All Too Late Chapter 145

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All Too Late Chapter 145

All Too Late Chapter 145

Kathleen’s face was flushed red. “It’s all in the past. Why are you bringing it up now?”

Samuel was breathing hard. “I thought about it suddenly. I saw you taking a photo with Timothy, and—”

“And what?” Kathleen was baffled.

“I was jealous. Kathleen, I was so jealous then.” There was a tinge of irony in his eyes.

Kathleen looked grim. “So what if you’re jealous? Why are you telling me this?”

Do you expect me to give you some sugar to neutralize the sour taste in your mouth?

“This means that back then, I’ve already fallen for you.” Samuel’s face turned a little red as he said that.

Kathleen was stunned.

What is he talking about?

When Samuel saw her startled look, he became indignant. “What’s so shocking about it?”

Kathleen nodded. “It’s shocking indeed.”

Samuel sat down. “Perhaps, I’ve fallen in love with you long ago. I just didn’t realize it.”

His feelings for Nicolette had blinded him.

Kathleen managed a rueful smile. “Samuel, it’s all over. Stop dwelling on the past. We’re family now. I’m not troubled by it at all, why should you?”

Although Kathleen was a little surprised by Samuel’s confession, she was not overly shocked and touched.

She just felt that destiny was often cruel.

Regardless, they had already missed each other.

They could never regain what they had once it was lost.

That was Samuel and Kathleen’s destiny.

“Samuel, I’m sorry. No matter what you say now, I don’t feel anything for you. I really don’t love you anymore.” Kathleen gazed steadily into Samuel’s face.

Samuel’s face was drained of color, overwhelmed with a sense of powerlessness.

“I know. You don’t have to repeat it so many times. I just want to tell you how I feel.”

Kathleen looked at him serenely. “I’m going to start filming now.”

Samuel nodded.

He was hoping to catch a different expression on Kathleen’s face.

Secretly, he wished that she could look shocked, moved, or angry.

In truth, he hoped she felt something other than calmness.

Her composure threw him off. She seemed to be telling him that they were no longer destined to be together.

Kathleen walked out of the lounge and saw everyone gathered outside to take a group photo.

Timothy beckoned her to join them. “We’re missing the female lead. The director was going to ask someone to send for you, but Remy said it was not necessary.”

“How can I not be in the group photo?” Kathleen jested with him.

“That’s easy. We can always photoshop,” Remy said.

Kathleen smiled in amusement.

As both Timothy and Kathleen were the lead characters, they stood next to each other during the photo-taking.

When Samuel saw them together as he walked out of the lounge, he felt a sharp pain in his heart.

The filming of Assassin started in the morning.

Kathleen and Kathleen were acting in their first scene together.

As in earlier shows, the leading characters had to get to know each other first, so that they could develop a better rapport between them.

Kathleen looked Remy up after she had read the script for the first day of filming. “I recall that the script we discussed in Samuel’s office was not the same. Where happened to the intimate scene?”

“I’ve removed it. It’s not appropriate to include it in the scene. This is a situation where lives are at stake. An intimate scene will ruin the mood,” Remy said.

Kathleen was rendered speechless.

“Besides, the audience is very spoiled these days. We need to fire up their imagination. Otherwise, they won’t be too happy with the plot.” Remy tried to justify removing the intimate scene.

Kathleen’s mouth twitched.

“The scriptwriting team has the final say about how the movie unfolds. I’m a professional scriptwriter. Don’t you trust me?” Remy threw her a stern look.

Kathleen stared stonily at Remy for a minute. “Are you sure it’s not Samuel’s idea to change the script?”

“Of course not. He’s only an investor. He doesn’t have any say in this.” Remy assured her shamelessly.

However, anyone in the entertainment industry would know that the investor had the biggest say on how the movie would be shot.

They were, after all, the ones who were forking out large sums of money for the movie.

Thinking that it was futile to protest, Kathleen did not say anything further.

She took the script and left to rehearse her lines with Timothy.

Remy was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Kathleen and Timothy put on an almost flawless performance for their first scene together.

Spencer was very pleased.

They then moved on to the next scene where they had to build the set.

Timothy walked up to Kathleen. “The director noticed that we seem rather unfamiliar with each other. Why don’t we have dinner together tonight to build a better rapport?”

“Good idea.” Kathleen nodded.

Timothy smiled and walked into his lounge to take a rest.

Just then, Valerie skipped up to Kathleen. “Kate, I’ll bring you to your lounge.”

The film crew was very generous this time. They had prepared a lounge room for every actor.

Valerie led Kathleen to the her lounge.

Kathleen looked at it in shock. “Samuel brought me here this morning.”

Valerie nodded. “The film crew informed me just now that this will be your lounge. I heard it’s the best lounge among the film crew. There’s even a bathroom inside.”

Kathleen pursed her lips.

The film crew must have given her the best room on Samuel’s account.

“Kate, you should be well taken care of. Don’t forget that your status is higher than Timothy’s. You’re the first actress to win an Academy Award. No one else in this country has that honor.” Valerie pointed out.

Kathleen sighed.

She was not used to such deferential treatment.

Valerie opened the door, and Kathleen walked into the lounge.

The room was filled with a floral scent. In addition, there was a strawberry cake and some coffee on the table.

“Wow!” Valerie exclaimed.

Did Samuel arrange these? He’s really considerate.

Kathleen knitted her brows. Samuel seemed to have gone to great lengths this time.

Just then, Charles appeared from behind. “This is exactly how the best actress for the Academy Award should be treated.”

Kathleen turned to look at him. “Charles.”

“I have something to discuss with you. Let’s go inside.” Charles’s face was set in a grim expression.

Kathleen nodded.

Both of them walked into the lounge as Valerie closed the door.

Just when both Kathleen and Charles sat down, Kathleen said to Valerie, “Take a seat too. Make yourself comfortable.”

Valerie nodded and sat down.

Kathleen helped herself to the cake and gave one piece to Valerie.

Valerie knew that such a cake cost a lot of money.

It was the most expensive cake in Jadeborough.

Kathleen took a bite of the cake, savoring the taste in delight.

“Charles, what do you want to talk to me about?” Kathleen knitted her brows.

“I just went to the lounge for the supporting actors. Astrid’s also there. She’s also been cast in this movie and she’s taking on the role of your servant. It looks like a meaty role,” Charles said.

“Yes. There is indeed a role of a servant named Imelda.” Kathleen recalled after a while.

“I don’t care what she’s acting as. Don’t you think it’s not appropriate for her to be acting in this show? Isn’t it too much of a coincidence that she’s been cast in a movie that Samuel has invested in?” Charles’s face darkened.

“Charles, are you still suspicious of Samuel? Do you think he was the one who cast Astrid in the role?” Kathleen gave Charles a knowing look.

Charles nodded stiffly.

Other than Samuel, he could not think of anyone else.

“Since you’re all suspicious of Samuel, just let Astrid stay. Let’s see what she’s capable of. Oh, the cake is so delicious.” Kathleen beamed with joy.

Charles stared at Kathleen. “Are you a glutton?”

Kathleen grumbled, “I’ve not eaten at all today. How can you come here empty-handed when you visit me? You’re worse than Samuel.”

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