Charles thought Kathleen’s speculation sounded reasonable. “Are you saying that you intend to let Astrid stay with the film crew?”

“Yes. I want to cast a long line to catch the big fish. These people must have a motive for getting close to me,” Kathleen said.

“Won’t you be in danger then?” Worry puckered Charles’ brows.

“They won’t dare to act rashly. The main thing is, if Astrid is not sent by the Yoeger family, they won’t dare to be too impulsive,” Kathleen deduced.

Besides, Samuel had sent someone to protect her on the sly.

What could happen to me?

Charles asked, “What do your think is their motive?”

Kathleen took a bite of the cake. “I think their target is Samuel and Christopher. They want to see the both of them on opposing sides.”

“Opposing sides? If both of them start to fight, it could be a matter of life and death. In the end, it might be a no-win situation for both of them.”

“So, when there’s a casualty in both camps, the person whom Astrid is working for will stand to gain,” Kathleen said.

Charles finally understood.

In the CEO’s office of the Macari Group, Tyson was standing in front of Samuel.

“Mr. Macari, we’ve got the latest update on Astrid. The owner of the entertainment company that Astrid is working for is from the Corbyn family. They are the ones who previously failed in their bid for the Horington project.”

“The descendants of the war veteran, Thedeaus Corbyn?” Samuel’s face darkened.

Tyson nodded.

Samuel’s handsome face became cold. “Looks like the Corbyn family is really keen on the development of Horington.”

“Mr. Macari, should we stop them this time?” Tyson asked.

Samuel scoffed. “No, if he wants it, we’ll give it to them. He can fight over it with Christopher.”

“I wonder if Mr. Morris knows about the pitfalls in this project.” Tyson looked a little worried.

“Why worry about him? He’s so distracted by a woman and still wants to manage a company. It’s ridiculous.” A smirk flickered at the corner of Samuel’s mouth.

Samuel and Kathleen had the same thought.

The person behind Astrid was not targeting Kathleen.

His target was Samuel and Christopher.

Astrid was supposed to use Kathleen to sow discord between them.

The person would stand to gain if both of them were on opposing sides.

Samuel was not dumb.

“Mr. Macari, we also found out where Olivia is. Should we get her back?” Tyson asked.

“No. Don’t force her.” Samuel shook his head.

“Okay.” Tyson nodded.


Just then, Samuel’s phone rang.

He picked it up and read the message. It was from Valerie.

She wrote: Mr. Macari, Kate spoke up for you in front of Mr. Johnson just now. She also said the cake tastes good.

Samuel quickly replied to her text message: What did she say about me?

Valerie texted one sentence back: Well, the gist of it was that she said you’re not stupid.

Samuel knitted his brows.

“Mr. Macari, what’s the matter?” Tyson was curious.

“Go home, and buy some books for Valerie.” Samuel cast an icy stare at him.

“On how to be a good manager?” Tyson asked.

Tyson wondered if Samuel was going to give Valerie a pay raise.

“To teach her how to talk properly.” Samuel put down his phone.

Tyson’s heart skipped a beat. Oh no, has Valerie just offended the big boss?

Kathleen met Astrid at the film set in the afternoon.

Astrid narrowed her eyes when she saw Kathleen. “What a coincidence.”

“A planned coincidence is not a coincidence at all.” Kathleen gave her a mocking smile.

Astrid was dumbfounded.

Kathleen might look like a pushover, but she was actually a strong-willed person.

It was the first scene between Kathleen and Astrid that afternoon.

The female assassin had lost her memory.

The scholar found a neighbor to help the injured assassin to change her clothes.

The neighbor was actually Imelda, who was the scholar’s guard, in disguise.

On normal days, Imelda pretended to be the scholar’s neighbor to protect him.

The scholar asked her to pass the clothes to the assassin so that she could change into them.

Imelda was unhappy to see the female assassin and helped her change into the clothes in an abrasive manner.

While she was changing the assassin’s clothes, the latter would wake up and slap Imelda.

Spencer had said that there should be no substitute for this scene.

However, he had reminded Kathleen to control her strength when she delivered the slap.

Astrid knew she would certainly be slapped by Kathleen.

When the camera was focused on Astrid changing Kathleen’s clothes, the former deliberately exaggerated her actions so that Kathleen’s body would be exposed.

Half of the employees on the set were men.

If Kathleen exposed herself in front of them, it would be a great embarrassment for her.

When Astrid started moving, Kathleen knew immediately what she was trying to do.

She certain would not let Astrid have her way.

When Astrid held on to both Kathleen’s coat and shirt and tried to take them off, Kathleen opened her eyes wide.

She was not acting according to the script. Kathleen was supposed to open her eyes only when Astrid made her next move.

Kathleen eyed Astrid with iciness and hostility.

She raised her hand and slapped Astrid hard on her face.

Astrid was completely stupefied.

Kathleen asked coldly, “Who are you? Why are you trying to take off my clothes?”

Astrid bit her lip. “Kathleen, you’ve gone too far!”

Kathleen snorted. “How have I gone too far? The script asked you to take off my coat. You’re trying to take off my shirt as well. You are the one who has gone too far. Shall we play back the video so you can see for yourself?”

Astrid looked aggrieved. “Mr. Scott?”

Spencer frowned at Astrid disapprovingly. “Astrid, why are you not acting according to the script? Why aren’t you reading your lines after Kathleen had said her part?”

Tears rolled down from Astrid’s cheeks. “Mr. Scott, she’s bullying me!”

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